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  1. I was out a week ago and on Sunday. Fish have pushed and all our fish were in 65-90 fow . Had good luck on the kings with body baits . Jigged for lakers and lost 2 boat side , 1 coho on the jig as well. Launched out of Port Dalhousie and dropped lines just past Port Weller , fished to the bar
  2. Thanks for the kind words Rizzo I agree Doug 71 is much too young . Thanks for the kind words
  3. Thanks Brian. I’m still chasing them browns, hopefully have a report soon! Thanks Andrew . I’m sorry for your loss as well. Thank you and I’m cooking up a report over the winter , just gotta get some better temps out since I’m not a hardwater guy anymore
  4. Howdy folks , thought it was time to do an annual report . I’m always on here and appreciate everyone that takes the time to post. 2021 is a year I’ll never forget and not because of the fishing but we will get into that . Started off the year doing my normal Winter steelheading and trout chasing . Nothing really to report there . Some cold days and some warmer than usual , lost a ton of streamers but that’s how it goes sometimes . Had one Pike outing with Mepps but we didn’t dial them in , new waters and all but it was fun . Since I’ve caught this Musky bug all my focus and preparation has gone into getting ready for June. We did a scouting mission the end of May and made some great observations and put down a few pins . Just as things were about to get fired up , I got the news that my old man had stage 4 terminal cancer . One of the many downsides to this pandemic is that the lack of Dr appointments, virtual appointments and delays in testing and they just aren’t catching things in time . It was a tough blow and I packed up and headed to Peterborough to spend the last 3 months he had with the old man. I gotta give props to the Peterborough hospital palliative care team and also Hospice Peterborough . Those people and what they do are the true Hero’s of our communities. I managed to get a couple of trips in whenever Pops would tell me to take a day off . Caught one small juvenile ski on a shadzilla jr. on a day trip . Really gotta thank Mepps for the support during that time and getting me out to fish and just clear my mind . It was a way too short battle with cancer and I am grateful I had the opportunity to be with him everyday till his last . Rest In Peace Pops , I know you are looking down on me. With the funeral taken care of and his affairs settled I headed back to Niagara and back to life , the family and chasing Muskies . Mepps and I got back on schedule and usually were out once if not twice a week working the spots we had success at last year while discovering new structure and techniques. Thanksgiving Monday we took our first of a few trips down to Lake St. Clair , it was so warm we were in T- Shirts . Insane for Turkey Monday. We entered the lineup of 60 other boats that morning trolling the mouth of the Thames . The water was a chocolate brown and reminded me of the chocolate milk we got as kids in school. Managed to catch a decent pike trolling a jointed believer in the prop wash. Snot rocket went nuts boat side and wrapped itself up good in the 65 lb braid . Come early afternoon we packed it up and took the short run to the Detroit River , got a decent fish on the troll, she smashed a Supernatural Headlock towards the end of our run. Spent a couple of days down on St Clair In October and November but the constant poor conditions didn’t lead to much luck in the ways of boating fish . Last trip down there the water temps had hit 37 degrees and it was a long shift of trolling to come up skunked. Safe to say Lady St. Clair still hasn’t come through for us lads lately. Back on the home waters I had much better luck the month of November , multiple hook ups and ended up landing 5 decent fall fish . Mepps and I sure did put the time in. Learned a bunch and figured out a couple of good runs , I finally felt like we were building a pattern . Let me just say that jigging for Muskies in fast current is not for the faint of heart. You catch a snag and if someone doesn’t get on the main motor quick you will find yourself spooled . Happened to me once or twice lol. December hit and any pattern We thought we had just shut down , dang Muskies changed it up on us . The weekend before Closer we had a monster storm roll through on Erie , I’ve never seen the water that stained in the river . Sure did make fishing tough , we put in long days the last 2 days of season to only see one fish on the end of Mepps line . Ended the season not too successful but when I looked back on the season as a whole I did better than last and learned a ton . The one thing about being out with Mepps is we are always talking , analyzing our last trips , sharing knowledge and pushing each other to be better Anglers . It sure doesn’t take fish to have a good fishing trip , you just gotta have the right people around ya. 2021 is a year I’ll never forget , one I’m both happy and sad to put behind me and as I settle back into steelheading and chasing trout , I’m already dreaming and scheming for this June. Life is short , my Fathers advice to me at 71 , only 6 years into his retirement and stuck in a hospital bed fighting a losing battle was “ Don’t wait on doing anything you want to do, get out and live your dreams now. Don’t waste your life busy working all the time. When you reach to the end of your time here , all you have is the memories you made with the ones you loved. Always put your family first and yourself second “ Words I’m trying to live by now. Thanks for reading and tightlines everyone.
  5. I buy lots of lures off small lure makers on Instagram . I think you would do well on there.
  6. Great report . Enjoyed reading through the adventures , hopefully as the world moves forward we end up with a stellar end of the year report from ya as well! Tight Lines
  7. Hey guys , bought this reel for $350 , it’s a right and I’m a left , thought I’d try adapting , put it on a rod , felt awkward , replaced it with a Diawa Prorex Lefty. Asking $300.00 PM me
  8. Looks great @lew The price of PT is crazy. Over triple the cost since Covid hit. I’ve been posting all our tear outs on Kijiji and have had someone come pick up the old lumber , saves me paying the dump to take it and paying one of my guys to cut it up.
  9. I’d call any local cabinet shop . My cabinet guys always have that stuff in stock
  10. This is the post I was waiting for. Thanks for sharing the journey and those 13 points at the end with us. What a ride. Also don’t feel so crazy spending this off season researching as much as I have been, clearly it pays off. Great read as always ! @Moosebunk
  11. I’m in for catching a 50” and not shaving too . Respect that beard @akaShag I’m sure that’s years on years of growth!
  12. Man did these guys produce this past season. One of those fluke purchases that turned out. I would recommend getting some “Mend It” to repair the tails after. Like Mepps said they don’t hold up well after an encounter with a Gator.
  13. It was a great season bro! The highs and the lows , wouldn’t trade it for nothing. With all the craziness this year it kept me sane... Well as sane as I can be. This lockdown and lack of Muskies has me going stir crazy ! Doc says I’m still sick , with the Muskie Fever, the Missus says it might be terminal.... Great Report!
  14. I feel you Rizzo, on those 3 hour drives I go through so many mixed emotions lol. You should try Niagara . It’s only an hour and a half from you and there is quality fish in that system!
  15. Thanks Lew. I think what I’m enjoying the most is the learning I’m doing hunting after these fish. Still got lots of figuring out to do ! Thanks Bunk, I’ll take the advice and keep learning and spending as much time as I can on the water . Looking forward to the big report . You know it was my highlight too. Thanks for showing me the ropes. 2021 is going to be a great season. Looking forward to the trips we have planned. Thanks Rizzo! It does suck when the rough ones come back to back but I still manage to enjoy myself when I’m out there . Guess fishing isn’t always about the catch .
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