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  1. I’d call any local cabinet shop . My cabinet guys always have that stuff in stock
  2. This is the post I was waiting for. Thanks for sharing the journey and those 13 points at the end with us. What a ride. Also don’t feel so crazy spending this off season researching as much as I have been, clearly it pays off. Great read as always ! @Moosebunk
  3. I’m in for catching a 50” and not shaving too . Respect that beard @akaShag I’m sure that’s years on years of growth!
  4. Man did these guys produce this past season. One of those fluke purchases that turned out. I would recommend getting some “Mend It” to repair the tails after. Like Mepps said they don’t hold up well after an encounter with a Gator.
  5. It was a great season bro! The highs and the lows , wouldn’t trade it for nothing. With all the craziness this year it kept me sane... Well as sane as I can be. This lockdown and lack of Muskies has me going stir crazy ! Doc says I’m still sick , with the Muskie Fever, the Missus says it might be terminal.... Great Report!
  6. I feel you Rizzo, on those 3 hour drives I go through so many mixed emotions lol. You should try Niagara . It’s only an hour and a half from you and there is quality fish in that system!
  7. Thanks Lew. I think what I’m enjoying the most is the learning I’m doing hunting after these fish. Still got lots of figuring out to do ! Thanks Bunk, I’ll take the advice and keep learning and spending as much time as I can on the water . Looking forward to the big report . You know it was my highlight too. Thanks for showing me the ropes. 2021 is going to be a great season. Looking forward to the trips we have planned. Thanks Rizzo! It does suck when the rough ones come back to back but I still manage to enjoy myself when I’m out there . Guess fishing isn’t always about the catch .
  8. Another stellar report. Always enjoy reading your stuff Bunk. Looks like you had a great season!
  9. Figured with season closing it was time to file a report on my 2020 musky season. I haven’t targeted these fish much in the past , the odd cast in the Kawartha’s and a few days 15 yrs ago when I lived up on Quinte was all I really had under my belt. During these crazy times this year I was glad to have fishing to fall back on as my time to get away from life and unplug . From spring to fall the past few years I’ve been either playing or coaching baseball and fishing really only picked up for the salmon run and again for the browns and Steelies. Playing indoor softball in the winter kept me busy most weekends , but with baseball being removed from my life ,I was stoked to reconnect with my old friend Mepps . Anyone that knows Clive knows he is passionate about Esox fishing. Our first trip out we met up with another angler and got caught up and as I casted a tube looking for a smallie he started showing me pictures of his last season catches and talking Musky, somewhere in that trip I caught Musky Fever... I think it was a month later before we got out again. By this point I had bought a Entry level Shimano broomstick (heavy rod) and also Abu Revo Toro Beast and a few lures. I didn’t connect with any fish that trip but man did we have fun . The next time we went out I finally hooked into a decent Musky, that fish was enough to keep me going all season long. Our next trip out , I had upgraded the rod and picked up another Abu Revo. I lost 3 fish that day , one that will haunt me to the grave . A massive Niagara Musky that was able to rip line off that Abu reel with the drag buttoned down and looked as mean and as big as I had been dreaming about . Clive turned to get the net and in one beautiful out of the water head shake she spit the lure and swam away. Remember breaking up with your first girlfriend .... It was worst than my teenage heart ache and probably wound up costing me more than my first divorce . I then entered Musky Maniac mode and out came my addictive personality . I bought a few more rods , another reel and more lures. Swimbaits , glide baits, top water , bucktails. Suicks , grandmas and jakes , my collection was starting to sound like a Hillbilly family reunion . Fall was quickly approaching and I was frantically preparing to hunt down a 50” Fall fishing in Ontario and Monster Musky is usually associated with 2 bodies of water , not that other bodies of water don’t have them but in all my research and talking to experienced Musky anglers , LSC and the Larry always came up. We planned on hitting LSC a few times and if an opportunity came up to fish the Larry we would be on it like white on rice. I was excited for the Musky Factory and the stories of multi fish days and upper class 40 “ fish and those 50”s being caught had my thoughts consumed. I entered swimbait mode and bought more rubber than the GoodYear plant in Napanee. I’m lucky being self employed and have some good guys working for me that taking a day off during the week is no issue. That first trip we got down to LSC and started fishing at 10 pm , a nap in the car and a few stops for food , we would finish fishing at 7pm the next day . This is how our next 5 trips to LSC would look. We fished through rain storms , snow ,winds, cold temps , warm temps , whatever Mother Nature threw at us , we grinded it out. Changing spots after minor and major moon phases , cycling through swim baits and throwing everything we got . Clive caught a few nice fish on our trips . I acquired the stench of skunk on me that still hasn’t washed off and achieved Master level status as a Net Man. I think I can safely say I put in 80 plus hours fishing LSC and all I caught was other peoples lost tackle ,bait and on our last trip the most albino walleye I’ve ever seen hit my 10” Poseidon . That fish would be my only fish from LSC and a musky has not been on the end of my line since Sept 7th. I met a lot of great guys out fishing on LSC , the vibe amongst most Musky anglers is great and other than one mishap ( Clive’s story to share ) we had a great time each and every trip. Visiting pet stores that sell Musky gear, buying lures being locally made and visiting towns I’ve never seen. I thought maybe this drought would have discouraged me, maybe made me think about sticking to the fishing I’m more experienced with . At one point Clive offered to buy all my gear for .50 cents on the dollar and for a spilt second I entertained it . I would be lying if I said it didn’t get into my head , every trip home analyzing everything I was doing , spending hours on YouTube watching videos, listening to Musky podcasts while at work and every trip down to LSC determined to catch a beast , only to repeat the process over again . Mama didn’t raise no quitter and if anything it has fuelled me to spend more time chasing Musky come June 2021. The gear is still piling up , the tackle boxes getting bigger(those special mate 13” sure are sweet) and come June I hope to start putting more fish in the basket than I did this year ... I don’t think it’s going to be hard to beat but then again I can still smell the skunk as I sit typing this out . I’ll be out this winter doing the usual trout fishing but you better believe all I’m dreaming about is the day I land that 50”!
  10. Hey fellas , just wanted to update. On Lew’s advice I emailed Rapala (Nordstrom) they responded and I got a replacement lure and some stickers and a hat in the mail yesterday. Good to see a brand stand behind their product.
  11. Great Report DanD . I just missed ya as we got there late Tuesday night. Saw Ian launching his boat Wednesday Morning taking a couple of guys out. There were 22 of us bombing casts across the river when we left at 6:30 last night. Still blows me Away all the Muskie that get caught on LSC.
  12. Little guy looks like he was having a blast 👍🏻Thanks for the report!
  13. Weather bad up there or the fishing Mamona? There really isn’t anything like it Lew. I’m still on the hunt for that 50” this season.
  14. They are the most challenging fishing out there in my opinion but when one explodes on a big lure , ain’t nothing like it in fresh water fishing! Gotta love the weather man eh Misfish, only job where you can be wrong all the time and not get fired for it. What Union do they have 😂 ?
  15. Had a good weekend of fishing. Safe to say the fall temperatures have arrived. Started out Friday night with my pal Mepps , we got out and successfully washed all the musky lures we had on hand. Seems like the fish have pushed off and moved out of the early fall spots we were previously having success on. It’s always a good time when I get out with Mepps and with a friendship spanning 20 or so years , it makes for lots to reminisce and talk about . Friday -Fish 1 - Jonny -NIL Early Saturday morning , myself and 2 of my sons headed out to the Upper Niagara. I had booked with a local guide . 6 hours of smallie hunting was on the menu . Should have know when the sunrise was so red that the weather would be dicey. “Red sky in the morning , sailors take warning “or something like that my Papa used to say. We launched out from Black Creek and started drifting and drop shottin plastics . 2 hours and nothing much happening . We switch over to swimbaits and start casting . I got a dink just before the rain moved in. Rain was not in the forecast but rain is what we got , wind picked up going opposite the current which created some interesting waters to be out on. We kept casting . Somewhere in between getting rained and splashed I tied into a nice smallie , biggest of this season by a pound or two. Another 2 hours of nada and our time was up. Neither of the lads caught anything but we did have a good time out there and the banter was top notch . Saturday- Fish 2 - Jonny -half a nil Got up this morning and headed over to the job site to make sure my operator and gas tech got set up alright . Finished up there by 10 am and decided to head down to the local and cast some spoons. Only myself and another guy with the waders on. We took turns landing fish. Caught some big males and a couple of females with eggs still spitting out of them. Restocked on Roe which is always great with the browns starting to come in . Sunday finished out great, definitely time to break out my insulated waders as I was freezing my nards off today in my lites. Lost a bunch of hardware but when you have a multiple fish day it doesn’t seem to hurt that bad . Back to work tomorrow but this time of year it won’t be more than a day or two before I’m casting a line for something somewhere . Tight Lines J.B.
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