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  1. I would still buy long shaft anyway, it will tilt up if you go shallow.
  2. Are the tracks being installed to mount downriggers? If yes, think about mounting riggers in the boat, up on those narrow gunnels they get smashed against docks and walls when tying off your boat.
  3. Good advice, yours bunks should extend past the transom to avoid hull damage. More important for heavier boats but why take the chance
  4. Ive never seen a musky swimming with its head out of the water, but ive had one attack my trolling motor. The motor was running at low speed, scared the crap out of me.
  5. So what are you spraying on the bunks?
  6. It seems the OPP are the only ones enforcing anything so I will launch where they arent around. I know that a ticket from them could be fought in court but I dont need that hassle. Regional police are not chasing boaters. Not that Ive heard of anyway.
  7. Baitcasters for me are a tricky thing. I like to cast baits far so I dial in the tension to do that. Then turn the boat into the wind to follow the weedline - backlash. Wind is a baitcasters enemy. This is where thumbing the spool as the line goes out is important. As for the right/left thing, here is my opinion- Spinning reel - left hand retrieve, float reel left hand, fly reel left hand, downrigging reel left hand, mooching reel left hand etc. Baitcaster - left hand retrieve. Why anyone would fumble around switching hands during a cast is something I will never understand. I once saw a buddy almost lose his musky rod when his reel backlashed while he was switching hands. I just think its a wasted movement.
  8. Sounds like leaving guts on land is illegal
  9. "My statement" lol. My reading of the new rule is that it is illegal to release fish eggs into the water. Yes or no?
  10. Still some confusion. No more chumming with roe, but when cleaning a fish if roe spills out thats chumming.
  11. So if im cleaning a fish on the riverbank and some roe spills out am i breaking the law?
  12. I cant imagine fumbling with a remote while im casting and reeling while its windy. Ive learned to use a pedal while im fishing. I dont like the ipilot either, i need to control where im going.
  13. Cant see the article. Too much Bull on that website.
  14. I agree with this. And if/when things get back to normal, people will be selling the toys to return to spending on vacations and others things.
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