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Stoney Lake

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If your looking for beautiful scenery it doesn't get much better than Burleigh Falls at the west end of Stoney but I could be biased as I only live a few minutes south of there but it's definitely a go-to spot for a lot of folks.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park is just north of the lake and is really interesting and a great spot to take the whole family as just about anyone would find the rock carvings really interesting.


Peterboro has some really nice parkland along all their waterways and the Lift Locks are definitely worth the 40 minute or so drive to go see them.

That's just a few things in the area that I find interesting anyways



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Go to


I worked on their  destination  magazines for 24 years. It’s all there. 
Lew is right about Petroglyphs PP and the “locks” in Peterborough. The highest hydraulic lift lock in the world.  

at this time of year we would advertise “studio tours” but not now I think.

the fall colours and back roads are exceptional. 

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I like going to the Curve Lake Reserve south of Buckhorn. The Whetung Centre is an art gallery and native craft store. Lots of authentic stuff from all over North America. Cheap gas too on reserve. 

Also take a drive to Bobcaygeon for some shopping and get a cone at Kawartha Dairies factory store. 

Peterborough Farmers Market on Saturday morning on Landsdowne. 

Lots of bike trails in Peterborough.

Take a run up to Algonquin for a hike and check out visitor centre. 

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In case anyone stumbles across this and is looking for things to do, like we were....  Went for a nice stroll up Eels Creek to High Falls, was a good trail and I only got turned around once...



Think we will need to head back to this area again next year....






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