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  1. Mine has them if you head this way Brian
  2. Henderson makes some good beers, have a bunch of them in the garage beer fridge. Not sure I will try this one, of course I will.
  3. Damn, thought you were cooking some ribs. Nice shots Lew. Smile
  4. True, I keep saying that. You are obviously very smart :)
  5. Rizzo, laughed when I saw your Avitar... Must have been a great photographer Fun day.
  6. In case anyone stumbles across this and is looking for things to do, like we were.... Went for a nice stroll up Eels Creek to High Falls, was a good trail and I only got turned around once... https://www.alltrails.com/trail/canada/ontario/eels-creek-to-high-falls Think we will need to head back to this area again next year....
  7. Thanks for the visit Lew, was great to have a chat and catch up on life. Your new house is awesome. bob
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