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  1. List of baits available in Kijji link., A lot more than pictured. Alliston/Barrie Area Buck tails and spinnerbaits - kijji
  2. Muskie Baits

    Link to Kijji ad - Alliston/Barrie area The list is long and distinguished. More pictures in Ad. List of Muskie baits available.
  3. March break day 1,fish,fruit and ignorance

    surprised no one left him a note, on his front seat after they smashed his window....... #justsayin
  4. Losing pounds, and catching pounds

    Those fish handlers at zehrs should be more careful
  5. $120 Musky Baits - Soft (Bulldawgs, Storm, Musky Super Stalker) Drifter Musky Super Stalker 2 X Storm Kickn Minnow 3 X 9" Bulldawgs 1 X 6" Bulldawg With case Alliston/Barrie area
  6. Shimano Talora Trolling Rod combo TLA-86M-2 with Abu Garcia C3 6501 (left hand) $150
  7. Could this be my last outing ?

    No fish in Simcoe, this is obviously a fake pic taken at zehrs. good to see you too. I'll be in touch once I find those ultralights
  8. Various Ice fishing gear for sale

    Thanks for the chat, was good to see you as well. It's been a while. Will be in touch again soon....
  9. Various Ice fishing gear for sale

    I was hoping he would jump on and buy some of these, Lew loves to ice fish
  10. Various items available on Kijiijijjijijijijijijijijiiiiiiii Ice fishing lures
  11. I knew the fish gods were listening

    You sound like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. PS, there are no fish in Simcoe
  12. Out with the byes

    at least now we know the lock screen combo for Terry's phone
  13. Lakewood Muskie Box

    PM sent
  14. Nippissing Report

    Witness relocation program
  15. Dinner out---yipeee!!!

    I'm sure Hans and Gerda are Fed up with Greek....