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  1. Thanks for the visit Lew, was great to have a chat and catch up on life. Your new house is awesome. bob
  2. Looks like Covid closed it down for now...
  3. Thanks Lew, we are actually going to be pretty close to that park. I will drop you an email (if you are still using your old email from years ago)
  4. Stop laughing misfish, you bought my fishing gear.. maybe I can borrow it :)
  5. I did start out with "Besides the obvious (fishing)" I probably won't be doing any fishing, so I am asking about other things of interest in the area.....
  6. Besides the obvious (fishing), anything interesting to do up around the Stoney Lake area? Going to be heading up soon since travel to the south is out. Never really spent much time in the area...
  7. Beyond Me.....at why anyone would eat this crap. Stick to Muskie
  8. Run and gun guide is not to shabby, maybe a bit flabby now though.
  9. Not really surprised... http://nationalpost.com/feature/he-was-a-viral-sensation-before-the-internet-cheapened-that-status
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