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Scream baby scream


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We all like a good screamer from time to time.  ?

Wow what a beautiful start to the morning. Lake was glass,no bugs and I was the only one out there at 4:30 am. LOL

I started the early morning jigging a wiliams spoon to see if what ever was in that pack of bait 20-40 fow down. Nada.  Maybe I will try lowering my fugi cam next outing to see what the hell these fish are.

I get, many watch my videos and well on this day, I had some visitors and that is cool, AND, everyone kept their distance from each other. Even had 2 passers byes say they enjoy my vids and would not even think of setting up close. Just glad to see the fish are around. Watched one guy catch a laker using live minnows. Cool.

The first fish of the morning was a HUGE fish. I came in around the 70 fow mark.It was a huge thick red line. I reeled up from the bottom quick. When our paths crossed, I just kept reeling. It turned on a dime and chased me. When I reached the 40 fow mark, he smashed it. That is when all hell broke loose. It just dove to the bottom. I was at this fish mercy. The fight back was very different then I have been use to. The amount of head shakes was nuts. After a bit of a battle, I got stupid and tried to put the brakes on him. He gone. :o

As the area seemed to have a few anglers, I moved a few hundred feet away. Traveling on the toon on glass water is so nice. I mark 2 fish, drop the bait. Bait gets to 50 fow and the 2 marks come screaming up.  I just stopped the bait. No chase ensued. One of the two, just latched on. Man these lakers were full of piss and vinegar this morning.

My poor reel has taken a filtered try again please kick,n these past few weekends.


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23 minutes ago, spincast said:

sweet stuff, must be shut down week? - - you got a headlight for that thing when you're heading out ?


I was wearing it as I always do. My last video shows it.  Im going to wrap one on a pole for the safety thing. I also have my finder on 10 light when out. Drop it down to 5 once the light is good out there.


Thanks for watching out for me bud.:clapping:


Shut down? It,s only getting started. LATE

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4 hours ago, Headhunter said:

Nicely done Brian! Although admittedly, I am beginning to wonder if you might need a friend and you are talking to yourself out there!!!LOL


All seems normal to me Joe. LOL

27 minutes ago, blaque said:

Looks like a blast, i finally subscribed to ur channel 

Dont worry, im over 3 hours south..........I wont play bumper boats with you  :)

My biggest concern for you is kicking all the way out there and u spill ur timmies 


Thanks blaque


True story last Sunday.

Got out about 300 yards rowing through waves and went to reach for my java and wasnt there. I had left it on the boulder where I launch. Oh I went back for it and headed back out.

As for you crowding me, come on up. :canadian:

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