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mr blizzard

The Leafs have a new angel rooting them on

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While looking forward to tonights game my thoughts got interupted by a phone call from Woodbridge just five hours ago.  My mom just passed away.

She was a huge Leaf fan and new as much about the players as most guys would.

Wednesday and Saturday nights she was glued to the tube watching the games with snacks she would make for dad herself and I

One of my best memories was when she took me over to Young st to a car dealership in north end Toronto to see Jacque Plante who signed my goalie hockey stick.  I was in public school at the time


The other great memory I have of her was when Eddie Shack would come racing down Clarence st on his dune buggy as he would take a break from being at his golf course.

He would walk in the kitchen and say high mom where are the pears.  She would get a hug and reply my husband has just picked some they are on the porch


A true hockey fan,,,,,,going to miss her but in her own way from Heaven tonite she will be rooting them on along side my dad


Go Leafs Go

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My condolences Mr Blizzard, as a fellow Wooddy for many years we lost a good one for sure.

as for Eddie yup never saw him on Clarence. but they say I’m on hole number 5!

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Very sorry to hear that John, she sounds like my kind of people and a great Mom, and yes, go Leafs go, hopefully they win one for her tonight

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Thanks for each of you who replied, Your responses actually help me to crack a bit of a smile onto my face, preps are underway for the flight back.

And yes she was a very proud Canadian hockey mom, but I think she will be rooting for Winnipeg ;);) now

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