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Fishing last weekend

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Got out to the old stomping grounds the weekend of Oct 15th. Saturday was a decent day. It was a late start for us as usual but fish were fairly active all day.


Double header to start! (well, close, I set the hook just as my friend slid a net under his. Mine was safely hooked so it got hand bombed quick for the unhooking and pic)

My musky was a humpback that came in at just over 43”. Would have been a few inches longer if it wasn’t crooked lol.






I’ll know for sure when I catch that guy again. Look at the akward curve on this poor guy:




Next up my buddy with a decent one:




Pre face splash:




A few small fish later and this guy ate. Pretty sure this was the one caught on the troll out deep. The pattern seems to always produce a few each fall although we don’t troll much, usually break or some lunch time.




Hour later or so this 45”er ate off an edge.




My buddy pulled a banana out of his bag midday, proceeded by a loud “@#$#!”. Guess he didn’t mean to bring it, him being the superstitious type. We kept silent and chose to not even talk about it to “not stir the fish gods”. It may of helped us lol.



I lost a two that day that felt big, which sucked, would of been nice to snap those. I didn't see many follows either, they mostly ate, with some smaller fish mixed in with the larger ones. I think things will have cooled off for this coming weekend but tough to tell until you can get out there. The bite windows will get less and shorter now. This is by far my favourite time of year to be on the water.


The next day was slow. It poured all morning and somehow I misplaced or lost my bag of raingear so we held off until mid aft to get out there. Still poured on us. A friend lost a really nice one off the bat on our second spot. End of day we encountered a flurry bite moon rise/sunset with 3 fish and a bonus tiger at the end. I bet they would have been going in the night bite but it being a Sunday we had to call it a day.









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Outstanding weekend Josh and a good bunch of fish to go with it.


That moonrise/sunset combo is (was) always my favorite time to be chasing those slimers.

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Thanks Lew. We were lucky to get out there on a weekend where moonrise and sunset coincided and it just so happened it was a full moon as well. Perfect storm for a good bite.

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