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Glenora Ferry (quinte)......circa 1960


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Lotsa talk this week about folks fishing around the Glenora Ferry near Adolphus Reach for the recent OFC g2g on Quinte.


I started fishing the same area back in the 50's with my Dad & brother, eddyk, and still fish there every May, and thought some of you may get a kick outta seeing the ferry docks from way back then. I don't know the year, or remember who took this picture, but it was probably my Dad, somewhere around 1960.


Hope you enjoy the old picture :)



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cool pic Lew

My grandparents lived in Picton when my parents and I lived in Kingston ,rode that ferry every week or two .As a kid it was a highlight of the trip.

The attendants used to wave as you drove off ... and they still do


to young to remember but there was a ferry where the bridge is now that was run by cable .


Thanks for the memories :)

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yes matt,it still sorta looks the same,wonde what the fishin was like back then????/ can you tell us lew :D


Back then, just like today, we only fished Quinte in the springtime, so we never got into any of the mosters that are caught in the fall, but we always got/get plenty of eater sized fish.


Even today though, whenever we make our annual spring pickeral trip to the area, I nearly always take the ferry across, just for old times sake, and just like tinbanger, if I had a dollar for everytime I crossed the Reach on that old girl, I'd be a wealthy man today ;)

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