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one night two musky

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hey guys we whent out for skis for a couple hours a few nightys ago and i sure am happy we did

caught my new pb on a super girl at 45 x 17'' fish just beautifull

here she is



another shot




she kicked away like a true champ and im just in absolute shock never seen a fish like that in my life


then when it gets interesting, about 15 minutes later i set the hook on what felt like a log then out of the water it comes just shaking its head

i knew this was a huge fish and i was doing everything possible to get it into the cradle

then in it slid.... i knew it was big but when mickey told me the measurment i was just in awe


50 inches just a compleate fish of a life time and a beautifull creature


Here it is guys











50 by 20 just awesome i dont know if im ever going to top that but right now im on top of the world


another shot





again she kicked off strong i love seeing something that huge kicking off and going back into the depths something i will never forget


hope you guys enjoyd


untill next time

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To catch a new PB is always nice, but to do it twice in 15 minutes is outstanding !!


Well done on a couple beautiful fish, specially the biggun !!

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Dang that is the way to do it love teh smile I am sure you keep at it you will break this PB but the first 50"er is special.


Congrats for sure.

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That's friggin awesome Chevy :worthy::thumbsup_anim:B)

Sweet reward for your efforts!!! Beauties for sure :worthy: Congrats dude :clapping:B)


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