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  1. Well I'll be chubbed, it's a real thing. Didn't know until today.
  2. Yep. I picked up a President reel and rod combo (one piece rod, 7' long) at a Gas Station in a pinch for $110 + Tax. It is a surprisingly good setup and so far appears to be of great quality. Very happy with my gas bar combo. https://www.pfluegerfishing.com/pflueger-combos-spinning-combos/pflueger-president-spinning-combo/1513173.html#start=7
  3. Amazing place and great report. I'm so glad i got the opportunity to fish it once (and catch a big ol' brookie)
  4. Obviously you are a mindful fisherman. If the fish #'s were at risk the keep limits would either drop prior, or immediately after; the MNR has some pretty good levers for managing our fisheries. All decent fishermen are aware of the risks of keeping/injuring too many fish... the problem 'back in the day', just like the olde market-hunting years that almost wiped out ALL of our wildlife, was that people thought that the resources were unlimited (the bison will eventually come down from Canada they said!), plus there was no real oversight. All that to say, good luck tomorrow and the day after and the day after... PM me the back to back to back to back drooping string of fish with more and more family members involved, followed by pictures of frost-burned bags of fish
  5. Nice stringer! Looks like a Nipissing photo from the 70s.
  6. I hope you gave him double video game time to make up for this trip Good stuff Gino.
  7. I wonder how old that laker is. Looks healthy, they can probably get bigger. great catch.
  8. Glad to hear you say 'it's as good as it's ever been'. Nipissing is still a gem.
  9. Great day on Nipissing, up at 5 am, in bed by 10:30. I think captain iFish4real was up at 4 am and probably in bed past midnight. Day time bite was hot. I t-boned this 28" er dead smack in the middle of the day.
  10. Rod Caster


    Semi-related story: My wife's father unfortunately passed away this year. The doctors gave him some opiate pills for pain near the end, at least 30 of them. After he passed, my wife tried to hand them back to the doc and he told her to keep them. I was livid, but we had bigger things going on. She gave them back to a nurse a few minutes later who was incredulous that the doc told my wife to keep them. She thanked my wife sincerely for refusing to keep them. Pisses me off to think that they will now manufacture 30 more because these were handed out unnecessarily. Dam industry.
  11. A simple Google search will give you a simple answer. Casi, when you have time (your on OFC at noon so I assume you have time ), take a minute to look up Dave Feldman or Dr. Nadir Ali and see what they have to say about cholesterol and then cross-reference what they are saying. It's always worth doing more research especially if you have high cholesterol and see it as a bad thing, it might help you control/understand it. This is a fishing forum, I don't want to spend too much time talking about nutrition here. I just hope that everyone who eats a plant based burger gets awful farts and stomach pains and learns a lesson. By the way, smelt and mackerel have more cholesterol than beef per 100 g serving, so don't eat them because your blood will halt to a stop https://food-nutrition.canada.ca/cnf-fce/report-rapport.do https://food-nutrition.canada.ca/cnf-fce/report-rapport.do
  12. I wouldn't say it is the norm. I know creeks that are similar in description that are far better down stream where water levels are often a bit higher. Lots of variables of course. Sounds like a nice spot though, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and tell everyone it has no fish! Watch out for private property. Some creeks around here do not have a shoreline allowance.
  13. They look like a fine group of highly-supplemented gentlemen with lots of scientists monitoring the heck out of them and convincing them that cholesterol is bad even though your liver makes it, you are dead without it, and it is the building block for all of your hormones and cell membranes. Its a well-produced promotional video, and I think that one doctor is the same guy in the 'What the Health' documentary, which contained a lot of bad science and retracted studies. There are extremes on both ends of this story. The main difference being that the animal-based eaters rarely need to supplement with anything but real food (like more salt)
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