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  1. Haha https://www.farmfreshsalmon.org/who-invited-crazy-alexandra-morton
  2. You need this I picked up this 98 XC700 this past April. Can't wait for the season to start. Wayne's fan cooled 488 2-up Polaris gets my vote for price and reliability. I also have a 94 Polaris 488 Indy Trail 2 - up that I just picked up for under $1,500. Lots of them to choose from on the used market. Having said that, every brand has a few really good models, especially in fan-cooled form. Luckily, the internet tends to agree on which sleds are very reliable models (Polaris 488 fan engine) and which one were bombs (older Polaris 550 fan engines) so do some cross-referencing before you buy. My general advice is to buy one in MINT condition. Pay the extra couple hundred bucks to get a squeaky-clean sled and you will not regret it. There are tons of junkers out there... avoid them at all cost!
  3. As a student of the 2000's environmental movement and education, basically raised on the idea of 'global warming' - as we used to call it, I'm getting real tired of this panic culture and seeking of enemies. I'm getting even more tired of young people (under 25's) with underdeveloped brains telling us how to run our economy and planet. I would never listen to my 16 year old self about anything other than hockey card stats and horsepower numbers in cars. Can anyone say that their 16 year old self was full of wisdom and clarity on extremely complicated ideas, wiser than their current self? Just to be clear, humans have been affecting their environment ever since we existed, there is no avoiding it, no denying it. Cut one tree to build shelter, kill one animal, and you have affected your environment in some measurable way. The scale, the affect, the importance of individual actions, all that stuff is up to debate and discussion, but being human is to affect your environment, it's that simple... presented as such, even so-called climate change deniers would agree. It's when the discussion becomes overly granular or political or naive or lifestyle shaming, that the division begins and passions take over. This divisive Bull is exactly what 'merchants of doubt' seek. Somebody is making money and/or shifting power from all of this; using kids as leverage This type of hysteria is not organic, it is forced/contrived. If you miss this point, then the wool has been properly pulled over your eyes. This recent hysteria is a perfect example of social engineering, novelty and lifestyle marketing, all in-line with the plant-based food push. Same people, same money, same shaming of others. There was mention of Kellog's in this thread... the cereal industry coming out of Battle Creek Michigan is a fascinating story of early social engineering mixed with religious/ideological influences. isupportgary.com lays out this almost unbelievable hidden-in-plain sight story. Anyway, I support detoxifying of the planet, conservation, preservation, up-cycling, advancing 'green tech', investing in good ideas; not mass panic, social engineering, vague solutions, looking for enemies.
  4. This made national news. Laughed my butt off when I saw the headline.
  5. Well I'll be chubbed, it's a real thing. Didn't know until today.
  6. Yep. I picked up a President reel and rod combo (one piece rod, 7' long) at a Gas Station in a pinch for $110 + Tax. It is a surprisingly good setup and so far appears to be of great quality. Very happy with my gas bar combo. https://www.pfluegerfishing.com/pflueger-combos-spinning-combos/pflueger-president-spinning-combo/1513173.html#start=7
  7. Amazing place and great report. I'm so glad i got the opportunity to fish it once (and catch a big ol' brookie)
  8. Obviously you are a mindful fisherman. If the fish #'s were at risk the keep limits would either drop prior, or immediately after; the MNR has some pretty good levers for managing our fisheries. All decent fishermen are aware of the risks of keeping/injuring too many fish... the problem 'back in the day', just like the olde market-hunting years that almost wiped out ALL of our wildlife, was that people thought that the resources were unlimited (the bison will eventually come down from Canada they said!), plus there was no real oversight. All that to say, good luck tomorrow and the day after and the day after... PM me the back to back to back to back drooping string of fish with more and more family members involved, followed by pictures of frost-burned bags of fish
  9. Nice stringer! Looks like a Nipissing photo from the 70s.
  10. I hope you gave him double video game time to make up for this trip Good stuff Gino.
  11. I wonder how old that laker is. Looks healthy, they can probably get bigger. great catch.
  12. Glad to hear you say 'it's as good as it's ever been'. Nipissing is still a gem.
  13. Great day on Nipissing, up at 5 am, in bed by 10:30. I think captain iFish4real was up at 4 am and probably in bed past midnight. Day time bite was hot. I t-boned this 28" er dead smack in the middle of the day.
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