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  1. 2 really great articles that talk about how yeah, in fact, the c&r seasons have impacted the fish populations. Definitely worth the read, but if you skip it, here's the nutshell version: 22 years of study has been completed on closed lakes in Ontario, and the evidence overwhelmingly shows a negative impact on fishing during the spawn. Also, the fishing on the Canadian side of border waters like Erie, St. Lawrence and Niagara is consistently better yielding bigger fish, as evidenced by the tournaments on these waters. https://www.outdoorcanada.ca/ontario-now-has-the-worlds-best-smallmouth-fishing-heres-why/ https://www.outdoorcanada.ca/fishing-for-nesting-bass/
  2. Just realized you likely meant lipless rattling cranks....duh...
  3. Im 0 for 2 out there this season..... just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Ah well....figuring it out is half the fun. Now....you said crankbaits. Care to explain?
  4. Been a long time since I rented a hut redwings.....cant help you there, aside from the obvious: Google it
  5. I feel your pain, Jeremy....I'm 0 for 2 on the big lady now. And thanks for the update John Bacon
  6. Thanks for all the replies folks...I ended up taking my buddy to Simcoe to show him how not to catch lakers.....he's hooked
  7. John Whyte posted up a nice report from earlier this week on his lake simcoe message board. Definitely some spots to fish thre this weekend
  8. Looms like one of those tea infusers....hmmmm....homemade chum can ideas....
  9. Good to see you too Bill! And yeah, Island Lake could work..... I always forget about that place. Thanks guys
  10. I appreciate that Jeremy, I really do. The only reason I'm considering it is its proximity, and that I saw some guys had been out on it earlier this week. Its still quite likely I'll take my friemd somewhere else....but if we do end up at FBay, I'll be exercising extreme caution.
  11. Hey guys...been a super long time since I've posted here....sems Facebook is where I chat with my fishing buddies. Anyway, hope you're doing well....got a question for you east-enders. I have a newly addicted fishing buddy who wants to try ice fishing for the first time. I dont don't want to drag him out on a 2 hour drive to go freeze all day amd have him decide he doesnt like it. I'll wait till he's hooked on hardwater for that lol. He lives right by Frenchmans, and I kow it's frozen, as I'm seeing reports this week. I figure we can go out for a bit, show him what the deal is, hook a few pike and perch. My question is, where do I park down there? Any help is much appreciated....tight lines!
  12. Nice little lake....lots of docks....under which you will find just as many smallies willing to hit senkos as you will largies, even though it's a relatively shallow weedy lake. Weeds are virtually everywhere....spinnerbaits and weedless frogs work great too. Trolling rapalas has been a long time producer of walleye for me....over large shallow areas you'll find weeds virtually everywhere so a shallow runner will do well. In deeper areas (like Hammel's bay) troll deeper around the points. Have fun....let us know how you do
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