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  1. Fishing world has them and you can order them off there web site. There is the Helly Hanson Delta and Alphas. We also carry Striker and Arctic Armor flotation suit.
  2. I have fished with the Aetos rods, they are a nice rod. However for a bit more money you can get a G.Loomis GL2. It is a much nice rod and has a far better warranty. Just something to look into.
  3. I see this all the time at work. Most likely it wasn't anything wrong with the reel. Just that there wasn't any mono put on the reel before the braid.
  4. Yep. I have had 3 heart surgeries and two on my hand. All which were free.
  5. It is very easy to get hand guns and assault rifles in Canada and all legit over the counter. As long as the assault rifle is Semi-Automatic. Not very hard to get at all. Just thought I would throw that out there for you.
  6. Awesome report Mike. You sure do make the reports feel like you were there while reading. Thanks from sharing. Looks like a nice place to go as well. I am sure my wife would like that kind of trip.
  7. Hey, thanks guys. Mike was good seeing you as well, I am sure we will be seeing more of another over the next while. Thanks Mike Borger I appreciate it. We will have to get out fishing soon.
  8. All I can think about is Musky now. It is that time of year again, where Bass and Salmon aren’t high on my list. Nothing hammers your lure like a big musky. To the point it startles you when they smash it. Or seeing the monster follow up and attack your lure. I have been using Handlebarz double 10’s %95 of my last two trips. They are amazing, they make their lures with care and quality parts. I haven’t fished a double 10 nearly as nice. They also have pulled in lots of big fish and always get action . I hit Lake St. Clair twice this week with my friend and it was a blast. We landed 5 musky in the two days and lost 6. Had more hits and follows then I can remember. Both of us got a fish on figure 8’s and all we do are cast. We got 2, 40” musky and 3, 50’+. We also both got our PB. Enough reading here are some pictures. 40” The 50” +
  9. The new Chronarch Ci4 looks to be a awesome reel, as does the new Ci4 spinning reel which will now have Xship.
  10. Shasta there is actually a nest that is up near Mclung Rd. Just up from York. As well there are couple along Erie. I seen one this weekend as well flying around and that ate a bass I believe. Have also watched them feed out back of my parents a lot. My old man watched one attack a duck.
  11. If you don't have any mono backing behind the braided line, it will spin on the spool.
  12. Well as usual Mike another amazing report. Glad you guys were able to make a trip happen. Have a good trip this week.
  13. Sounds like you had a awesome trip. Some beauty fish and the food looks tasty as well haha. Thanks for sharing Bill.
  14. Thanks guys. I can say that with out the help I received I wouldn't have hooked near the fish I did. Thanks all.
  15. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. It was a blast out there this season. As soon as the crowds finish with Salmon I will be out again all winter. Chris, lol. I got rid of the glasses about a week after getting them haha. After I dropped my Revo's in the river I needed a pair bad and they were all I could find for the next day haha. Brian, we wll have to get out this fall.
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