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  1. Nipfisher

    2016 Season Recap

    Great year. Great report.
  2. I have used the W55 for the last 5-6 five years with minimal issues. My unit beeps sporadically and will turn without me pushing the buttons. Not sure where it is getting the signal? It does respond well to my foot pedal and hand fob and in the beginning I had 2 fobs (they don't float lol). My unit does not have the built in transducer so that is a PITA as I have to mount my transducer on the motor and the cable has to run loose along the shaft as it slides through the mount. All in all it is a good unit and I have not had any battery issues. If anyone can help me out with the unwanted beeping and unwanted directional changes that would be great.
  3. Nipfisher

    Lake Nipissing Walleye

    If the close walleye on Nip for winter fishing but promote catching perch and Pike there will be less anglers but still many walleye caught (and released). Its not like the soft-water where you can target pike. Drill a hole and drop your line. Good chance you can locate schools of perch but walleye and pike will be there too. 1 fish limit would kill the tourist industry. Keep it 2 fish of any size and no releasing. Catch 2 walleye and you are done for the day.
  4. Nipfisher

    Dock Space Rental - Lake Nipissing

    Ask at the marina at the end of Landsdowne St. in Calander. On the left before the dock. Maybe the yacht club in Calander?
  5. Cleaned out the hut today. It comes off tomorrow. Disgusted by the wood and trash left on the lake by other anglers.

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    3. misfish


      So your no longer that far north city eh Blair. UNREAL dude.



      honestly brian...i see the old timers north of parry sound being way harsher to the environment than any of the citiots...just an observation

  6. Nipfisher


    My hut is at 20 FOW. Not steady action but lots of bites at prime times.
  7. Are you on Facebook? I am in 2 really good Canadian groups.
  8. Nipfisher

    Merry Fishmas

  9. Nipfisher

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas y'all.
  10. Nipfisher

    Check your licence

    I'm due for a renewal.
  11. Congrats Nick. My buddy runs Rockbrune Movers in Barrie. I can get you his contact info if you are interested.
  12. Nipfisher

    the ultimate kayak

    I have a Kiwi "Angler" pontoon style kayak. It is cumbersome to launch and load in the truck but it is incredibly stable on the water. I don't have it rigged up yet but it does have a rod holder, storage pouch, molded transom and straps for battery. www.kiwikayak.com
  13. Nipfisher

    Nipissing Ice Fishing

    Hey Sterling, try the Perogie Pizza from LuLu's (Calander Tavern). Also La Piazza is pretty good. Bob iwaki, let me know when you guys come up and I will try my best to meet up with you on the sled.