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My Blacklberry isn't working...

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      I love working on my boat. But I found something I don't like. Rebuilding the transom sucks in a big way.  I guess it's not really that bad as it did last 28 years before needing replacement.    

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    • advice on glasstop stove. coil not working

      Recently the large coil on my Frigidaire  glass top stove stopped working.  the coil is the one that has 2 setting ( big and small size pot).  The screen on top of the temperature knob shows HE (hot element) permanently since the coil stopped working.  Turning the knob doesn't do anything but if I place my hand on the glass top, I can feel slight vibration as if the switch is sending signal to the coil.  I'm tempted to replace the coil, but wanted to check here first and see if it could be somet

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      I have been trying something different from time to time. Looking for feeder creeks that flow out to large flats. Walking these feeder creeks in the spring, I have found huge schools of shinners in them. I have found 2 that  seem to hold fish, and now, 3. My hopes today were not great, as I knew the recent thaw would make the waters murky. Being a new area, I waited til a bit of light had started. This morning I was not dragging the hut. Just the boggan and the essentials. I was going to be movi

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      Hi guys.   Just wondering if you think this reel is toast. Some serious clicking/grinding. Considering my two mithcell avocets cost 30 or 35 bucks, I am probably better off junking them and buying something else on sale for $30 to $35 since I'm not a hardcore angler.   I have these two:   https://www.sail.ca/en/fishing/reels/spinning/mitchell-avocet-iv-silver-110-4-5-4-1-175030   https://www.sail.ca/en/fishing/reels/spinning/mitchell-avocet-rz-500-moulinet-110-4-5-4-1-124510   They sil

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