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  1. Raccoons are everywhere in the GTA and everytime I see one I replay the music in my head from the raccoon scenes from the movie The Great Outdoors lol.
  2. Always try to push one out before I hit any sort of main lake so I'm good for the day. If I'm on a weekend fishing/camping trip just hit a shore.
  3. Tried SMB but for whatever reason (probably my cooking) it tasted very greasy. The one time I cut in to a LMB it had grubs in them and decided there are a lot better options for a feed so I don't bother with bass anymore. Was in Temagami on the weekend and grilled walleye over the fire with a little spice around midnight. Was delicious. Not worth doing a report but here's a pic or two.
  4. Oh that would be perfect, I'll have to go searching more. Thz
  5. I use a trolling motor on my SportsPal canoe and I'd like to have a removable 12v socket for it. I go island camping a couple times a year and it'd be nice to blow up an air mattress with the battery or charge a phone. I know I can buy the minnkota battery box but figure I can save some $ and do a DIY project. Anyone done that? Things to know?
  6. Chippawa Creek? I haven't personally been there but I think there's river side campgrounds, should be close to your way. Look for non-serviced ones if you want more privacy. Brother in law said he use to go there.
  7. I use this one: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0084EG224/ref=pe_3034960_236394800_TE_dp_1 I like it but I find it a little bulky. It's well made though.
  8. Man you are dedicated. Good on ya, I said nope to Simcoe, hit another spot and struck out :/ Love your reports, I logged in expecting one from you haha.
  9. Sounds like I need to relocate to Finland.
  10. You should be able to return that or at least get it fixed.
  11. Buy those and regular worms and do a side by test. Regardless too steep for my budget. I'll take the 3.50 dozen worms in the vending machine here lol.
  12. I've only fished for crappie a handful of times in the Holland but I remember having most success with a small tube jig, 12" below a float. You definitely need your bait above them.
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