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  1. OK how do I explain the flasher on your video. The flasher is turning at a certain rpm. your video camera is at a certain fps (frames per second). Depending apon when your camera captures a frame the flasher might be a any location. That is why sometimes you see a red line and sometimes the green and sometimes nothing. Did that explain it? Have you evernoticed that when recording a video of your tv the line seems to scan down the tv. Same problem.....they are not sync'd. Safe Fishing First, Jack
  2. I seen the sign at Cedarbrea Canadian Tire. Jack
  3. I seen on another site that the barriers are removed. Looks like the town listened to people.....who'd of though? Safe Fishing First, Jack
  4. My little guy is limiting out any minute now.. Jack Can't figure out how to get him to work......click on him so he can start catching fish
  5. YA you got that right Spooner...........This will do no damage and prevent the impeller from being damaged when the trapped water freezes. Safe Fishing First, Jack
  6. After the water has drained out of the motor, turn it over without starting it. This will release any water that has collected on the impeller. Other than that, don't leave the fish sitting in the boat.....they will freeze by the time you get home. Safe Fishing First, Jack
  7. Infact the Brown eggs arrive today. We will be working on them starting at 5pm. Incase you are in the area and want to help out. The browns are also released out in Lk Ont. by Picton. As alot of you know, we unfortunately didn't make the grade for support from Aviva. Thanks go out to all that took the time to vote. This was not a waist of time..... alot of people became aware of the work at Ringwood. And hopefully that will bring in some financial support. Safe Fishing First, Jack
  8. As Tony says.....most now have built in GPS. I just bought the ice ducer for my Humminbird and good to go. Sold my old Vex to pay for the new transducer and power setup. Safe Fishing First, Jack
  9. Al does have it down to an art...........I am already thinking of breaking the boat so I can head out with him again next year. Thanks for the report. Safe Fishing First, Jack
  10. We were in the water by 6:30 and steaming for the keith Shoal- Bat Cave area. By 9:15 we had boated 5 eyes, nothing over 11 but a couple close. Trolled for another 7 hours and boated 1 for 3. One of those misses buried the board and straighten the back hook out on the Reef Runner. So we ended the day 6 for 8. As soon as it got enough light we changed up to 2, 2 1/2, 5 & 7 cores. Speed was 1.9 to 2.05 today. Hot lure of the day that took 3 walleye. A few pics of the day, with some of the better lures. Our captain for the weekend aboard the Grand Slam. Here is the pic of the last sat fish. This fish engulfed the lure and had to be kept. Sunday was another day. Along with the joy of fishing with Al, we had Don on the Slam. Or was it Don with Al on the Slam. Same lures and mainly the same locations. But the timing on fish was the opposite. One swing and a miss. (strike 1), first thing and then a few hours of nothing. But in the last 1 1/2 we pulled it out of the bag. The emerald shiner and Dr. Death came thru today. Not as large of fish but tonight the ones I kept will be tasty. Look at that mouth.....makes you happy your not a bait fish ;D And even though it's me.....this was the only issue of the weekend. I was holding the fish up for a picture and one tail kick later......damn sometimes those hooks are too sharp. Al is was a great weekend. We got to land fish.....learn some things.......and most of all we enjoyed the company on Grand Slam. Hope to touch base many times this year. Safe Fishing First, Jack
  11. Hi Salty We bought a 788combo humminbird a few years ago. This year I bought the mount, power cable and iceducer to use it on the ice. I was very happy with the purchase. I worked great. Jack
  12. We run a 788 and 798si networked together. This is the setup that many use on the bassboats. The 788 forward and 798 at the helm. We are happy with this setup. Safe Fishing First, Jack
  13. Don't ask me how much but I know that they have been donating to Ringwood Hatchery to help out operations. Jack
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