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  1. The best tip I got to get the pump to work effortlessly is to put the oil container in hot water for 15 minutes before putting the pump on it. I always had a hard time before with the pump coming apart. Because of the thick oil. Much easier now and no mess.
  2. So sorry for your loss. My Mom and Dad had alzheimers, what we had setup with the homes was a DNR and if they got really sick, it was no meds unless they could take it orally. The only thing intravenously to be given was pain meds so they would not suffer.
  3. I had a 55lbs on my Princecraft Pro165 I just changed it this year for a Terrova 80lbs. And it is much better than the 55 was. Yes the 80 doesn't come with the shorter shaft like I had on the 55 but I can deal with it easily. You'll love the extra thrust and the Spot Lock is an amazing tool.
  4. I always have a black marker in my tackle box and every once in a while I darken the faded out last 2-4 feet. But most of my setups I use yellow braid because of my colorblindness and can't linewatch on the dark green or red braid
  5. I mounted my charger under my driver's console.
  6. I just did that conversion. I had to change the wires to the batteries. Had 10 Gauge and Minnkota suggest 8 gauge. Also you will need to replace or install 60 amp fuse/breaker. But the rest was all straight forward because even if my mounting plate was an older model it all lined up.
  7. Think you are right BillM. Ghaf's what I was told yesterday
  8. Make sure It's not because of a bad knot on your braid. Had a buddy a few years ago blaming his 4th lost frog to pike's. Until I watched him make his knot. Use a Palomar. Most other regular knots will slip especially with bigger braided line.
  9. If you can have a look or have somebody to have a look at the back of the boat when you are riding and see where the water comes out smoothly from under the boat. That would be a great spot to install the transducer.
  10. I built a 24 x 28 in 2012 and it cost me $12,000.00 just for the floor and I paid separately for the excavating and engineers floor plans( there is a special name for that but I can't remember what it is called). And I agree with with pigeontroller for this ""Curbs. Have the pad poured with a 4-6'' curb and build your walls on them. Then the wood/drywall or panelling will never be wet."" I didn't and i've regretted since. Not sure why this is highlighted now??
  11. Ontario-Quebec Boundary Anglers may fish in the following waters with either an Ontario Resident Fishing Licence or a Quebec Resident Fishing Licence. • Ottawa River (45°34’N., 74°23’W.). • Lake St. Francis (45°08’N., 74°25’W.) and the waters of the St. Lawrence River between the dam at the Robert H. Saunders Generating Station and the Ontario-Quebec boundary
  12. If he fishes the Ottawa River he doesn't need a Quebec license, even if he fishes the Quebec side of the river. It's called Border Waters that you can fish with either license but you have to follow the regulations of the side you are fishing on.
  13. This is probably the problem. If the battery is too low then the charger won't kick in.
  14. Last year I tried fluoro on my spinning reels. Kept it on for one outing then went back to braided line and fluoro leaders. Can't stand the fluoro coming off the spool if you don't have a tension on the line at all times. I use mono only on my crankbait and spinnerbait combos.
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