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  1. Received the package from Navionics yesterday, it was sent through USPS so no additional charge for custom brokerage.
  2. My total was $88.56 CA, still a good deal. Thanks for sharing Dave.
  3. They will do partial weeks if they have openings. Fishing is pretty good and there is always the option to do a 1-day fly-in on one of the back lakes: http://www.tornadosresorts.com/
  4. To Dave Bailey, great post, thanks for sharing.
  5. You fought a brave fight. Thanks for everything.
  6. I have no beef, but I think the best answer to the question was given in #22 by bigbuck
  7. The question was about a septic system and shed, it had nothing to do with permits.
  8. Not if you are in an unorganized township.
  9. Isn't that the truth. We now stop at the Magnetewan First Nations, there is a new Esso and Tim Hortons. Even the price of gas at the shell is 10 to 15 cents a litre higher then Shawanaga, Magnetewan and the Parry Sound Service Centre.
  10. My son and I have been to North Toronto swap all of the three previous years. Sad to say we may not make it this year. Anyway, lots of everything there and good deals to boot. Get there as early as you can.
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