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  1. VID_22100729_045932_831.mp4 Great thread, I use an offset barrel smoker and have no issue in cold weather.
  2. He said he was distracted. It was noon, he wasn't impaired and we have no cell service. He must have dropped something.
  3. Got another one. On Monday I was pre-fishing for a small tournament this weekend on my cottage lake and this 18 foot I/O bowrider goes by me at full plane on his way through a gap and into the next lake. I can no longer see the boat but heard a loud bang noise. I thought he may have been too close to the gap and hit rocks. I go to have a look and here he has missed the gap by 200 metres and his boat is wedged between 2 trees in the bush. It was raining so I was pretty much the only one around. I go over and he is climbing out of the rear of the boat with a pretty big gash in his head. The guy is lucky the windshield stopped him from being ejected from the boat.
  4. Very sorry that a life was lost. I think his quote would have been more compassionate if he left out the first sentence and started with "Out of respect..."
  5. Received the package from Navionics yesterday, it was sent through USPS so no additional charge for custom brokerage.
  6. My total was $88.56 CA, still a good deal. Thanks for sharing Dave.
  7. They will do partial weeks if they have openings. Fishing is pretty good and there is always the option to do a 1-day fly-in on one of the back lakes: http://www.tornadosresorts.com/
  8. To Dave Bailey, great post, thanks for sharing.
  9. You fought a brave fight. Thanks for everything.
  10. I have no beef, but I think the best answer to the question was given in #22 by bigbuck
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