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  1. There is some talent right there, nicely done.
  2. https://www.whitebirchescamp.com/ Great spot, lots of nice sites although it is quite open.
  3. Watching a bit of it on Bassmaster LIVE. He is one of the only anglers fishing vertically, looks like he's targetting smallies. https://www.bassmaster.com/video/bassmaster-live
  4. And of course note that the regular smallmouth season has been delayed until the first Saturday in July.
  5. Anyone see the new regs. Zone 20 which is Lake Ontario for 2021 has an early catch and release bass season from Jan 1 to May 10: https://www.ontario.ca/document/ontario-fishing-regulations-summary/fisheries-management-zone-20
  6. We flew, and as always, there is a funny story to tell. A number of years ago, 20 I believe, we flew from Pearson to Thunder Bay and then rented a van, grabbed supplies and drove to Nakina. There was 4 of us with my brother in law and his buddy as part of the group. Didn't realize they had not flown much but when we were going through security my BIL's carry on gets flagged and security opens it up and pulls out a hatchet. He thought it would be safer if it was in the carry-on. And then he had to walk back through the security area with the hatchet to have it put in the baggage compartment of the plane. Things you wouldn't see in an airport today.
  7. Caught a lot of walleye trolling with a Mitchell 300
  8. Might be because of the lake the boat is on.
  9. Does that mean negatory to the injector flush?
  10. You likely see stronger breeding classes in the years to come with minimal fishing pressure this spring. Think of the breeding walleye that put the feedbag on after the spawn, with little to no angling pressure right after the spawn it could mean that there will be more breeding fish in the years to come. I doubt that the fry from this year's spawn will be any different then normal but there will be more spawning fish from this around to spawn again.
  11. The same day that Ornge airlifted a 37 year old man from Pembroke to Ottawa hospital, Ornge released this statement: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/air-ambulance-service-urges-ontarians-to-stay-home-as-it-transports-injured-in-atv-crashes/ Ornge, the province’s air ambulance service, is warning people to listen to public health officials and “stay home unless absolutely necessary” as it reports that crews across Ontario are beginning to transport patients injured in ATV crashes to hospital. There were 3 atvs at this scene. The one driver was taken by ambulance then flown to Ottawa. Second driver was charged with more than 80 mg per 100 ml of blood and the third driver registered a "warn" on the screen device. The point is not about drinking and riding, which is not right, the point is how many emergency people were involved with this one altercation. Every single medical officer of health, be it federal, provincial or municipal are asking people to stay home, isolate, and only go out if it is absolutely necessary.
  12. It's not just about social distancing. The actions from the provincial government are being done for more than 1 reason in fighting the spread of Covid 19. From a social distancing perspective going fishing by yourself or with people in your home is not an issue. At a time when we need our emergency services to be focussed on a true threat, staying off the waterways gives them one less thing to respond to. Kind of falls in line with the restricted fire zone in Ontario.
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