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  1. Sorry to say but Shorty has to work and this is the first time i heard of it was not sure if it was gonna happen. I did not even open my boat yet this is very sad. Maybe i can open the boat this weekend and well i have to test it out lol, Dont tell Shorty. Will be in Verner on Sunday maybe i will stop by and say hi
  2. typed in Snowbear trailer brought me to Canadian tier looked at the 4x6 trailer clicked specifications and it said 1 1/16 go check it out if you want and see if its the same trailer as yours.
  3. this is my sisters place on June 1 this year on Nipissing Laving area The wind had some part in this but still lots of water
  4. Ya tough they are came across some on nippising. The c/o that i know gave me heck the last time i cough one. Not because i cough one but because i did not look to see if it was tagged and record its girth and length but he did want to know were i cough it and on what.
  5. since this trailer is bought from Canadian tire i would go there and ask them and they can sell the right one to you as well. Best of luck
  6. all i have to add to that is Mustad slow death hooks great action use them and have done well with them
  7. I am with the Canadian Welding Association and this weekend we are having an ice fishing derby on White Water Lake 15 min east of Sudbury. This Saturday March 3 from 10am - 4pm. 25$ a person, tickets can be purchased on site when registering. Proceeds to go to local high school welding programs. You can fish any where on the lake, there will be a tent for fish registration. Prizes will be done at the hall by the boat launch. 1st prize 450$ certificate for a fire pit from City Welding and a 50$ gift card from Canadian Tire 2nd prize auto darkening welding helmet from Praxair and a 30$ Canadian Tire gift card 3rd prize Hand ice auger and tip ups and more door prizes to be won come one come all
  8. The bid is in on a 3 year contract,now to wait to see if we get it

  9. Sorry then not the same as I have at work,looked the same.
  10. I have not bean around for a bit now and i noticed some new people from Sudbury. Just wondering how many there are from around hear??
  11. should be a flat head screw on top or on the side turn it and the front will open then its just a switch
  12. The truck/trailers that you say may have crossed over to the french river. If you are coming from Sudbury there are plenty of spots to fish with out going to callander . you can turn in Verner and head down to the lake in Laving. From the bridge you can see huts and that is a good area to fish.
  13. There is a few doing just that and waiting for replies. Sudbury is not turning out to be very charitable right now we keep trying and hoping. but we will get it still have time to get some that's for sure
  14. Ramsey and withe water are good and safe for ice fishing there are tons of lakes around Sudbury. Depends on what time you are working till Cartier is not just around the corner. Long lake is not out of the city ether all good lakes to fish. I realy need to get another sled to go ice fishing again
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