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  1. Late August /early September and out of a power boat 50 feet of water and a little deeper (they will usually show themselves on the surface or you can see them on your scope) but using planer boards not down riggers. We used to run Mag Wiggle Warts and Deep Diving Thundersticks. Lots of better choices these days. They will come up for them. Fishfull Thinking fishing show will show lots of other techniques to really get to the bottom if you don't mind losing gear. Hint downriggers AND Jet Divers then you only lose the Jet Diver but you will lose them sure as shooting.
  2. Early to the point that going home at 9 am seems like a long day. They bite from the time you see a sliver of horizon , about 4;55 am these days till about 6 or 6:30. Then the search is on and you might get another bite. This is usually when the pro's go out to the blue zone and con their customers into thinking that rainbows on trolling gear counts as a fish and should be counted as part of a successful day on the water when referring to the trip. Did I say early?
  3. Too late. Looks like the guy on Kiji sold his custom Foldcat 440 so the link no longer works. Here's the one I had from Sea Eagle's own website 4 man Foldcat 440 inflatable pontoon boat | Personal Watercraft | Muskoka | Kijiji
  4. This is NOT my boat and I don't know the guy but I had the same make of Foldcat boat but the smaller 2 seat version. They are great well made boats for the money. This guy has modified the 4 seater to a, better laid out, 2 seater and if I had somewhere to put the thing i would buy it. I have a Hobie Floatcat rowboat. It's great for me because I can store my Hobbie Floatcat indoors and I carry it on the top of my Volkswagon. The Hobie is about 55lb, this thing would weigh more. I did sell my 2 seat Foldcat to a guy who picked it up in a Chevy Volt. Believe it or not the 2 seat Foldcat fit perfectly in the Volt, which is a VERY small car, albeit a hatchback. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-personal-watercraft/muskoka/4-man-foldcat-440-inflatable-pontoon-boat/156830 I saw a guy on Kijiji that had an Outcast rowable, inflatable kayak that I wanted to buy but we could not agree on a price. That boat looks like the Outcast and looks good. How does it row?:
  5. It comes down to the anglers lament or perhaps nightmare that upon our death our wives will sell our fishing gear for what we said we paid for it.
  6. Balsa plug for muskies? I know Woodies that are a Lake St Clair standard are wood yet they disintegrate after an outing or two. A balsa muskie bait wood be sawdust after half an hour.
  7. 10% on the current price of fishing gear would be significant. I would bet that the excise tax collected at source (the manufacturers) would be a federal tax and thus useless for the states and municipalities that operate, maintain most fishing holes (Tennessee Valley impoundments would be an exception I guess). In the current environment my bet is that a quick call to Biden would glean a few trillion $$$ if he was feeling generous, and he IS feeling generous these days.
  8. In California they do love big lures for bass. The guys on Tackle Tour throw baits that most guys here would feel are too large for Muskies. The rods are so stiff that when you catch a bass it's like a snag slowly coming to the boat. I had a swimbait rod that I used for 20-25lb chinooks and it made them seem weak. As far as tournaments are concerned I'm not saying it's easy, I'm not saying that the anglers don't have a lot of skin in the game and yes they buy a fishing license. The issue is that the business does not pay for the use of the resource and I guess tat means my issue is with the organizer or owner of the event. They should have to pay significant fees for using the resource to make money. Ding the sponsors for some of the costs and like all businesses use some of the entrance fees and ticket revenue to cover the cost as well. truth is we have enough socialism corporate and otherwise in our society as it is. Pay your way at the very least you will feel better about yourself.
  9. I don't mind catching fish but I have a problem with guys invading a fishery, hammering it, killing lots of fish, the big ones at that, educating fish thus making them harder for the locals to catch, zooming around the place at warp speed and basically doing so without paying for the use of a public resource. To me it's like the Argos turning up a Edwards Gardens playing a ball game collecting money for tickets and leaving a huge mess while not paying a dime for the property. The idea of watching a guy's fish sack is a remarkably lame "event" that eludes me totally. I admit that the fishing series where the guys play 3 periods, release all fish immediately and is a restricted field of anglers is at least somewhat watchable. They are great anglers to be sure but fishing is a hobby or pastime not an athletic performance and as such the least they can do is pay their way if and only if the locals approve.
  10. It's an educated guess not real experience. Someone somewhere eats them is my bet.
  11. Maybe we need a different type of targeting. In King Henry the 8th's time lamprey pie was all the rage. If you guys would just lean into a little lamprey pie we could get this thing fixed. While you're at it how about pickled gobie, on a bagel with sour cream. Really sour cream to mask the disgusting flavour.
  12. I saw an episode of Nature of Things concerning Coywolfs and to me telling them apart is VERY difficult. That thing could be either without a weigh scale and maybe even a blood test. Don't let it near your dog though.
  13. Don't let Doug Ford see it or he will want to move in to your backyard to be closer to it.
  14. Isn't lampricide a good example of species specific poison?
  15. Some Canadian guys are making money bassin' in America. Personally I hate the idea of "pro bassin" but I guess it is legal. Your favorite fishing lake covered with 200 pro anglers and hoards of followers in boats seems like a nightmare to me but they can get people to pay to watch guys show bass at a podium so truly there is one born every minute.
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