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  1. Brand New 8'3" Abu Garcia Veritas spin rod. Medium rated 6-12lb. this is a one piece rod that telescopes down to 7' so it can be stored in the rod locker of a boat. I got this rod to fish the Niagara from a boat. Brand New never used. $70 Call 647-951-9142 I'm in St Catharines but the number is a local call for the GTA.
  2. I have 1 Avid steelhead rod that is getting no use by me. , virtually brand new. The casting rod has been out once . I just don't get any use out of long steelhead rods anymore as I fish 99% of the time in my Hobie 'toon. the rod would be a fine Xmas gift as its mint. As you may know these rods are no longer made as it seems St Croix has abandoned steelhead rods altogether. $240 each Sorry no pics as I don't even have a cell phone anymore. I'm in St Catharines but my number is local to the GTA 647-951-9142
  3. I see that Jack Dorsey is now heavily involved in a new one since dropping out as the boss of Twitter. I suppose his entry means something for investors but, for me, when i look at him I see a fellow who looks like he sleeps under an overpass in the rough. Add to that his background with Twitter, the place idiots go to destroy their careers, i realize what a disgraceful quagmire investing has become. It can't last and another huge collapse must be on the horizon where all of this nonsense will fleece the little guy and our politicians will bail out the big players. It is a recurring story of Wall/Bay Street that we don't seem to be able to grow out of.
  4. It's a sophisticated method of removing money from saps. It's like I was told early on, them's for sellin' not for buyin'.
  5. Capt Pierre you need to go to an NFT for that nativity scene you cooked up there. You never know what that particular heated up market will pay for original "art"
  6. I'm betting a real Loomis IMX custom float rod has a value that is hard to calculate in a consumer products insurance settlement. Best to keep those pieces under your pillow, inside of your locked bedroom that's guarded by a Rottweiler, no a mountain lion, lol.
  7. You are right Old. Execution is probably not what I would want. I did watch a program on TV that discussed the issue of drug addicts in Seattle. One of the people interviewed was an EMT, on a live call, at a junkies address saving him from OD FOR THE 6TH TIME. HE said it's time to just let them go freeing up his time for other, sober, people that are having life threatening episodes. The cost in $$, in wasted effort, and in rationed attention to non drug addicts is just galling, at least to that particular EMT. Having lived in Vancouver for 6 years I can tell you that people here in Ontario have NO IDEA how bad it can get with druggies. I have recent personal knowledge of a 34 year old guy who at a christening party for his newborn sniffed up some coke and promptly expired. The cause was Fentanyl, in his cocaine. An accident? No, deliberate assinine behavior by a 34 year old, wealthy, fool who MUST have know that this is a likely result of putting your health and safety in the hands of a drug dealer with a massive vested interest to cut Fentanyl into his product. This fact must be a nightly subject on the Vancouver news yet this goof did it anyway.
  8. There is still the cops investigation, court (many appearances likely) the ankle bracelet itself, the monitoring system ands the inevitable follow up arrests and then incarceration when junkies go out looking for their fix abrogating their court ordered confinement. I'm betting the path of least resistance for the cops, prosecutors and judges is don't bother investigating throw it over to the insurance industry to resolve. As matter of fact I know that's the way it works and it has worked that way since I was involved with the police in the 1990's. It has not gotten better since then, in fact it's far worse now than then. I know of serious criminals that got away with their crimes in the 90's because the cops or prosecutors were unable to wrap their heads around the crime or there was not the $$$ available to successfully investigate the crime let alone get a conviction. There's also the big issue in the 90's and I'm pretty sure the same applies today, that there is a serious lack of available places to put people in physical jail. No vacancy, literally.
  9. I sort of agree but I also know that space is limited in jail, the courts, in probation etc. The cops have to pick their fights. Non violent relatively minor loses DO figure into it., sorry to say. Personally it would not bother me if the powers that be executed felons, drug users, Jihadis, etc. But they won't and we all know it so it's best to not leave stuff in sight as it's an open invitation. I'd also urge you to move but truth is I lived in Oakville up until 2019 and in that year there were 2 murders within blocks of my home, the FBI informed Halton that it was a focus of crime tourism originating in Chile, Columbia and Peru and my friends that still live there say the crime spree continues unabated. I'm now in St Catharines and LOTS of people here LOOK like the criminal element but I have had no problems other than some incredibly discourteous, reckless drivers that are doubly so when I'm on foot. Going for a walk is supposed to be healthy but around here it could easily get you killed.
  10. Cops and the judges work for the government and that dominates their thinking. The cost of keeping a prisoner in jail, in Canada , IS UNBELIEVABLY EXPENSIVE. FEDERAL INMATES COST OVER $100k PER ANNUM. THROWING THEM IN JAIL FOR $2-3 k WORTH OF PROPERTY IS NOT WORTH IT TO THEM, or to us. Insure your stuff and don't leave your really valuable stuff in plain sight.
  11. Bet those Cherise Red ones are good.
  12. This guy wants $10 per lure. He's in Oshawa area https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1574164641 They are on Kijiji all the time. Not really hard to find. Now try and find a Jackal Geronimo Magnum. That's hard to find
  13. Amazing The kid I saw was even dressed the same. Your son has a doppelganger in the west end...and he can catch fish too.
  14. In the council meeting the local government claimed it was to protect people strolling around the pier with their lattes, dogs, phones, babies etc from anglers chucking pieces of metal with 3 hook points. I know there was also an issue re the Oct 15th date to do with the passage of boats to and from the lake via the channel which runs along the eastern pier. All boats are supposed to be off the water in the marina by that time. The shore anglers chucking spoons at boats that for one reason or another had run afoul of their "rights". Who would have thought. I have had shore anglers chuck spoons at me in my pontoon boat at Bronte on numerous occasions. The city council has lots of conflicting constituencies to deal with at both piers in Oakville and this is their decision. It's probably a relatively good one imo but I would bet that soon some sort of parking effort will be used to curtail fishing at Bronte. Here in St Catharines the parking is now very expensive at the beaches UNLESS you can prove you live in St Catharines then it's free with a card to hang off the rearview mirror. Ultimately I think for the cities there's more money in lattes, dog walking, strollers with babies and the commerce they bring as opposed to anglers who don't spend a dime. I hope I'm not bursting anyone's balloon but I think in the coming years we are going to see severely strapped governments at all levels and they will be implementing taxes and fees that were heretofore unheard of.
  15. Only the western pier is open. The eastern pier and the piers at Oakville Creek (16 Mile Creek to some) don't open for angling until Oct 15th
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