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  1. And this Killer Whale harvested in Pond Inlet (yahoo.com)
  2. And then there's the cigarettes too. A religious herb don't you know.
  3. Pacific Salmon are found in headwaters of the streams in the west of Canada and the USA, without detrimental effects to either . You know, the place where the trout and salmon come from. In fact salmon carcasses actually FEED the trout and create the circumstances for flesh flies to be great trout lures.
  4. I think a great many Canadians are sick and tired of the Native claims about nature and a lot of other things. The idea that the natives now or in the past were master conservationists are not based in fact. It's politicking plain and simple. They want money and resources and are fully prepared to sabotage the entire country to get them. You might remember a small group of Indians shut down the entire rail system of Canada just prior to Covid. All to sabotage resources getting to market, a sabotage that now has world shaking consequences as our allies in Europe are facing serious repercussions of gas not being available from reliable sources like Canada. It is not just the natives to blame, the dilatant posing as a PM is also to blame leading to my point re our government as a whole.
  5. Fisherman is correct. the same could be said for snowmobiles, hunting rifles, power boats etc. I have met with the MNR on the subject of Atlantic/Pacific salmon/rainbow issues as well as the walkway conversion of Lake Ontario shorelines. I stand by my statement on them and on the rest of the gang at Queens Park and various other government locations. The Feds are even worse in that the corruption is monumental.
  6. Plant them and net pen them so they distribute well. Ban roe harvest and derbies to establish a mentality of assistance to the stocking by minimizing a thoughtless slaughter. Open up upper reaches of tributaries to allow salmon and rainbows and browns to achieve at least a modicum of spawning success. There might even be a place for trying to replace alewives as the primary food source for salmonids in the Great Lakes (lake Herring would be one option as they provide food for salmonoids and people)). Non of this will ever happen of course. The MNR is run by people that really have a minimal understanding of their job, just like the rest of the pencil pushing goofs in our civil service.
  7. I'm all for banning DDT, Roundup etc That stuff is going to kill us all. I watched a guy the other day claim that in some parts of the world now humans are consuming a credit card's worth of nana and micro plastic a week. The plastic can be detected in placentas and brain tissue in the consuming humans and their unborn kids. What is worse is that plastics use is increasing in leaps and bounds expected to double the current levels by 2030. That is a scary prediction to me.
  8. I was fishing at Bronte Creek yesterday and cormorants are now so bold there that they were fishing at my feet (I'm in a Hobie pontoon rowboat ie. very small and feet in the water). I have no idea what they were fishing for because they can't swallow a 20lb Chinnie. They are nasty looking birds up close but the good news is that I see far fewer of them on Lake Ontario from Oakville to St Catharines or on Erie at Chrystal Beach area. To shop the stupidity of some of our ecoligical community the 3 part series on the Great Lakes watershed on TVO made a point that it's "GOOD NEWS" that cormorants have "RECOVERED" from DDT inflicted die offs to take their rightful place in the pantheon of Great Lakes fauna. Clearly the same people that work at the MNR and spend millions of taxpayer dollars to plant (massively unsuccessfully) Atlantic Salmon knowing from the get go that it could not possibly work. Thank goodness there is now a governmental permission to get these things down to minimal numbers. Have at them
  9. I think someone is having us on. Fun times behind the screen.
  10. I love catching them They fight really well. Sometimes you see them with their head buried into the bottom in springtime. When they are in that position it usually indicates that they have found a nest of fish eggs and are chowing down on it. Lots of fishermen hate them because they do eat fish eggs but that's part of nature imo. I caught one once that was bright chartreuse on its underside. Looked like a cartoon fish.
  11. A new electrified Escalade is $152 USD and they can sell every Escalde they make at full pop. Don't know if that true of an electric Escalade. Oddly the new GM Lyric is only $62 USD and advertised for $69 CDN. If so that price delta between the US price and the converted Canadian price means a convoy of Lyric's heading south of the border within a week of delivery up here Yesterday In St Catharines i paid $1.39 for reg gas Deisel was $1.88 and winter is coming.
  12. When i was living in Oakville I saw a massive news report, breaking news if you will, dealing with a potentially catastrophic front end issue with F150 pickups. The front end would wobble so badly the truck could potentially topple over. The reporters tracked down the customer relations talking head for Ford at the Oakville head office. He ran away from the reporters and locked the door refusing to come out and take questions. When they got him on the phone and asked why he was avoiding them he answered truthfully. Why would he subject himself to tough questions from reporters? In the end Ford claimed the problem was a faulty front end suspension, a parts issue from a supplier. Their suggested solution. The truck owners should take their beefs to the supplier as it was out of Fords hands. I never followed up on what the final result of the issue was but I could not believe the Ford customer relations guy would A) hide from reporters and B suggest the faulty part was not Fords issue and that customers should take it up with a supplier directly.. Had it been a Chrysler issue they would have sold a bogus warranty and then the customer could take their beef to a parts supplier and a warranty provider. It would have been an automotive double header.
  13. This is all part and parcel with things like builders taking deposits and upon completion of the condos demanding further payments on top of the agreed upon price, auto makers doing similar things to the tune of a further $9k for an F150, and our leaders looking to private sector senior homes, charging $5000 + a month for a room with all the Covid and Shingles you could ever want thrown in for free. Then there's The Bank of Canada saying that there's no risk of inflation, then saying inflation is a prime target, then raising interest rates at an alarming rate just when the population has record rates of debt denominated in variable rate loans and mortgages. All done without recourse for all of us. Good move. On a further note I was just at the library and they had a donation jar out. I asked was the library resorting to a tip jar. Answer no but they still want a donation even though the girls there claim there's no financial issues with the library system in St Catharines. The city did did need to appeal for donations for the Labour Day firecracker show however.
  14. Knowing the insurance industry as I do I would not hold my breath waiting for the insurance company supplying you with anything especially if it were to indicate their liability to ANYTHING. The insurance industry is in cahoots with the government on virtually everything that has to do with insurance in this province. That is in cahoots AGAINST you as the public and in cahoots with the industry in just about anything they would like to pull. It's yet another group of thieves working with self centered dilatants that have one goal, get re elected no matter what.
  15. To be clear it's Merc I'm referring to as it is a big company and it's not like big manufacturers don't defraud the public, often but not always with impunity Whistleblower gets record $24 million for exposing Hyundai and Kia's safety lapses - CNN $24 Million for rating them out. Not bad work if you can get it. Also as of this morning Hyundai and Kia are telling owners of Palisade and Telluride SUV's to park them due to fire issues that they have no fix for
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