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  1. I have thousands of dollars worth of Lucky Craft, Yozuri Jackal, Eco Gear, OSP, Rapala, Nories, and Evergreen lures They are excellent lures, with great actions and realistic quality paint jobs. If I could have only 1 lure it would be a BPS XPS floating Minnow in the 3 inch 1/4oz version. For me it catches Salmon, Steelies, walleye, Bass, Drum, Browns and Silver Bass as well as any of my Jap lures for a much cheaper price. I bet if I broke the lip off it would out fish my topwaters from Japan as well, lol. The 1/4 oz lure is called a floating minnow but it's a hybrid crank.minnow that IS a knockoff of a Saltwater Yozuri lure. I had the original Yozuris and never caught a single fish with them. Go figure For bigger stronger fish you do need to change out the hooks as they are pretty cheezy. I've caught Chinooks with the 4 inch jerkbait as well but it's not an allrounder like the 1/4oz lure. i do agree that a lot of BPS stuff is junk but that one lure is a winner at the highest level. Some of their super shallow cranks look ok too but I seldom get past my Storm Sub Wart in that category..
  2. That's usually the result when peer reviewed science comes up to dispute. The methodology, the participating scientist or researcher, the laboratory or country where the review was done. Lots of mitigating factors. One centimeter piece of gill removed. Was that a slice all the way up the gill (a very big piece) or was that a 1 centimeter square piece ( a much smaller piece more representative of a Musky hook) I would bet even the water temperature would be a factor, cold water , cold beverage, how exhausted the fish is and like they said the holding position of the fish The video shows the fish held in the water by the gill plate would a sling make a difference? Gord knows what he's talking about most of the time so I really don't know. Personally I can't stand soda of any kind but I do own a soda stream for water. Don't think I would take it fishing however
  3. Science. It's never finished. I would have bet Gord Pizer would be in the know but you can't argue against an actual experiment with controls. Now you would need a peer review to make it official until such time as someone else found out something different, and experimented with it, got it peer reviewed etc etc etc
  4. A few years back I bought 4 Pflueger Supreme spin reels for $68 each at a store. I recommended them to a friend the other day and he says they cost $214 at Cabelas now. They are nice reels...for the money at$68 or the regular price at that time of $99 . The Cabelas ones are XT's That was about a $10 additional cost when I got mine and I have one of those too. There is no functional difference except the XT was in a crappy colour (mustard gold). I live down the street from BPS in Niagara and a J13 there is $16.99, a big Williams Whitefish is $17.99 It's nuts I think a big part of it is the permissive corporate culture of merger/ acquisition/monopoly that is now allowed in our society. The holding company for BPS/Cabelas/ Tracker/ just took over Sportmans Wagrehouse adding another 110 big box stores to the kitty
  5. Well if I can only make $53K USD I'm not doing it, lol. The show I saw promised of $100K and I'm holding them to it.
  6. I saw a guide who I believe is a Muskies Canada executive show a new life saving technique for saving bleeders (of all species not just Muskie) When a fish is bleeding from the mouth or gills he pours carbonated water or soda down it's throat. It stops the bleeding, which he demonstrated on a fish he caught on the show. I'm betting carbonated water is better than soda but if that's all you've got then better soda than nothing since bleeding, particularly from the gills, is a 100% killer. I agree that you can't force guys to learn proper handling and if you want to get a punch in the face go down to the Whirlpool and criticize a local on handling Rainbow, Lakers Browns etc . It's shocking how they treat them but don't speak out or you will get in a punchup in a dangerous place. The club might have great intentions but they need membership and revenue to do what good things they do. If you look at clubs like St Catharines Fish and Game, or Credit Anglers or Trout Canada they all feature good and bad. SCF&G promote a catch and keep big fish trout tourney but also do some stocking, Credit Anglers does stream rehab, some stocking and educating but in my experience is made up of guys who stream fish with eggs a LOT of eggs. Metro East Anglers do the best stocking work in Ontario but they also promote catch and keep derbies . Conservation areas offer some great fishing on local impoundments , impoundments that measure out in acres yet they sell bait and some even have big fish derbies.... on bodies of water where boats with live wells are banned. It all revolves around $$ which for all these entities, is scarce. In addition there is, universally, a stubborn reliance on personal belief versus actual evidence based science. Where have we heard that before?
  7. I just saw this. A few years ago I watched a show on eels. They do migrate from the ocean into lakes and streams particularly in the Maritimes and northern states. There's a very lucrative industry in catching the small ones, keeping them alive and shipping them to Japan for aquaculture that grows them to maturity. Very similar to how tuna are caught small, penned and grown to maturity in the Med. The dollar numbers for the guys who caught them in streams and the guys who shipped them to Japan were 6 figures. VERY lucrative. Not sure if this is still going on but with that kind of $$ it might get fished out quickly. Speak of quirky ways to make money fishing it's possible to make a 6 figure income on the Columbia river catching Pikie Minnows and turning them in for a bounty. All you need is an Ugly Stick and a container of worms. Lots of hours too. Finally if you review Christmas dinner for British kings and queens you will always see some Lamprey pie as well as roast Swan on the menu
  8. Fall into the Niagara in the Glen with water levels and corresponding speed of flow at this time and that PFD will save squat. A floater suit might save you but again I doubt it. The truth is don't take children to the Niagara Glen or even Whirlpool in the winter. And in warm months stay away form the waters edge and wear proper hiking shoes. I have seen people hiking around the Niagara with plastic thong shoes to whom I point out that if they break a leg the rescue mission, which will incorporate a helicopter, will be VERY pricey. I'm told it's about $5K. I even saw a bible group from the USA down in the Glen were there were20+ tweeners (12-14 yrs old) in a group where the young boys were showing off to the young girls by jumping from rock to rock passing over the fast flowing water. When I voiced my anguish to the supervising adults they told me if a kid fell in it would be God's will Really it was scary the ignorance of adults tasked with supervising someone else's children on a field trip yet not recognizing that level of peril or abdicating their responsibility to "God's will" Personally when I go down there I wear size 13 ice running shoes which have imbedded tungsten cleats The cleats give better grip on bare rock, ice and to a limited extent algae covered rock. You still have to be really careful though and like cleated wading boots for some reason the cleat aspect of the shoes tires me out faster than felt or rubber bottoms
  9. In fising that is for sure the case. Even stalwarts like shimano offer deep discounts through preferred retailers when they're changing over to new models. it would not surprise me that they also use remaining old "new" stock in their own supply chain to lower the price of store shelf inventory in the retailers. This way they blow the old stock out with tail end wholesale inventory at their manufacturing cost lowering the wholesale cost to preferred retailers so they sell off the old gear but still profit from the transaction. It's a win win situation that I used myself when I worked for Planters Peanuts. We would drive around using a carload of inventory that allowed us to credit retailers for in store sales, damaged goods and priority shelf space and Instead of actual money from credit notes we distributed dry roast peanuts at our cost price. The whole effort made my 1978 Plymouth Fury drag it's tail down the road however.
  10. They really do have some expensive stuff I used to get some truly exceptional deals on rods at the store in Mississauga. That must have been the store with unpublicized sales. Now that store is closed and the store in Burlington looks like it should be closed but just has no inventory
  11. Sometimes Ganons in Oshawa has a good sale for Black Friday
  12. I watch a TV show called Great Lakes Now on PBS and they did a show this week on water levels on the Great Lakes. The expert on the show claimed that because the Great Lakes are relatively new there is a constant expansion of the shoreline, ie. the lake surface gets bigger as deep areas fill in and the water displaces, rising at the shoreline. This results in a loss of shoreline of about 1 foot per year. This progress is difficult to track due to rising and falling water levels. It can only be seen in long term time frames of 25 to 30 years but it ultimately means that shoreline buildings and structures are generally at risk because building codes have not taken this phenomenon into consideration. Even efforts of armoring the shoreline with stone break walls or metal "armour" walls ultimately fail all the while eliminating beaches. If these claims are true I wish they had told the goobers at the MNR before they started gentrifying the shore line at Dalousie....Bronte,,,Oakville Creek, Grimsby, Jordan, Humber River,Rouge River.. Don River etc. I guess it's only money and these days money does not seem that important especially if you are in a position to consider money in terms of "funding"
  13. Bill's got it. Planner boards in close for Bows by Bronte or 16 Mile. Surprisingly I did best with Chinooks in close at Bronte this year with plastic Shad Rap RS lures. Better than my usual Japanese lures and I was also using light line. This time of year bows like small baits in my experience. Light line as well, like 6lb maybe 8lb. if you are using expensive lures. The water will be cold so it will also be very clear and bows have really good eyesight. Browns even more so.
  14. Essentially you cannot fish from the shoreline or point, you must be in the lake. This used to be possible, you just waded out into the lake or stood on the exposed lake bottom, exposed because of low water levels. It was possible in the old days to wade upwards of 75-80 yards out into the lake but no longer. The higher levels in the great lakes has covered the lake bottom with water and every time I go to Thornbury now there is serious wave action that would make standing in the lake beyond the point of the parking area almost impossible. I have not seen the spot with a strong south wind but it might be possible to stand in the lake close to shore in such a wind. I have not seen those conditions so I can't say for sure. I should also point out that I was told this by locals that fish the parking lot point with their bait pinned to the bottom. I did NOT get this info from a Ministry official but it makes sense from what I know of the law for extended seasons for trout in general. In the past the interpretation had been that the line used to determine what was legal at Thornbury was a tree NEAR the end of the point that left a small section of the point available to a small group of anglers to squeeze in to fish without having to wade. It's similar to the rules on the "Geen that allows winter fishing downstream from the old bridge abutments The interpretation is likely an arbitrary decision of the enforcement officers for the area. They probably got sick of seeing locals fishing in the morning and taking fish home and then returning in the afternoon and taking fish home then as well. A check of homes in Thornbury would likely turn up lots of overstocked freezers
  15. Atlantics (big ones), Steelies, Chinook, Pinks, Pinooks, Walleye, Smallies and mmm.... whitefish. All just a stroll from downtown. The place to be if you have a 'toon or a Mirage drive Yak Only place I've seen where Steelies favor crayfish but I have not been there in years. I'd hate to pick up and go to find that ,like almost everywhere else, it's gone to seed.
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