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  1. Similar to pinooks around Sault St Marie. In that case it was pinks and chinooks
  2. I also use siwash hooks especially when pier chucking. You don't lose nearly as many lures to the bottom and you can add a small twister tail or swimbait tail without messing up the action . You might miss an initial hookup or 2 but once hooked up you will never get a lost fish to a bent out treble hook tyne and if you get a jumper the siwash has way better bite making it mush harder to throw. I've seen guys having success with the flutter spoon technique at the Whirlpool targeting salmon and steelhead. I've seen trolling spoons used but the guy who did best was using small/mid sized Williams Wablers and Sutton Spoons. Both those lures have a much fatter profile than a typical trolling spoon and they "flutter" more especially the Sutton spoon (actually known as the Sutton Flutter Spoon). The much discussed "Miracle Spoon" is another A Team winner for salmon and steelhead just about everywhere..
  3. I forgot to mention Rattletrap type baits from Spro, Yozuri, Lucky Craft, Jackal, Daiwa, Cotton Cordel. They not only work but cast a mile. I've seen Americans on TV catch inshore salmon on soft plastic minnows from Berkley as well. I'm trying soft plastic swimbaits this year because I know they work for big Steelhead and usually salmon and steelhead will hit similar lures. Again put a heavy jighead on a swimbait and not only does it cast far it also hugs the bottom which is where chinooks often linger when they are not jumping
  4. Lots of lures for salmon that work as well or better than J13's. They cast better as well. Lymans, Fast Tracks, Husky Jerks, Tail Dancers, Shad Raps, Reef Runners as well as virtually all of the Japanese jerkbaits like Lucky Craft Pointers, Slender Pointers, Staysees, Bevy Shad 75, Jackal Squad Minnows, Squirrel 79, Evergeen Sledges, Megabass Leviathons, Yozuri Flatside Minnow, Hardcore75/90shallow and divers, Live Target Smelt, Jointed and Perch. Crankbaits work too, like Wiggle warts, Mag warts, Flat warts,Big O, Hot Shot 20,25 30,Wordens Fat Fish Flat fish/Kwikfish. The list goes on and on. The downside is they all cost money and lots of it but J13 are now $12-$13, Moonshines are $8-$9 too. but if you are only firing out J13 and some spoons you are not really trying that hard.
  5. If you have identical trolling spoons double them up using as small an "O" ring as you can manage and with your fav colour exosed. They will then be heavy enough to cast and they will also rattle a bit. Downside is that a breakoff will be expensive. I used to do this with some trolling spoons but also with Williams Wabblers which are a tad light for long distance chucking. In my experience the best salmon lures these days are Moonshine casting spoons, especially the Bloody Nose colour and the Chartruse Tiger colour. They both glow blue when lit. Sometimes they like the smaller triangle style other times the traditional Canadian spoon pattern. The glow lasts a long time when you flash on them but as usual they are good so they are also expensive. Sail probably still has some. I'm now in St Catherines and so far I've not seen much happening here but Bronte had fish last week. As far as crankbaits and jointed baits like J13 or Fast Tracks putting some glow paint on the bottom helps salmon find them at night. They can find unlit ones with their lateral line but some visual targeting helps too. What really helps most is cold water and stained water, then they will find whatever you throw at them and you will be into them by double digits. It's coming any time now.
  6. Hi Cuzza. I'm going to be in Oakville on Tuesday (tomorrow). Interested in the shirts. fire me your phone number and I will call to make arrangements or you can call me at 647-951-9142 (free call from Oakville) thanks Paul
  7. This got me thinking of Borat, the movie, lol. On a more serious note I'm told that if attacked by a black bear you should fight back as hard as you can With grizzlys you should play dead (or is that you are dead?) Either way avoid bears and be really carefull of garbage when in the outdoors.
  8. Very cool vid. Surprised there's no Drum or Trout as I've caught both of those species in the upper by the Chinese restaurant/bridge.
  9. I just bought a salmon net or I would be all over yours. If you still have the shirts I might grab them from you next week when I'm in Oakville. remember it takes 1800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for 1 tee shirt (not that those shirts are cotton) (and those are American gallons, lol)
  10. Good net for the pier. If those shirts are the ones made in Jordan they are very nice if you don't mind used clothing (even actresses going on the Oscars red carpet frequently wear used gowns. Vintage designer ones they call them)
  11. Fishing from an inflatable for salmon is the best fishing possible here in Ontario. Except for the inflatable part. Salmon thrash at the boat so be very carefull of how you end the fight or an errant hook could be catastrophic. For some reason authorities around Ontario have become obsessive about night fishing. It's getting banned everywhere including here in St Catherines.. Mainly they do it by banning parking overnight. Unfortunately nighttime fishing for salmon is by far the most successful method. Killjoys.
  12. That's good news because I've always been told that salmon can't survive on smelt. I bet it makes for a way tastier flesh on them as well. Thornbury here I come,lol
  13. On many occasions I let my girlfriend drive if I had been drinking. O'Leary is a wine buff so it is not out of the question that he let his wife drive home, assuming she was not drinking, which the breath analizer confirmed. This would be sensible, responsible and therefore could have been the case. Personally I find O'Leary unbearable as a tv personality but that is not a crime (but maybe it should be, lol)
  14. Thank goodness I have my Hobie or there would be no salmon fishing for me this fall. As I said in another post high water has ruined all of the places I fish in spring/summer. Even impoundments like Montsberg are unfishable, not so much because of water levels but because the precipitation has washed fertalizer/cow poop into the water causing massive overgrowth of weeds. It basically sucks right now.
  15. That's a lure knocker. I think the angler Timmy Horton sells them on his website. The knot was NOT a Palomar knot. The lure knocker is a great solution out of a boat or in the situation shown here. I don't think most snag situations you would get into on the Niagara would be solved by this device. If fishing from a boat I would say you would be past the snag too fast and from shore you would most likely be much further out from shore to use this effectively
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