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  1. reminisient of the old Helin " Fishcake " but they didn't have legs, are they maybe added on later?
  2. looks like the honeymoon is over and Obama is game for political comedians
  3. Walmart on Fourth Ave. in St. Catherines, the brand name was GOYA Golden Hominy. I see you carp guys soak maize, this is like presoaked maize , actually the kernels are bigger than normal, swollen and the hull is shed.
  4. My wife is from the southern states, we were at Walmart looking in the grocery section and she picks up a couple of cans of this Hominy, kinda like half popped corn in salt water or kinda reminds me of drano cured single salmon eggs too. ( Actually I googled it and the process for making it is similar, yuck ) As far as food it really wasn't my cup of tea but kept thinking this would be dynamite carp bait, has anyone ever tried using it?
  5. Haven't seen it in years but there used to be a product called " Naval Jelly " that was the cat's meow when it came to removing rust.
  6. gone over pretty much to wide gap up eye style hooks and use a snell knot http://www.steelheader.net/knots/whip_finish.htm improved clinch elsewhere, but I use low tech mono (ie. cheap ) lines
  7. Backtracked a bit on the previous link I posted, tons of pics of old Canadian/Ontario lures here, a few remember from my dad's tackle box http://www.picturetrail.com/muskokasun
  8. The first one is an automatic fly reel. Oldtimers may remember the Canadian AL&W tackle company. Seems that reel was made offshore and imported by them, seeing it is stamped made in Japan. Some may find this link interesting: http://ontariolures.com/lurecompanies/allcocklaight.html
  9. I'd say head to Long Point Bay, would be your biggest bang per mile travelled.
  10. this is the greylag/canada cross from Forty Creek, he has been there a few years now, sired a few offspring I think
  11. These guys interbreed with a Canada's , we've got a couple down at the mouth of Forty Mile Creek, then things really get interesting hence my former Heinz 57 comment http://www.flickr.com/groups/hybridbirds/d...57601783757808/
  12. It is a domestic goose , looks like it has a lot of Greylag Goose in it, maybe something else, Heinz 57 of the goose world.
  13. There was a time when a quickstrike rig with 2 trebles would get you in trouble, more than 4 hooks. Trebles were only deemed to be a single hook when part of a lure. So as to circumvent this ruling there was a practice of putting a bead and a small willowleaf blade on a quickstrike with 2 trebles making it a lure. Maybe some other older members may remember this and it still may be the case .
  14. My go to lure for yellow pickerel on Erie has been jointed Canadian Wigglers, firetiger, chartreuse/green or Jack of Diamonds. You can hang half a crawler off the front treble if things are slow.
  15. I replaced one back in the 80's, length is critical when getting a replacement, too short is an obvious problem but as it is not very flexible you can't just coil up any extra, get the same size exactly. I remember I had to lift the engine, used a chain fall from the rafters of the garage, hope you have enough clearance to get the job done without this step.
  16. sucker spawning time , black bears like to fish too
  17. dave524


    Remembering back to Toronto Star Salmon Derby, would have been August probably 83 , I was out Bronte near the Shell Pier, I got in just in time when a similar front hit suddenly and quickly. Lots of small boats were a long ways out from Bronte to Port Credit, many were swamped and equipment lost. I don't recall if any lives were lost but that was only due to the fact that we had a lot of larger charter boats in those days that helped in the rescue. Everyone learned a big lesson that day. I think it was referred to as " Black Friday " for years after . Anyone who was out in it would have it permanently etched into their mind.
  18. The original Rapala's came in gold or silver, blue came along later. Normark , Canada was founded in 1965 according to this. http://books.google.ca/books?id=nimoGOo2GP...lt&resnum=1
  19. Remember buying a Rapala in a box like that at Tower's in St Catharines, they were new in Canada and were getting rave reviews, I was in high school and $2 was a lot for a lure, would have been mid sixties.
  20. Going back 40 years they used to sell a plastic duckling lure with a couple of spinner blades for feet and some trebles on it. Believe there was also a muskrat looking lure as well. Edit: found a pic of the duckling http://cgi.ebay.com/CREE-DUK-VINTAGE-BROWN...%3A1%7C294%3A50
  21. I have been wearing Aspex Eyewear Easy Clips for probably 6 years now. I think my last set of frames were under a $100 including the polarized clip-ons. These are not your normal clips , the accessory sunglass lens fits extremely close to the perscription lens so that you or others are not aware that they are not just sunglasses. This closeness causes the only downside in that if a drop of sweat from your brow gets into the tight space between the lenses if spreads to about the size of a quarter necessitating you dry them or suffer blurry vision in that eye , hope you understand what I am meaning. Check them out here, it is the best solution I have found for aging eyesight/polarized lenses. http://www.aspexeyewear.com/
  22. Just a guess, I think you might mean Oxtongue Lake . It might be clear the end of the month.
  23. this thread reminded me of a video i saw on Utube but it wasn't just a limey angler it was in England . Same Muskie / Pike controversy
  24. Anyone one likes Blues/Rock along the lines of Cream , Led Zep, Rory Gallagher, Alvin Lee , TYA , SRV , Jeff Beck, Hendrix that sort of stuff, really needs to check out who I think is the best of the young guitar heroes, Joe Bonamassa, try his double live album " Live from Nowhere in Particular " got to see him live at Brock University last fall . I'm 59 and got to see some of the greats of the late sixties and he's as good as anybody ever was in my opinion. Blues Deluxe
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