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  1. Thanks but I DID speak with Paul but he is recovering from surgery on his hand is "out of Commission" except for very minor jobs Thanks Mike
  2. Going to take the boat to an authorized Sylvan/Smokercraft dealer for a quote soon. When I talked to them by phone they mentioned ordering a new keel . Will post when I know more Mike
  3. luckily no one was hurt! Just my SIL 's pride! Mike
  4. Thanks Dave524. I did contact Ron Bankes and he informed that he is retired form that service and now does Duck Boat building exclusively I have also left multiple messages/emails with Heritage Marine.....NO REPLY as yet
  5. IMG_0850.jpg
    Was on Stoney Lake last week and found a new to me rock! Not a lot of damage but bad enough that I require some rivets to be replaced Anyone have any suggestions for a reputable repair service. I am in London but can drive a little ways for the right repairs Any help much appreciated Thanks Mike
  6. Had this problem a few years ago. Decided it was time to upgrade to Ipilot. WOW!!! SO GLAD I DID!!! It is truly REVOLUTIONARY! Feels like you have been set free! Can control the Minnkota from anywhere within range. Even the dock! Grandkids LOVE Poppa's "Magic boat!! I can have the little ones in the boat and I can "tell" the boat to turn left/go straight /stop etc. Very entertaining at least for me! Best option though is the ANCHOR button! Keeps u on spot as long as you have enough power to overcome wind or current. Mike
  7. THANKS, that is the kind of answer I am looking for. Mike
  8. Got a new FF Lowrance Elite 7HDI. Gonna mount it on the dash to the right of the steering console. Issue is I will be taking it off & on. Anyone have an Elite 7 that they used some kind of Quick release mount? Been looking at the RAM ones and they have an adapter that snaps right in on the Elite 5 but the Elite 7 uses a gimbal type bracket mount! Thanks, Mike
  9. Anyone using a propeller lock that works? Had a friend go to the lake for some fishing and came out in the morning and his new prop was GONE! Mike
  10. THANK YOU! For all the responses. Looks like I will have to make up my mind what to fish for. NOT my idea to go there, just happens that is where the couple chose and we ARE going! Anyone got opinions on a travel rod? Don't think my Musky gear will fit in my suitcase!!LOL Mike
  11. Going to Playa Del Carmen area in May for nephew's wedding. Any good fishing trips/advice for the area? I am not one to lay about the beach, would rather fish and have never been to the area. Would it be worth my time to pack a travel rod and even fish from shore? Mike
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