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  1. www.tacklewarehouse.com www.landbigfish.com
  2. An aluminum V hull would definitely be your better bet. Unless you're fishing small inland lakes or ponds, the wind around here can change quick. If you were looking at purchasing a brand new Jon and a motor, you can definitely get a better set up used, something with a trailer for the same price I'm sure. Check out Tinboats.net, this will have you rigging your aluminum boat for fishing in no time.
  3. Yeah we've got an '83 citation that's been around since néw, I learned to ride on that machine, never skipped a beat and never had to put any real work into it, just primers so she starts first pull every time. I've actually cut my new plywood, drilled the holes and what not and just finished doing the first coat of varnish today. Then I'm giving it all to my GF and she's having it recovered for me, it's my xmas present. Will be a more comfortable ride than a toolbox lol.
  4. I picked this safari up this fall for $500 strictly for ice fishing. It's a bit rough but runs and starts up mint, even has electric start. It does have a seat I'm working on getting recovered. And a shot from coming back in after a tough day on simcoe
  5. Yes I should shine some light on that. Im not telling anyone its safe to go and fish those areas wherever you please. Be sure to have someone with you when dealing with new ice, stay clear of any larger bodies or somewhere with faster moving water. We drilled many holes between shore lines and about 30 feet out before feeling confident about being out there. This time of year can be trouble, were all anxious to get out there and sometimes it causes us anglers to not totally think everything thru. Play safe everyone, the weather we need has finally arrived.
  6. I was surprised, we were just cruising around looking for lakes, many we wanted to check were off limits. We moved to a lake right by Norland, same deal, shoreline a bit sketchy looking but 4-5" clear ice.
  7. We found 4-5" of good black ice in that exact area today.
  8. Luke V kinda touched on it, but are you looking for spinning or baitcaster? I had the 2013 crucial jerkbait spinning rod with the clicking reel seat, paired with a symetre 2500 with xship that I quite liked, got it for $130 brand new, eventually they went as low as 99.99, great deal. It broke in the fall, and I just recently got it replaced with the 2014 crucial due to the older spinning being out of stock. Last of their life time warranty, now its only one year. I cant wait to use this rod, the old one was good for poppers. Also have a dobyns savy series that i love. Higher priced rods, but the way they feel are worth it. A good rod at a nicer price is the veratis 2.0 for $90. They came out with quite a few models, pretty 'uch pick a length, power and action and off you go.
  9. A newer symetre with xship is a very nice reel, and easy on the wallet imo.
  10. Won't pass up the chance to post my sled. Not the best ice fishing sled, but I'm on the hunt for one, will post a pic of it when I find it haha. And the citation
  11. You guys were pretty calm about it, I think me and a couple people I Musky fish with would have a few more words to exchange with that guy. One of them would probably have him floating with that fish. I know its not the right way of handling it, but neither is what he did. He must have been on something other than "pot" to think that was okay and funny. I really hope people will start opening their eyes with this stuff, that guy is not a fisherman in any shape or form.
  12. A couple monsters, but this thing looks like a lurking beast.
  13. Pretty sure its just water on top of the ice, it has been a pretty big puddle but today I noticed it was about half the size.
  14. That thing is sweet. This thread makes me hope I can do this one day on my own property. Hope every one has a good season.
  15. I'd personally look into the North Kawarthas, a whole lot of fishing to be done up there.
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