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  1. Just looking at the Raven Helix 9'6" Salmon/Steelhead rods, curious if anyone has any input from their experience with these rods. Previously was looking at the St Croix Avid rods, but they would land me close to $400 poorer.....lol. The Ravens are about half that, but wondering if the price difference is closely related to the quality difference???
  2. Early freeze up this year shutdown a lot of smaller tribs for me me, but opened up other oppourtunities on larger systems. Here's a few pics of some late fall spoon-fed steelies!
  3. Eazy


    Mepps spinners have proven themselves to be a top notch spinner in my experience regarding steelhead fishing, but over the past couple years I've been having the hooks break when unhooking fish. This is the only spinner that I've had the hooks break, which is very disappointing especially when they're the hooks with the nice piece of brightly colored tubing on the treble! Do any other fellow anglers have this same problem?
  4. Hi all, I know the most popular way it seems for people to fish for steelhead is to run the float on either a centre-pin or spinning setup, but for me I would much rather swinging a spoon or spinner thru a boulder strewn tail-out and practically getting a rod ripped out of my hands.....something addicting about that! My spoons of choice are the Canadian made Len Thompsons (have not found a color that doesn't work), and as far as spinners go, I'd have to say it's the Bluefox Vibrax #3 or #4 depending on depth. Just curious if there are any fellow anglers who prefer this method of angling for steelhead compared to the traditional float method?
  5. Ok, thanks for the feedback guys! Distance is paramount on the rivers I fish North of Sault Ste Marie, so likely stick with the Daiwa Whisker Tournament SS 1300. Besides, a "good baitcaster" could set me back a good couple hundred dollars!
  6. Hi all, I was just curious if there were any anglers out there that use baitcasters instead of spinning reels to toss hardware for Steelhead or Salmon and obtain equal casting distance with both. Im not talking castingheavier baits, but rather in-line spinners down to 1/4oz (#3) I just figured that a baitcaster would solve the line-twist issues associated with spinning reels.
  7. Okay,thanks guys..yah, it wouldn't be my first choice either, but just figured sometimes something "off the wall" can work wonders!
  8. Hey, just curious if any fellow anglers have ever tried a smaller version of the senko style baits for Brookies? I hear surveys that have been done and revealed that trout do seem to readily eat these baits, so just figured that maybe a smaller version, like say 3" or so would be an effective bait?
  9. Thanks for the tips!......Yah, as mentioned by other anglers, this problem seems to be pretty much secluded to Husky Jerks, as this never seems to happen with the X-Rap, and also the leader which I was using was a very thin one, but had a pretty good sized barrel swivel up front which may very likely would've contributed to the hog-tie issue! True the Husky Jerk isn't the best caster by today's standards, but I think they are more versatile in the fact that they are also a good trolling bait as well......wish they still made them in the old OCW color pattern!
  10. Well, every avid angler knows the effectiveness of the Husky Jerk, but I seem to have a very annoying problem when fishing them with leaders.... every other cast the leader gets tangled on the front treble....GRRRR! Any other anglers experience this, and what did they do to remedy this problem?
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