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  1. By Far the best Roger "BPS bassman" Its a Fisherman's Christmas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCLBaHiy-Q4
  2. Hi John we must be careful when utilizing the word "Strain", My understanding is strains evolved from isolation during glacier receding,which I am not aware this has been identified in muskellunge. Ex Lake trout http://www.fishfactor.tv/documents/Lake%20Trout-Truite%20Grise/Lake%20trout%20strains.pdf I know Bernard Lebeau advanced riverine and lacustrine ,but some biologist advance Northern Muskellunge versus Great Lakes muskellunge Much has still to be learned,many geneticist are hard at work from NY /ONT/QC/MI/ MN and WI to unravel the origins of NA populations and if stocking/introduction has led to dilution and what factors have aided or not dilution if it has occurred Here is some important notes and study on DNA and muskies "Understanding the historical distribution and contemporary genetic spatial structure of Muskellunge will help resource managers conserve the genetic resources of this important species. Koppelman and Philipp (1986) stated that stocking Muskellunge into an established population may reduce fitness by irre-versibly disrupting locally adapted gene complexes. This warning is repeatedly echoed in the fisheries literature (Crossman 1984; Reisenbichler and Rubin 1999; Miller and Kapuscinski 2003; Jennings et al. 2010). If one assumes that observations of neutral (microsatellite) genetic diversity and spatial structure are indicative of adaptive variation in the genome, even at a remedial level, then our results strongly support these warnings" https://masquinongy.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/kapuscinski-et-al-2013_mky-genetics.pdf
  3. Raf ,biodiversity (abundance of various species and abundance of species to predate upon) has more impact on growth than depth of water among many other factors such as genetics ,some great big fish come very small puddles.
  4. Good to see you guys following up on this Tom, John Crocksbury (Might be miss spelled) brought his up some years ago about crow. I agree with you ,introducing a Foreign Family that has not evolved in the same environment might not be whats best. Might create further imbalance within the ecosystem. Evolution is by far the best adaptation tool,although a lengthy process, we can have confidence that Ma Nature will evolve and assure survival of the populations. Muskie by their very nature are very adaptive, a time process will have to be observed and allow evolutionary adaptation to occur. Possibly a dip in population but the recovery will be much stronger and allow surviving YOY to evolve with the presence of a secondary apex predator. Genetic study and maintaining genetic structure is the future of fisheries management. To this day many geneticist are trying to elaborate if past stocking/introductions of foreign families have diluted originals populations or not. Its probably more prudent to maintain same genetic family structures and allow evolution to take over and rebuild more durable ,evolutionary coexisting populations
  5. As long as its not someone from Wall Mart trying to sell you a Personality ..... Your fine
  6. Fish Farmer,that ones been around the block, Must have known it was gonna win its supreme court case hahahahaha
  7. Ya i agree I'd really like to know Roy's take on Hermaphrodite FISH
  8. Wrapped in Bacon Art,best Filet around ,with a hint of fish crisp lol Joey has it right Mary's little Lamb ,Beef and Pork
  9. By Tomorrow Wayne Love my meats , this time of year love using my smoker Drifter, ya Pouding or Pudding lol But hey Pound that meat down
  10. Merry and Festive Christmas to all and a Healthy New Year Make sure you eat your meats If not!!!! No Pouding (Pudding lol) FOR YOU
  11. interesting thread somedays I ask myself why I even do this to myself The flurry of emotions that we go through in a year,during good fishing ....its glidding or sledding along, when tough...you stay motivited and motivate everyone in the boat ,when in reality your down right crabby inside and say to yourself" The next one I catch,I am cooking it" , till you catch one then its all happy,happy happy again its the way of life that kicks in,its what I wake to do what we must all realize with over indulgence of fishing,we are in some way trying to undertsand,trick other living matter into eating artificial food!!!!!!! Beyond what we may think and conceive fish and living matter have their own schedule and may not over indulge as we human do sometimes letting your eyes and ears abosrb the surroundings is where its truly at
  12. Here is various ways cities treat water Ottawa http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/water-and-environment/drinking-water-and-wells/water-purification-and-treatment http://ottawa.ca/sites/ottawa.ca/files/migrated/files/con063527_123474204.jpg Toronto https://www1.toronto.ca/wps/portal/contentonly?vgnextoid=6d1409f8e0c7f310VgnVCM10000071d60f89RCRD Montreal *Unfortunatly Montreal does not have english version http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=6497,54223577&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL They use several methods Dégrillage Floculation Filtration Ozonation Chloration we will get there
  13. Thing about it is our waste water management throughout North Amercia has not evolved to this sort of new polutants.We dampened chemical waste but did not anticipate pharmaceutical. Only way to counter this form of waste management is Ozone treatment of waste water,every major city throught North Amercia needs to implement such systems. We know more than we did in the past but far less than the futur
  14. Here some info and good read of new polutants http://www.good.is/posts/antidepressants-in-u-s-waterways-giving-fish-anxiety-homicidal-behavior
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