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  1. The storm we had in April did very similar damage 125 KM/h winds for 6 hours...many homes damaged. Not much can withstand that kind of force. I lost a tree, two fences and 14 ft wood shed and chimney.
  2. Sorry I missed it....next year for sure. Stupid job... Looks like everyone had a blast!
  3. Some of you have been questioning my new role as member here and I just wanted to set the record straight. A few months ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. But when the treatment for that didn't work, they set out looking for other answers. Given my history with cancer, that was where they started. They found a tumor on my adrenal gland and kidney. I then got severe gout on and off. The treatment and prognosis are excellent! It became necessary for me to sell off my web design business. Because of that I have a contract that says I cannot have contact with former clients for 90 days (the new owner owns all contracts now) nor can I engage in any new web design projects for six months. I have also taken a temporary leave of my admin duties here. I can't do much until the gout goes away anyway. Hope to be back to everything normal in a month or two!
  4. I received my card today...my name has NO apostrophe..lol. Sigh...
  5. Me: Hi, I paid for a new outdoors card last year but never received it. MNR: Can I have your name please. Me; Sure, it is Rick O'Banion MNR: I am sorry but we don't have a Rick O'Banion on file here. Have you ever purchased a license before? Me: Uh...yeah. Lots of them MNR: We have a Richard O'Banion, but no Rick Me: ..... Really? MNR: Yes sir, that is what the file says. Me: But that is me... MNR: Didn't you say your name was Rick? Me: It is. MNR: so are you Rick or Richard? Me: Really??? MNR: I just need to know your name. Me: It is both... MNR: Both? Me: Yes..Rick and Richard are the same thing... MNR: Not according to this sir. Me: Seriously? Rick is a short version for Richard. MNR: Well we have a Richard on file....but no Rick. Me: (Seeing I am getting no where) I am Richard. MNR: Oh, I thought you said Rick earlier... ME: No...that's probably just my bad cell connection. MNR: Ok, I can see we need to update your file, thats why the card wasn't mailed. Sir, we have your name spelled two different ways..one with an apostrophe, one without. Me: Yes, that is because your computers would not accept special characters in names back when the card first came out. MNR: special characters? Me: Apostrophes...your computers could not use apostrophes in names before. MNR: So is it spelled with an apostrophe? Me: I don't really care... MNR: What is it on your drivers license? Me: With an apostrophe.. MNR: Well it has to be the same. ME: OK, so can you change it? MNR: I don't really know., sir. ME: You know, how about I just go buy a new one and save this aggravation. MNR: No sir, having two cards is an offense. Me: But I don't have one now..so how can I be in violation? MNR: Well, I think you do have one..its just in someone elses name. Me: You mean Rick OBanion MNR: Yes. Me: I hate that guy. MNR: Pause... Ok sir, I am going to put you through to my supervisor. Me: Sigh...sure. MNR Supervisor: Hi, Rick. ME: Hi..look this is pretty simple actually MNR Supervisor: No sweat Rick, I see the problem and I have fixed it. Me: Really...cause it seemed like and issue for awhile MNR Supervisor: No, I just think that some people can't...well, it is taken care of, it will be in the mail today. You will need a new sticker though. Me: Yeah..thats good, thanks! MNR Supervisor: Anything else I can do for you? Me: No..thats about all I can take for one day...Ciao.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S Champion of the phones!
  7. I have a nine foot 25 yr old fenwick HMG rod. TONS of back bone. You don't need much tip action for spoons...just enough to feel weeds or fouled spoons. Most of the newer ones are far too light and whippy. As far as the butt...look for a longer one that is TOO long to tangle in your sleeve. Casting like you are using a lacrosse stick gives you extra yards. I use Power Pro...I think about 25 pound test or so.
  8. As some of you know, my father passed away Friday. This was weeks after his mother (my grandmother) was told to get her affairs in order since her liver cancer was beyond hope. I can only hope her remaining time is comfortable but this has really been trying on her will to survive. So it is a little quiet around my place and I am dealing with the powers that be in getting everything straightened out. As per my father's request there will be a short visitation with no service this week. Thanks to all who have been so supportive.
  9. The worse ones are the newer ones. Semi-static display over a roulette section and race track channel and they are toast. We were also told you could fix the issue..not so much.
  10. Well, we have at least six screens at work that are hard to see much on because of burnt in 'legend'. There is a reason computer monitors are LCD or LED.
  11. We have hundreds of screens at work. Most are plasma. Most are LG. There are some that are 5 yrs old and have never been turned off and still work great. If you are a fan of CNN or any of the sports news shows, don't get plasma. The sets that have alot of static displays on them are completely toasted. Burned all to heck. My own TV is an LG LCD...I do not have any blurring at all even at 60 Hz. 99% of people could not tell the difference between similar quality plasmas and LCD. Since I am a CNN junkie, plasma will never be an option. Oh..and as others have said..do NOT buy the stupid expensive cables. They do not do a damm thing. The markup for stores is all in the accesories, not in the sets themselves.
  12. Hamilton has some great staff. She will be well looked after there. Hoping things go well, kelvin.
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