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  1. Stoty


    Best fishing shoes ever! But not gonna lie.... I picked up a pair of "Gators" cause I'm too cheap to buy the "name brand". LMAO
  2. I run two Helix 7 DI units and LOVE them. Highly recommend them to anyone!
  3. Fishing current def has a learning curve.... but once you figure them out, its game on! Burnin' gas and catchin' bass!
  4. Don't tease me like that.... it's been a few (painful) years of no tournaments for me. That guy sounds like a beauty though! LMAO
  5. My wife and I were fortunate enough to have the use of a friends island cottage on the St. Lawrence River over the weekend and once again, it didn't disappoint! The SLR is an incredible fishery!! I've been going there the last 4 years now and each time it's amazing! Here are the highlights: Believe it or not... that LM is 3.1lbs! Smallie weighed in at 5.2lbs! Makes the LM look like a dink! My reaction when I landed the Smallie! hahahahahaha Video of the fight: Click here to watch Gators-a-plenty on the SLR! The wifey with a 10.3lb Sheepy! They look so similar to Smallie's under the water... we thought she had a record-SM on at first! Few pictures of the views:
  6. Due to the extremely high water on Stoco Lake, organizers have decided to postpone the tournament until Sunday, May 20. Still a few spots open! www.stocolakecrappie.com
  7. I can understand the frustration for sure, but he did the right thing by pointing out (an accidental) illegal activity that was going on. Hopefully the people running & fishing the event can understand why something was said and make the necessary adjustments to adhere to the regs. But.....Just because Bass are "hardy and plentiful" in your opinion doesn't make an ILLEGAL activity justifiable. Panfish are extremely plentiful but we have regs/laws/limits for a reason created by people that have one thing in mind... OUR FISHERIES. This is the problem with the internet/social media. Always haters.
  8. Walleye have been in the Bay since November feeding all winter. If I were you head out of Hay Bay and into the main portion of the Bay near Thompson Pt & Sherman Pt and search for active schools of fish trolling with deep diving crankbaits and worm harnesses. Match the depth your bait is running to the depth of the biggest concentration of fish. Troll between 0.9-1.7 mph.
  9. It sure does Jimmer. I live across the street from it yet barely ever fish it cause launching a boat is such a pain once the bass season is open. Heck I’ve been down to the pier at night a few times wanting to take my little guys fishing and I can’t because it’s literally PACKED. And the garbage that’s left all over the place...is crazy. I usually always choose to drive a bit to get away from the crowds. Gas companies sure love us fishermen. LOL
  10. On behalf of everyone... thanks for the updates! I live across the street from Scugog and the Caesarea side of Scugog has been clear and open for almost 2 weeks. Guys have been out almost everyday the last week and a bit.
  11. CSFL is doing the twilight event on Scugog this year, according to their website. July 14 & 15th are the dates on Rice for CSFL.
  12. It's a great lake and event! My buddy has fished it since day 1, and I've fished it the last 3 years. Always a great time and highly recommend it to anyone. There only a few spots left, it's filling up fast!
  13. lol, thanks. Just picked up a bunch more Perfect Jig heads to tie a bunch more, from Gagnon's Yard Sale! Can't wait for walleye season!!
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