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  1. Coincidence, On my last trip to the Lower Mainland I noticed that none of the major grocery stores carried farmed salmon. Wild only. My local stores here carry only farmed salmon never have wild.
  2. Lots of salty dogs on here. I think your jealous that he is probably way more successful then yourself or has a different political view. Just saying, ease up.
  3. This is one real beauty of a lake. The Bass fishing is excellent. I have fished many tourneys there over the years. Walleye fishing is ok as well
  4. I had one done at a body shop years ago. A window tint shop might be a bit cheaper in price.
  5. I really wish more people would stop eating all meat. Then the prices will go down and more for me.
  6. First I long cast the white mouse or rat and reel it in really fast. Any blowups get the follow up a 5 inch flipping tube rigged weedless on a 5/0 GWG or a 10 inch black worm rigged the same way as the tube. Oh yeah and hang on brother.
  7. If your using a come along you prolly need a snatch blok to make it work for you.
  8. How long did you have it in the smoker. I have the same unit and Im thinking about 8 hrs minimum for that batch.
  9. I would think a 9.9 or 15 would do the trick. You have to take the wind into consideration as well.
  10. The Ottawa River up by Pembroke will probably beat the old record set in 1960. Isnt pretty it rained all night really hard and more expected today. I am close enough to see the river at the end of my street. I am about 6 to 10 ft above the existing water level. Im heading out shortly to the sandbag pickup at the other end of my street. Gonna fill some sandbags its all volunteer around here people are amazing.
  11. If the lake is rocky find nice rock drop offs. Fish as light as possible a jig and make contact with bottom. I prefer to use a spinning rig light action 8-10 lb test. Drag on bottom, hop it or a slow swim back to the boat. They will tell you what they prefer. Watermelon or pumpkin seed my go to colours.. And scent them up.
  12. You need to somehow attract dragonflies. They make short work out of deerflies.
  13. I fished alot out of a Nitro Fish and Ski . My buddy owned one. It had a 150 merc and about 18.5 19.0 ft early 2000. It was a piece of crap stuff falling off and breaking all the time. He traded it in on a 929.
  14. It only makes sense. A 500 million entry fee and a cup for that in the first year. Thats business.
  15. Like I said before the NHL is fixed so is the NBA and NFL. Follow the money baby.
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