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  1. Very nice, I hope you will have a chance to use your yak more often. Storm 360, interesting...
  2. I did, most of my kayak lakes are not mapped.
  3. Usual summer spots, like wood and any other structures do not produce much. I am blind on my yak, no fish finder, no maps available. What would be best spots to find them? Some of my lakes are deep, mostly rocky. Just a few good vegetation spots on them.
  4. Bad a$$ looking! Do not scare me that winter is coming though...
  5. Like you said, Luckily it was just a small boat. I never start driving without double checking if boat is secured, trailer properly hooked up, all lights working. Maybe he tried to steal the boat?
  6. I admire you going by yourself. Damn, I have to come over with my yak one day.
  7. Thank you guys. I will definitely take a look at Shimano Compre and the Okuma. Too bad none of them on sale right now.
  8. Another great tips, so tempting ? Do you guys do weightless senko fishing all season long or just in the summer?
  9. I appreciate all the comments, thank you very much. Gognon sports currently has clearance sale https://www.gagnonsports.com/summer-clearance-sale/ Not much Fenwick selection, the only option I've found is Fenwick HMX 7’M Spinning Rod. 2-pc
  10. Interesting... From where are you getting garlic for planting?
  11. Thank you guys for suggestions. G loomis a bit pricey, Dobyns not available in Canada... Elite Tech Bass reaches St Croix Mojo Bass price point... Interesting. I am not stuck with Fenwick, I am open to ideas. The only reason I used it was that this was the lightest rod I had with me. All these rods differ from each other... I understand I should go Medium. What about tip, F or XF in my case? And lure rating, up to 3/4 or 5/8?
  12. Last week I boated > 100 fish on wacky and texas rigged weightless senkos (had a nice vacation, fished every day). All I used was 1 rod Fenwick EA66ML-FS http://www.fenwickfishing.com/fenwick-freshwater-rods-fenwick-eagle/fenwick-eagle-spinning/1363879.html Paired with Shimano Nasci 1000, 20lb braid + 10lb fluoro. Pros: Casts a mile (or 2) Very sensitive Rod itself is a fantastic bite detector. I can even feel baits fall bumps. I know, I should watch my line instead, feel it with my finger. Cons: No power whatsoever. Getting 2 lb out of a water was quite a task. Getting 4-6lber out of a tree was 10min hard job. Could you guys recommend rod for wacky/weightless senko? I love my Fenwick for its sensitivity, hate for its lack of power.
  13. Congrats, really nice truck. Unbelievable, they gave you good deal in this scenario.
  14. @Mud Dog shorter senkos, no weight... How are you getting through the cover? Is the senko's weight just fine then?
  15. Apologies for my ignorance, I do mostly pike and salmon fishing. How exactly you guys are using senko in heavy cover? I am guessing it would be texas rigged, min 5 inch long, with some (not sure how heavy) weight? Or something else?
  16. Nice outing! Where did you launch?
  17. Can you tell a little bit more about your setup?
  18. Looks great! I was never into electric smokers for some reason... How is the maintenance of this thing, cleaning?
  19. Just curious, which one you are getting?
  20. Interesting... I wish my Lowrance could do the same,
  21. Any links? The original cartridges seem to be very expensive.
  22. I would like to thank you everyone for the help. Dealing with Amsoil warehouse was an amazing experience. Very professional service, including having access to a specialist who was recommending filter options. Everything over the phone. 5min later my order was placed and ready for pick up. Ended up buying Amsoil EAOM103, which seems to be excellent choice. My motor is finally ready for the weekend! Thank you guys.
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