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  1. You even disconnected smoking, congrats!
  2. This is really nice of you, thank you.
  3. Nice pics. I am wondering how far you were from the birds? What lenses are you using?
  4. Thank you for the report. It looks like you basically live on the water during the season.
  5. Do you know which features exactly I am loosing if I do not renew?
  6. Finally! I was buying 2 of them, one for my Android phone and one for my iPad.
  7. I still haven't received my 2019 (ordered last December). Don't they use plastics anymore?
  8. ^^^ this These days most popular hacking methods are phone or phishing emails. More info https://www.webroot.com/nz/en/resources/tips-articles/what-is-phishing
  9. I am interested as well.
  10. Really nice. Did you use any telephoto lenses?
  11. mamona


    This is awesome! (I just discovered this topic ๐Ÿ˜Ž)
  12. I always use PayPal on sites like this one.
  13. Wow, I donโ€™t envy you
  14. Great tips @DanD @popofish! the trolling part - did you hire someone with the boat?
  15. Damn, everybody admires head of hair...๐Ÿ˜ Beautiful trophies!
  16. Thank you guys so much. I think will do fogging next winter if it really helps in my case. On the other note the motor was not used for couple months, staying dry since late spring. Would you guys still recommend run the motor on gas with fuel stabilizer? There should not be any moisture left.
  17. I changed it few months ago and the motor wasn't used much this season... Forgive me my ignorance, do I still need to change the filter?
  18. My motor is Tohatsu 20HP 4 stroke. I've found its manual which does not mention anything about fogging. https://www.tohatsu.com/tech_info/own_man_pdfs/Toh_MFS15D_20D_003-11116-2AG1.pdf So change both oils, use fuel stabilizer, secure batteries and that's it?
  19. Same here. Promised myself to fish more Balsam this year but somehow I always end up somewhere else. Nice muskies Hank!
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