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  1. For me, videos like that are truly interesting. Thanks to them I can see pike in action (and maybe learn a little bit). I do not mind lengthy videos. If I am bored, I just use FW
  2. I got few at Sail, all of them on 15-20% sale. Otherwise depends on your location, The Fishing Hole, JB, etc
  3. Damn, for almost $300 they better do offer
  4. I love those redheads. The heaviest you make are 3/8oz? What is the length? I would use them for pike
  5. Thanks, guys. I checked Mountsberg (the closest to my location). Is there any other spot than the dam? The dam was packed with at least 10-15 people.
  6. Hello everybody, Few weeks are left until end of the season. I would love to chase pike in rivers and canals. I do not mind driving 1-2hrs from Mississauga. Any tips? Already started exploring Niagara river and Welland. If you would like to send me any info or simply help shoot me a PM.
  7. I am looking for a boat in this price range as well. Do not you think this boat a little bit too old? OP, what are you getting?
  8. What about G3 or Legend boats? Besides similar budget limit, I cannot go longer than 15ft and heavier than 1200 lb... Everything looks great on pictures. I wish I knew how they are in reality. For example this guy with 40HP is priced at $13k http://www.g3boats.com/guide-v150-t Other ones are Legends in my range either http://legendboats.com/boat/prosport/models/16-prosport-ls/#.WNXQFvkrI2w or http://legendboats.com/boat/angler/#.WNXQLvkrI2w Cannot find any used G3s, Legends are easier to find. What do you think guys?
  9. Thank you for ideas guys Regarding Kijiji (haven't checked CT yet): for $900-$1000 I can have brand new EZ Loader http://www.ezloader.com/adjustable/trailers/personal-watercraft/ I thought it is just too much considering my needs and value of the boat
  10. I am trying to find trailer for my 10ft inflatable Zodiac (will be upgrading to 12 in the future). I do not have any special requirements for the trailer, besides hauling feature :-) Boat itself weights roughly 100 pounds. But it's a pain in the neck folding and unfolding it each time I wanna hit the water. I would simply keep it inflated during the season. Any recommendations guys? Can be used. (Boat itself is worth maybe $1000)
  11. If you have to pay for shipping it could be better idea to order from Sail https://www.sail.ca/en/minn-kota-trolling-motor-power-center-180324
  12. Thank you Art I didn't want to buy any gas powered motor because places I visit mostly do not allow to use it. I wonder if 40 will be good enough and how big distance I can make. Thinking about backup battery as well in case I run out of the juice. 24 volt requires 2 batteries, I cannot imaging hauling backup combo for it Unless I am missing something?
  13. If 80 is not overkill for 16' pontoon, I wonder which trolling motor would you recommend guys for 10' inflatable? I have a Zodiac http://www.zodiac-nautic.co.uk/boat/8/cadet-310-solid they recommend max 10HP motor, no more than 15.
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