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  1. Your post glued me to my monitor, I hate my cubicle even more now. How long was the trip? How long it took you to get there?
  2. Here is the full list of winners this year http://www.wideopenspaces.com/icast-2018-new-product-showcase-award-winners/
  3. RTD, Rod Threading Device, so cool
  4. Sure you can, it's ~$1000 I think ?
  5. Yeah, Pelican is probably the cheapest pedal drive. I love Hobie's Guardian Shield
  6. Found it, $5,300, not including taxes and accessories.
  7. 17.5HP engine, floats in just 3 inches of water. I wonder how much is it?
  8. Looks like you had a fantastic trip. I am surprised there was no bigger pike than 30'!
  9. Thank you for all the info guys, I appreciate it loadie933, what baits worked for you?
  10. Any suggestions which part of the lake would be most productive for bass and pike?
  11. Can anyone share some info on the lake, the fishing, etc? I have 3 days this week, I will be camping and fishing over there.
  12. Cannot stop staring at the photos, nice trip! Where did you catch the biggest ones? Shallow, deep? Weeds, some other structures? What was the water temperature?
  13. Any idea why the fish would decide not to bite at the very last moment? https://youtu.be/H2AXVUvmowU?t=252 https://youtu.be/H2AXVUvmowU?t=348 - this one's left eye is interesting https://youtu.be/H2AXVUvmowU?t=440
  14. For me, videos like that are truly interesting. Thanks to them I can see pike in action (and maybe learn a little bit). I do not mind lengthy videos. If I am bored, I just use FW
  15. I got few at Sail, all of them on 15-20% sale. Otherwise depends on your location, The Fishing Hole, JB, etc
  16. Damn, for almost $300 they better do offer
  17. I love those redheads. The heaviest you make are 3/8oz? What is the length? I would use them for pike
  18. Thanks, guys. I checked Mountsberg (the closest to my location). Is there any other spot than the dam? The dam was packed with at least 10-15 people.
  19. Hello everybody, Few weeks are left until end of the season. I would love to chase pike in rivers and canals. I do not mind driving 1-2hrs from Mississauga. Any tips? Already started exploring Niagara river and Welland. If you would like to send me any info or simply help shoot me a PM.
  20. I am looking for a boat in this price range as well. Do not you think this boat a little bit too old? OP, what are you getting?
  21. What about G3 or Legend boats? Besides similar budget limit, I cannot go longer than 15ft and heavier than 1200 lb... Everything looks great on pictures. I wish I knew how they are in reality. For example this guy with 40HP is priced at $13k http://www.g3boats.com/guide-v150-t Other ones are Legends in my range either http://legendboats.com/boat/prosport/models/16-prosport-ls/#.WNXQFvkrI2w or http://legendboats.com/boat/angler/#.WNXQLvkrI2w Cannot find any used G3s, Legends are easier to find. What do you think guys?
  22. Thank you for ideas guys Regarding Kijiji (haven't checked CT yet): for $900-$1000 I can have brand new EZ Loader http://www.ezloader.com/adjustable/trailers/personal-watercraft/ I thought it is just too much considering my needs and value of the boat
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