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  1. The only thing that is going to disappear with diesels in the near future is the operators.
  2. Tybo

    Hey B.

    We fishing tomorrow
  3. Avery has more hair on his face then you do on your back. Didn't know that was humanly possible.
  4. With poly. The more struts the thinner you can go.
  5. Anyone know of the ice and snow condition of this area on lake of bays?
  6. Is it possible to get a sled out over the shore line?
  7. Sorry for not getting back to people. Just got the virus out of my computer and phone.
  8. Any one up for a fish tomorrow
  9. Tybo


    I'll weld some blades to the sides. Get a quarter inch more should do.
  10. Tybo


    I'm off alweek. So any more volunteers.. Was thinking of lake of bays too. not to long of a road trip.
  11. Tybo


    Thinking 2 at latest.
  12. Any body up for a fish tomorrow. Going off BP. No walking. Have two sled and heat. No charming personality required. Need gear and valid drivers licence and how to ride a sled.
  13. I have the new dewalt like brian said. It is twice the power of the drill I burnt. The new one says 820 uwo{unit watts out} which in turn is a better system to measure torque. Inch pound torque is measured at the highest stall rating and uwo is a measurement at spin torque. What the difference is I don't know. I do know that the new drill with adaptor will cut threw 12 inches of ice on a fb3 very well and with a swedebore 6 like butter.
  14. Good to see you too B. Had to keep shaking propane tank. Try to freeze up while in use. And the microwave Terry.
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