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    I have a brand new sealed Thule Hullavator Pro. https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/sport-rack/kayak-roof-racks/thule-hullavator-pro-_-1685448 Asking 650 or best offer. Retails for 800 plus tax.

    650.00 CAD

    Mississauga, Ontario - CA

  2. View Advert Thule Hullavator Pro (BNIB) SOLD Advertiser s2k4mee Date 01/04/2019 Price 650.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds
  3. s2k4mee


    This is so sad. Praying that he's safe.
  4. s2k4mee

    The "Misses Fishes" Story & Pics.

    Great read. Thanks for sharing.
  5. s2k4mee

    Pete Maina's Squirrel Launcher

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DZy2QaDxazXg%26feature%3Dyoutu.be&feature=youtu.be&v=Zy2QaDxazXg&gl=CA you need to take the m. out since you are viewing it on a desktop as oppose to a mobile (cell phone)
  6. s2k4mee

    I want to hear about your sunglasses

    I have a pair of Costa Del Mar with the 580 glass lens. Absolutely love them!
  7. s2k4mee

    who stocks the new Rapala Concept Ti?

    The last time I was there, they had the MH only. Guess I'll check again before bass opener, lol
  8. s2k4mee

    who stocks the new Rapala Concept Ti?

    Anyone know where I can find the NT85TR64M1 (Medium/Casting) version of this rod?
  9. s2k4mee

    Custom Rods by Otterods

    Welcome my two newest addition to the family, enjoy =D Spinning Rod Specifications BLANK – Phenix UMBX-S606L-B SEAT – Matagi blue VSS FORE GRIP – KDPS with Matagi CB-K16SM REAR GRIP – Matagi EVSS16-SPb EVA split grip GUIDES – Fuji Concept SiC guides THREAD COLORS – Blue KEEPER – Drop shot keeper. Right side DECAL - Princess Limmilicious OTHER DETAILS – Blue Matagi accessories (K16LR, CBTOP, D16FR, HTWCB’s), Matagi balancer, blue woven tube in split grip area. REEL - Pflueger Patriarch 9530 Casting Rod Specifications BLANK – NFC MB 665-1 HM extended to 7’ with carbon fiber woven tube SEAT – Matagi Andromeda ECS FORE GRIP – KDPS with Matagi CB-K16SM REAR GRIP – Matagi EACS-SPb split EVA grip GUIDES – Fuji Concept SiC guides spiral wrapped to the reel handle side. Left side THREAD COLORS – Purple KEEPER – Drop shot keeper. Right side DECAL – Princess Limmilicious OTHER DETAILS – Purple Matagi accessories ( K16LR, RSR, CBTOP, D16FR, HTWCB’s), Matagi balancer REEL Custom Daiwa Steez 100HLA painted by Calfish Upgraded Carbontex drag Upgraded Boca bearings Ito carbon fiber handle Bassart Knob GRK101 Purple
  10. s2k4mee

    Satellite Question - Bell Expressvu

    you need one of these. http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=164_170&item_id=012897 I do believe bell use 2 lnb (82 and 91) so the above should work just fine.
  11. s2k4mee

    left house to go fishing

    I also made an executive decision last night of staying home today with wind gust up to 60 km/h. You can thank me now '2advanced', lol =D
  12. s2k4mee

    Pairing a rod with a Patriarch 9525

    That is where we differ. I personally would want that fast/extra fast for the added power of driving that hook through the fish's mouth. Just got to be a little more patient before setting that hook =)
  13. s2k4mee

    Pairing a rod with a Patriarch 9525

    I'd go custom. I actually am going custom with the same reel. I hear Spiel makes good stuff =) I am building my custom off a Phenix UMBX-S606L-B blank. The possibilities are endless =) But if I had to buy a production rod to pair the patriarch with I would have gone with (however they are only available in a 1 piece) http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Zombie_Rod__Tackle_Spinning_Rods/descpage-ZRTS.html or http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Daiwa_Steez_SPX_Mega_Top_Spinning_Rods/descpage-DSPXS.html Good luck with whatever you go with.
  14. s2k4mee

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA =D weeeeeeeeee