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  1. cheaptackle

    The wierdest place you met for buying

    Well it was in Orillia which I guess is weird enough by itself. Prearranged after much interweb back 'n forth n' up 'n down. Sure got some looks carrying a 2 pc 10.5 foot rod n' reel into the Bayside Restaurant. Sat down, ordered brekky. Was merrily munching away when a dubious & decrepit character helps himself to a seat at my table. All eyes on us as we chat away, me demonstrating the features, he doing his usual (trying to haggle the price down). A little later he walks out with the rod, I pocket his money. One more clue here to see if HE will admit He was there - his change was $0.01! Michael
  2. I got the same, did nothing and they did the same. Michael
  3. cheaptackle


    Coburg was female, possible missing senior from exact area according to FB page Michael
  4. cheaptackle

    Muskie Reel Issue - Help

    I did a quick giggle search for schematics for your real and got a huge amount of hits. I did that in hopes of putting a link here to help as it almost sounds like a missing spacer maybe. I can't determine which reel may be yours. I searched abu garcia c4 schematics. Maybe if you try the search you can identify the exact reel schematic and determine if you may be actually missing something. Michael
  5. cheaptackle

    FM17 Walleye Regs

    Not a balsam angler but the way I read what you posted is that you cannot keep anything 37-55 cm, above or below is ok. Balsam would be an exception to the 35-50, replaced by the nothing between the 37-55. Haven't read that section to confirm. Anyone else got input on this? Michael
  6. cheaptackle

    Best Place To Buy Lures?

    And his first one - probably learning how the board works! Michael
  7. cheaptackle

    Hot water on Pigeon

    Get that transponder moved away from the motor already! Just kidding! This heat wave had to have some effect sooner or later. Michael
  8. cheaptackle

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    Haven't tried any of the other features but I really like this look. Reminds me of the older one. Michael
  9. cheaptackle

    Golf Cart

    Funny looking 36 volt Brian! Michael
  10. Liz forgives you Brian. There's a sensor on the first tree that sets off an alarm in the house, which sets off the 3 four legged alarms, if she'd have known you and your truck I'd have been notified to get me butt out earlier but... It was great to see ya! Don't be a stranger! I've got a line on what you're looking for btw - I'll know more next week. Michael
  11. You are most welcome! Hope you can make it here - lotsa new stuff going on the walls now! Michael
  12. They are not bags - they are designed to attach to a ladder stand & swivel around. They were over 80.00 US when they first came out, I'm selling them off for 5.00 - can you say McGyver ha ha. We've been using some for shelf brackets, hanging ladders etc. Hope that helps! Michael
  13. Aw shucks fellers, Y'all gonna make me blush! Found some "new" stuff too, jest has both yer names all over it! Only one way y'all is gonna know about it...(blackmail invitation to attend - is it working?) Michael
  14. RAIN OR SHINE indoor sale Orillia (Uptergrove) at 5199 Highway 12, across from Knox Church about 3 kms east of Rama Road. Items include lots of new and some used fishing gear for both hard and softwater - has to be seen to be appriceated! More coming in the next few days as well. Multiple piece discounts on most fishing gear. Also household items, DVD's, VHS, tools, new laser printer, stereo speakers (JVC), surround speakers, summadis and summadat. Friday from 2 till 8, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 8 till at least 2. Some Pictures here: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1355386456 Hope to see you then! Michael