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  1. Out of 10 separate orders 9 were complete rip offs. Won't ever try them again and heavily recommend to anyone to stay away from them. Michael
  2. Umm...the ones I had were direct connect trickles with "overload controllers", or so it said on the package. They were the ones Canadian Tire often put on sale for 10-15 bucks. I didn't have but the one main battery attached to it, real basic setup. Michael
  3. Good cover, auto bilge & a solar panel to keep the battery topped up if you don't have power available. Back in the day Dad used to just tie the boat up to mooring posts driven in the lakebed, no cover no pump. My first job every Friday evening was to wade out & bail out the @##$%#!*&^%$ er! Try that in May! Michael
  4. Read and calculate your receipt carefully to determine that you were in fact charged the tax. Calmly compose an email to CT head office customer service. Each CT store is a franchise but they must obey the rules like it or not. It's obvious this store needs some training or a kick in the a$$. In short, you are right, if you paid the tax on the 10.00 core charge you get it back when you return the core. That's law as far as I'm aware. Michael
  5. Googled it just for fun. Neat bait. Several results from Canadian sites - the fishin hole seemed the best. That is if you don't find any traders. Michael
  6. You are a God for giving that young lad an everlasting memory! Don't be getting a big head and start with the Godfather lines - that's a demotion from what ya earned! Seriously, I envy you what you have shared with your son, do it often! Michael
  7. Value Village, bag of two 5.00. Bought two bags. One don't work here but then works there. Keep moving them around. 'nuff said. Michael
  8. You may also want to give some topwater lures a try, hula popper style, jitterbug, whopper plopper, buzzbait etc. Keeps you up out of the hazards and still attracts strikes. Many have good weight to cast fairly distant. Michael
  9. Yup a pic would have been best. Not sure how big a CX5 is but it could have been a 10-14 ft tinny (common) or even a jon boat, to some sort of RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) or even a blown up inflatable (not as likely). The options are only limited to what could be put on the roof racks and tied down, sometimes (yeah right!) without regard to what might be practical and safe up there. The only way to find out for sure now is to start scrolling through boat pics on for sale sites or google images etc. I'd say. Have fun and let us know what you find! Michael
  10. Welcome aboard! If you are having fun with the smaller panfish species, the good old hook, sinker, worm and float will get you boatloads just about anywhere. In areas where there is less concern with weeds or rocks eliminate the float and drag the bait on bottom for some different experiences, walleye among them where present. There are tons of you tube videos demonstrating different techniques for varied species. It will soon be apparent why most anglers have tons of tackle, rods and other gear! Tie on one of your jig heads with a twister tail, add a minnow or even just a bit of worm on the barb and bounce it along the bottom. This can also be used with a float, varying depths to find suspended fish and adding action just by twitching your rod a bit. Good Luck and Tight Lines! Michael
  11. If it had roots it's veggie. If I want veggie I'll have salad or toppings. Burgers are meat. Sausage is meat. I am not a vegan or whatever is pc for not eating meat. I eat meat. Basic, that's me. Meat goes there, veggies go there. Never the twain shall mix until I chew 'em up! I just can't bring myself to eat plant based sausage or burgers - seems like a contradiction in terms. If they sell enough to those who want them - fine, keep going. I'll be over here wiping meat juices off my chin with a huge grin on my face. Michael
  12. You'll be able to water ski Brian
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