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  1. cheaptackle

    Best Place To Buy Lures?

    And his first one - probably learning how the board works! Michael
  2. cheaptackle

    Hot water on Pigeon

    Get that transponder moved away from the motor already! Just kidding! This heat wave had to have some effect sooner or later. Michael
  3. cheaptackle

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    Haven't tried any of the other features but I really like this look. Reminds me of the older one. Michael
  4. cheaptackle

    Golf Cart

    Funny looking 36 volt Brian! Michael
  5. Liz forgives you Brian. There's a sensor on the first tree that sets off an alarm in the house, which sets off the 3 four legged alarms, if she'd have known you and your truck I'd have been notified to get me butt out earlier but... It was great to see ya! Don't be a stranger! I've got a line on what you're looking for btw - I'll know more next week. Michael
  6. You are most welcome! Hope you can make it here - lotsa new stuff going on the walls now! Michael
  7. They are not bags - they are designed to attach to a ladder stand & swivel around. They were over 80.00 US when they first came out, I'm selling them off for 5.00 - can you say McGyver ha ha. We've been using some for shelf brackets, hanging ladders etc. Hope that helps! Michael
  8. Aw shucks fellers, Y'all gonna make me blush! Found some "new" stuff too, jest has both yer names all over it! Only one way y'all is gonna know about it...(blackmail invitation to attend - is it working?) Michael
  9. RAIN OR SHINE indoor sale Orillia (Uptergrove) at 5199 Highway 12, across from Knox Church about 3 kms east of Rama Road. Items include lots of new and some used fishing gear for both hard and softwater - has to be seen to be appriceated! More coming in the next few days as well. Multiple piece discounts on most fishing gear. Also household items, DVD's, VHS, tools, new laser printer, stereo speakers (JVC), surround speakers, summadis and summadat. Friday from 2 till 8, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 8 till at least 2. Some Pictures here: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1355386456 Hope to see you then! Michael
  10. cheaptackle

    Can you relate ?

    My (ex) wife once complained I had too much fishing gear and too many tools for just one guy. Said I needed to make a choice. So I did. For twenty years we kept in touch by cheque. Not sure if it was cheaper but definitely quieter. And I still have too much fishing gear and too many tools for just one guy. Michael
  11. cheaptackle

    licencing small aluminum boat

    Don't know the procedure but one of the many boats I've bought in my time came with an "issued" data sticker the owner got to replace what was no longer on the boat when he bought it. Transport Canada will more than likely have procedures which will get you registered. Some info here http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/debs-obs-paperwork-paperwork_boat_licence-1898.htm Michael
  12. cheaptackle


    Chad if I didn't know better (maybe I don't!) I'd almost bet it was an albino ferrett, can't see red eyes for a start and most ferretts I know of are domesticated pets. Great picture! Michael
  13. cheaptackle

    Leasing property

    IF the leases are covered under the Landlord and Tenant Act as applicable to land lease and/or mobile home communities they are auto renewing on a month to month basis ad infinitum unless the community is closed and converted (to other uses), requiring a minimum one year notice AND payment up to 5,000.00 to the tenant OR if the Landlord successfully obtains an eviction order (for cause) from the Board. Just like an apartment or rental house, hold up your end of the bargain and you and your tenure are protected by the act. As I suggested earlier, the first step would be determining if the act applies. Without all the relevant details to analyze it's hard to make a call. I can't even tell if the OP is looking in Ontario at this stage. If he is not (ie the states or Manitoba or?), different rules will most likely apply. This type of leasing can be quite painless if all parties are above board and legal, which applies to the majority of situations BUT where there isn't mutual agreements under the applicable laws all hell can break loose. Educate BEFORE negotiate would be the best path. Michael
  14. cheaptackle

    Leasing property

    Review the Landlord and Tenant Act with regard to land leases. While primarily detailing with mobile home style applications it also does apply to land leases similar to your situation. Like any laws there are exceptions, exclusions etc etc. Advice from a lawyer not affiliated with the Landlord (as has already been suggested) is most definitely a good choice - but ensure he/she practices in this field of law. There have been many situations where the Act has been found to apply just as there have been many where it wasn't. You can only protect yourself by being informed. I would suggest finding out as much as possible from an existing tenant, including copies of his lease documentation if possible, and relay all of that to your lawyer. With the long term considerations I'd advise it to be prudent to "waste" a few dollars on research before committing to a whole bunch of dollars over a long term for both lease costs and capital costs of building. Good Luck! Michael