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  1. Quick fix would be a stainless steel nut n' bolt - won't corrode, can get 'em at Home Depot, Home Hardware etc.
  2. WOW! All I was trying to do was inform the members of the policies put in place around here so there'd be no surprises if they do travel this way! Whatta canna worms! Didn't mean for this to get so political but I guess I wasn't aware of how poorly this would be taken. Michael
  3. That would have been a better plan in a lot of ways. Of course, if everybody just stayed in their home areas voluntarily then there wouldn't be a problem. It's a real catch 22, no way everyone is gonna be happy with any rule or law that keeps them from what they want to do - well thought out or not!
  4. I was against this until I saw with my own eyes how many were abusing the beaches and launches. It may seem extreme but compared to the potential pandemic spread and all the clean up required afterward I'm not so sure it's that bad. Mr. Ford calls it gouging, but again who pays the costs? I'm not posting this here for any other reason than to pass on the word that if Orillia (or Barrie or ...?) may be a destination of choice y'all better prepare a higher budget! Michael https://www.orilliamatters.com/coronavirus-covid-19-local-news/new-beach-parking-measures-are-effective-city-officials-say-2599839
  5. Survey SAYS: Better keep the 55 - I broadened the search parameters , got prices from 169.00 to 900.00 for the Endura c2 30 #, but not one has stock, expects stock or has stock in any franchise location in Canada. This makes me think (ouch!) it may be a mere mention in history now as in outta production. Might could get one of the chains BP or Cab's to order one in from the states - dunno if they could or what it would do to the price. Good luck! Michael
  6. You need an artist - make a painting and hang it somewhere very prominent! Michael
  7. Found this: https://www.facebook.com/KawarthaAtvAssociation/posts/theres-been-some-recent-conversation-about-the-washout-on-pine-springs-road-in-h/2187733058023072/
  8. Rouge River Basin and Frenchmans bay are different areas to try as well.
  9. I have seen/heard many times lately with this same symptom and they all had pictures/stories of the trailer still attached to the boat in the water. Hope this is not the case here. grimsbylander nailed the two possibilities with the easiest fixes. Worse one is gearbox is shot. If you are not mechanically inclined have it checked - should be a quick diagnosis (fingers crossed) and hope it's just the adjustment. New prop won't break the bank, that you should be able to tell yourself just by manually spinning (in neutral) it and see if the hub spins too. Good luck!
  10. Check carefully - it only says shimano on the tag not the rod...
  11. Orillia just announced ramps will be open Saturday.
  12. Drove by the Collins Dr ramp today at about 12:30, Headstart Construction had a crew working on the docks... Michael
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