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  1. If it had roots it's veggie. If I want veggie I'll have salad or toppings. Burgers are meat. Sausage is meat. I am not a vegan or whatever is pc for not eating meat. I eat meat. Basic, that's me. Meat goes there, veggies go there. Never the twain shall mix until I chew 'em up! I just can't bring myself to eat plant based sausage or burgers - seems like a contradiction in terms. If they sell enough to those who want them - fine, keep going. I'll be over here wiping meat juices off my chin with a huge grin on my face. Michael
  2. You'll be able to water ski Brian
  3. Did it a couple days ago, responded to confirm and waiting for spam. Pleased to say none yet! If it were gonna happen it woulda happened by now, so no happenin' is a good happenin'! Shoot the cat Dave, y'alls dog is a much better candidate! Michael
  4. Here's a few, they're all 2hp though. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/977800692412491/ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/564456504061531/ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/822811591438767/ Michael
  5. Brian I have seen them on Facebook marketplace and the buy/sell groups. I'll get links to you next time I come across them. Michael
  6. Cracks or pinholes in the plastic tube. Just a thought. Michael
  7. How late in the season can you haul up there? I'm guessing end of April at least. Michael
  8. Great job Jack! You going to be Dad's camera man now? Michael
  9. Don't know the product but from yer description Brian it sounds a lot like the downriggers that move cannon balls up & down automatically? Just guessing... Michael
  10. I always wondered about that - never took the time to research and find out. You just shortened my "list of things to remember to look up sometime" bucket list. I would venture to say where you live makes you an expert! I'll be more inclined to get one put in now, when the budget allows. Thanks for that! Michael
  11. Brian I am sure that some of her Granpappy's influence has to be involved somewhere somehow - y'all needs ta share in that accomplishment by knowing yer being a part of her and her daddy's life has a lot to do with it! A HUGE bravo to all of you! Michael
  12. Any type of 24 volt dc 40 amp breaker or fuse will do the job. I'd say get the breaker, re-settable just like in a house. Michael
  13. Ditto on the CAA, and I'm in Orillia. 6 years ago Previous was gonna be over 100.00/month (up from 68.00) and CAA came in at 76.00, with a bit less coverage but still what I needed. Even then I was told it was GTA claims causing the increase here. Michael
  14. Well it was in Orillia which I guess is weird enough by itself. Prearranged after much interweb back 'n forth n' up 'n down. Sure got some looks carrying a 2 pc 10.5 foot rod n' reel into the Bayside Restaurant. Sat down, ordered brekky. Was merrily munching away when a dubious & decrepit character helps himself to a seat at my table. All eyes on us as we chat away, me demonstrating the features, he doing his usual (trying to haggle the price down). A little later he walks out with the rod, I pocket his money. One more clue here to see if HE will admit He was there - his change was $0.01! Michael
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