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  1. I think i put this topic in the wrong part of the board. Feel free to move it.
  2. Work with a woman who lives just outside Woodville and was on her way to Cannington Foodland the other morning when a cougar ran across the road in front of her. She stopped, as did the car behind her, but didnt have time to grab her phone before it across the field and out of range.
  3. Good for you, to each his own. Ive looked at rods at sail many times and not once had staff come to ask me if i needed help, like a poster already said, always hanging around the desk. I am a fan of sail, always liked the stores, but they need to restructure their business if they want to compete.
  4. Was just there last week. They need to lower their prices and employ people who care about the sports they are selling. Everything we bought across the highway at Gagnons, from rods to lures was cheaper than at Sail. Gagnons is one family owned store and if they can out compete a chain there is something wrong. The service at Gagnons is also great, guys at the Sail don't even know what a Shad Dancer is.
  5. Yep, it's time to get on our lives. https://nationalpost.com/news/business-and-health-leaders-accuse-trudeau-of-shifting-the-goalposts-for-reopening-economy
  6. Sorry man, i was up that way recently and knew i should have hit the head before going for that walk.
  7. Actually, it was very likely a resident that transferred there from toronto, unscreened and was one of the first 3 residents with it, before my wife got sick.
  8. Not a sin, just that thinking needs to start changing now, start focusing on other things that are just as important.
  9. Are you saying my wife may have gotten infected elsewhere, then went to work with it? I sure as hell hope not. She got it at work. As did 23 other people she works with. The nurse and i are not saying that its all a scam, just questioning how threatening the virus really is and how many people have died of other ailments, that covid is being listed as the cause of the death. I can speak from experience as i am amazed neither me or our 2 sons did not get it as well, living with someone who was quite ill for 8 days. Makes one think differently thats for sure. But part of the video message is, if hospitals arent swamped with cases, why not open elective surgery for people who so desparately need it for ailments that are just, if not more life threatening than covid. I get caution, but its time to start treating people for other things now, resources are being wasted waiting around for something that apparently isnt coming.
  10. Ya everything flows fine, but youre right, the hose that connects the house tap to the hose reel does dribble a bit, so i will try some washers. Thanks
  11. I live on a well and just used my new pressure washer for the first time. It worked well for the first 15 minutes or so, then the rest of the time pulsed, it was really ineffective. Is it because the pressure system in the house got drained and couldnt keep up? Do gas models build their own pressure? Would i be better off with one those? Thanks
  12. As I said before, I am deemed an "essential" worker. I work in a car parts plant making parts for cars. I'm currently off as the plants we supply to in the states are closed, or just re-opened, so there are no orders yet. When I am there, I am working beside someone, on some of the lines as close as 2 feet apart, passing parts to the next person and them to the next person and so on, assembly line work. How an industry like this is essential in times like this is beyond me, but the government says it is so I will have to return to work when they need me. If I can go to work and work in those conditions, protective equipment or not, then I can trailer my boat 3 hours to an area where I will see, maybe a handful of people all day, not stopping for anything there and back. I will be using much more common sense in doing so, than the government and my company are using in requiring me to work to make parts for vehicles that aren't selling right now.
  13. Check out the Akaso V50 pro, or elite models. Very good reviews, lots on youtube. Camera and all the accessories can be had right now from $138 to $190 depending on model. Save some bucks on the camera and use your savings to buy mounts for it or lures. My next purchase for sure.
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