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  1. Island 10 does give Canadian Dollar prices to us Canadians. You have to call for prices in CAD.
  2. Thanks Moxie! I really appreciate the information. I also received messages that all talked about how great Island 10 and the fishing is. I spent a lot of time researching a drive to lake and it appears I did ok. Will write up a report when I get back.
  3. We booked an early July trip to Island 10. Have not fished Lady Evelyn before. We are mostly interested in smallmouth and walleye. Pike too, but I hear they tend to be small there. We’d appreciate any tips on type of structure, depths and techniques for that time of year. Thanks in advance.
  4. Does anyone know a place to drop n a kayak around Rocky Rapids off 118 east of Matthiasville.? I hear there is decent pike and bass in that section of the river but don’t see any access. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a place that's within a 3 hour drive of North Bay where we can fish a main lake and some good back lakes. I'm considering Golden Eagle Camp in Matachewan and Herridge Lake Lodge in Temagami. I've heard good things about both places. Has anyone fished these lately? We're looking for bass, pike and walleye. I would very much appreciate any information, or other suggestions in the general area. Thanks
  6. Could use some advice. My son and I have a chance to do a fly-in with Ivanhoe next week. I've done numerous fly-ins but never with this outfitter. Reviews are very good. We have option to go to Pebonishewi Lake, or Bonar, Lincoln, Shawmere, Lemoine, or Beattie. Looking at Pebonishewi because it has bass, walleye and pike. Others only walleye and pike. If anyone has fished with Air Ivanhoe and can point us to a good lake from this group we'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  7. I've been fishing Kashagawigamog, Canning and other lakes in the chain for over 20 years. In last few years I've seen a decline in the walleye fishing. I'm wondering if others have seen the same thing. Bass and muskie continue to be good, but all my usual walleye spots have slowed way down or completely dried up. I've heard the gravel in the spawning area up on the drag river in Halliburton is covered in moss and that may be affecting the walleye spawn. If any others who fish the lakes have any thoughts I'd love to hear from you. Maybe a group of us can do something to improve things?
  8. Hi, I'm picking my son up from Guelph and taking him to a summer camp job in Blind River. I don't know the area well and we are looking into a fishing camp to spend a few days in early June. Looking for pike and walleye as bass won't be open. Marten Lake Lodge, Agnew Lake and Island Lake Camp have been recommended. Also looking at Brennan Lodge on North Channel. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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