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  1. The gutless frog and shuffler with hook in weedless position and in hooking position after a strike!
  2. Great looking flies bud. Heres a few of my bass fly ties. First is the gutless frog, next tube clouser minnows, next perch clousers for pike, then the foam plipper,a popper with a lip! Last is the Shuffler . A foam fly from an australian design. Totally weedless and an awsome swiming action! Cheers
  3. Brian, you never cease to amaze me! Awsome!
  4. Hi all. So what is your prefered gear oil? Im running a Honda 25 tiller!
  5. Came up with the idea last summer when my buddy told me he missed having a pedal with his pd55. With i pilot! He loves it!
  6. If you wanna use the remote,pop it out! Pop it back in,its a pedal!
  7. Powerdrive 55 with homemade........remote pedal. Best of both worlds!
  8. Hi all, Thinking of going to Apsley this weekend to help my buddy open his trailer! How are the black flies? Any reports appreciated! Thanx
  9. Loony, its a 16 ft.Mirrocraft 3696 utility. Highly modified!! Lol!
  10. You have plenty of room to move your winch forward . Your bunks should reach past the transom! After moving put a weigh scale under the coupler . You want about.... 10% of gross weight at the coupler! Cheers!
  11. Aww! Shucks! Its just a n old fishin boat....... but it works!
  12. Slayer, ive got a minnkota pd55 with ipilot on the front and boat is a little heavier as ive added front and rear casting platforms plus storage areas. The bimmini folds down out of the way right in front of the motor!
  13. I have a 3696 with a 25 Honda on the back! Trolls down to 1.8 .about the slowest i need to go! Love it!! If u need to go slower hang a couple of buckets over the side! Cheers!
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