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  1. Try lake Nosbonsing! Lots of pike,perch,bass and walleye!
  2. Not in the same league as some of the previous,but my 16ft. Mirro-Craft. With 25 Honda and a Minncota i-pilot on the front,is all I need! I fish Erie mostly ,and catch tons of fish!
  3. I have 4 yrs. Old BPS auto inflate! Love it! How often should I change the C02 cylinder! No rust on it ,looks great??
  4. Hey Bunk, what is your preferred bait for gar? Lots here in Niagara but never targeted them! Thanx.
  5. Ok guys and girls I'll tell u what this sound is! It's my ex howling when she didn't get half my pension!!!!! Lmao!!
  6. Heard the same sound last week deer hunting. A fox yowling is my guess!
  7. With a shortage of shiners on Lake Erie im looking for alternative baits for perch! I hear raw shrimp works as does strips of bacon fat! What about calimari rings cut into minnow sized strips? Anyone ever try these?? All suggestions greatly appreciated!! Thanx
  8. Very simple frog, drill a 1/4 " hole through the plastic brim. Then use a short bolt. I used a plastic head knurled bolt, washer And a lock ring from a camera mount on top! Screw ur mount up snug and ur done! I keep my camera in car mode! With an inline swtch on usb cable. Camera records when u give it power! (starting ur car!!!!) cheers
  9. I tidy it up when i cant find stuff anymore!!!! Lol!
  10. I mount my camera on the visor of a ball cap! Its always pointed where your looking, its out of the way, and so light u never even know its there! In my boat i plug it into a usb power port with a longer cable (10')if im moving around. Works awsome!!
  11. I have an 01 16' Mirrocraft. 08 Honda 25,i pilot up front. My policy with RSA is an.... Agreed value of $10,000. 2million liability, 5000 personal effects, towing to shore(great lakes), ect. No depreciation till 2021.. My premium is $345.00just renewed!!
  12. Clouser minnow works for........ Every fish. Easy tie as well!
  13. So, are u saying there are no real blondes out there!! Lmao!!
  14. Oh and wrap some tape or slide a short piece of vynil tubing on the clamp screw to keep from marring the shaft!!
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