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  1. Walleye with homemade tartar sauce,and a side of very bacony Ceasar salad! Can u say .....YUM!!! Ooooh so good!!
  2. Im in the same boat( pun)! Lol! Opened the back door in my pickup last week only to find my vests manual handle somehow got pulled and..... bps here is outta stock! My friend works there and put in a priority order for me! But he cant promise anything! I hate wearing a regular life jacket on a hot day and i always do wear one!
  3. They were attached by a ...sucker like a leech and there was blood around the area!!
  4. Caught this walleye today on lake erie. Part of a nice limit of six! It had these things on all its fins! Looked to me like maybe lamprey larvae! Any guesses?
  5. Dont use steel wool! It will contaminate the aluminum and cause rust!(steel shedding from steel wool) use a scuff pad and solvent! Cheers.
  6. Brian,try going with less hackle,sizes to the hook! (1.5-2 times hook gape)Ive tied some 16s. Not fun for my old eyes. Ive also tied lots of klinkhammers in 14 and 16 lately. Parachute post are easy and the sighter really helps old eyes! Lol! Sure wish i had a river close by!
  7. First of the season on Erie. Yesterday, Out of Port Maitland. Worm harness on 20 jet . Shallow! Let this big momma go to mabe more babies!! Cheers
  8. COVIDIOTS!!! Lol! Sad but true!!Got out on Erie thursday,hope to get out again before round 2 closes the launches again!
  9. Super deal Brian! Heres my$24 Bass pro special .Made in india .A few tweeks and it works!! Lol! A few of my latest ties! Git atter! The fish are waitin!!! Cheers and happy tying!
  10. In my 69th year,and still learning! Whenever i get skunked,I just chalk it up to anotherday of learning! And have a good chuckle!!! Fish lots,watch what others do,and listen to whats said! All a learning curve! Cheers!
  11. I dont use faux bucktail only the rea stuff!lol! Clouser has an eye! If u mean a tube fly, line goes in from front of tube and out the back. Tie on hook .push hook eye into silicone tube at rear of fly! When fish hits hook pulls out of the back of the fly.fly slides up line! No damage to fly! Lol!
  12. Ive tied so many this winter it would take 20 pages to post them all! Lol! Here are some!2 Humpy dry flies, clouser minnow,tube fly,mini hopper,nother tube fly,DDH leech dry,daytime crappy candy,nitetime crappie candy,pike fly,clouser,ddh leech wet, tons more! Lol!!!
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