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  1. Loony, its a 16 ft.Mirrocraft 3696 utility. Highly modified!! Lol!
  2. You have plenty of room to move your winch forward . Your bunks should reach past the transom! After moving put a weigh scale under the coupler . You want about.... 10% of gross weight at the coupler! Cheers!
  3. Aww! Shucks! Its just a n old fishin boat....... but it works!
  4. Slayer, ive got a minnkota pd55 with ipilot on the front and boat is a little heavier as ive added front and rear casting platforms plus storage areas. The bimmini folds down out of the way right in front of the motor!
  5. I have a 3696 with a 25 Honda on the back! Trolls down to 1.8 .about the slowest i need to go! Love it!! If u need to go slower hang a couple of buckets over the side! Cheers!
  6. Those aught to gett'm Brian. Good luck! Heres a couple mousies i tied up for smelts. Havnt been out yet but sooon!!!
  7. Nice! Just bought a 3 man Frabil venture in great condition for $50 and found a free pair of downhill skis to build a smitty sled! Just need 2 cross pieces then ready to go! How much ice you got in Barrie?
  8. I have an ancient 14 footer that modified into a sqareback. Bought 16 yrs. ago for $40. I run a minnkota 30 on it and it goes just fine. I added seats hung on brackets from the gunwales. For a low center of gravity!Since i fly fish a lot, for added stability i made up some retractable stowable outriggers. I can stand and cast. Very stable!
  9. My buddy who i made it for is gonna give me areport this wknd! Then ill make any changes!
  10. Having said that, i might make a few over the winter! Wink,wink!
  11. What price would people pay for it! Ask too much, no one buys ,ask too little,you take a beating! I have no plans to market this! Maybe if i was younger! Lol!
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