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  1. My buddy who i made it for is gonna give me areport this wknd! Then ill make any changes!
  2. Having said that, i might make a few over the winter! Wink,wink!
  3. What price would people pay for it! Ask too much, no one buys ,ask too little,you take a beating! I have no plans to market this! Maybe if i was younger! Lol!
  4. Good thing he wasnt skinny dippin! Lol! Ouch!
  5. All greek to me Brian . Please elaborate!!
  6. So i get notification of a response to my post. But when i check it there are no responses! Sorry misfish and headhunter??????
  7. Thanx for the positive response! My buddy loves it!
  8. Yeah! Thought about that. Should i patent it or would MinnKotta steal the idea! Is therevenough of a market! I could refine it and make them on a limited basis!
  9. 20210817_090807.jpg
    Couple of years ago i talked my buddy into buying an i pilot conversion kit for his pedalled PD 2 trolling motor! I installed it for him and he loves the anchor,cruise control,autopilot ect. He doesnt like the remote hanging on his neck like most guys commented on a previous post! So, i put my McGyver mind to work and came up with a pedal dock for the remote! Works like a charm! You can feel the buttons click even with shoes on.very little presure neede to operate it! And you still have all the other i pilot features available! Cheers!
  10. 20210803_041526.jpg
    Just any clamp will work fine! McGyver up something like this with whatever you have around!
  11. I have a 12v,minnkotta powerdrive v2. On a 16 ft.Mirrocraft.25 Honda tiller! I fish Erie all the time! Never had the battery get below half when spot locked even on fairly windy days! The autopilot works great for trolling! Mine is 10 yrs. Old! No issues so far! Works for me! Keep the shaft clean and spray with silicone now and then! Deployment and retrieval are cake! Im 70! Cheers!
  12. Hoping for a muskie up at jack lake this year! Then moby dick! Lol!
  13. First one i caught on Jack Lake was on a Torpedo,while bass fishing! They do hit large baits at times! And yeah, it was a blast on the fly rod!
  14. 20191220_080833.jpg
    No. Just fishing a weighted clouser! Stop and go strip!
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