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  1. No razors in Welland either! Lol!
  2. Hi all,Im planning on replacing my aquaview video screen(tv screen tube) with a portable DVD screen! My question is ,will the dvd screen be sunlight viewable or will it have to have a shield on it like the old tube type tv screen! If it will need a shield it hardly seems worth the revamp! Also,will the picture now be color? Old screen is B+W! Thanx for any input!
  3. All are natursl hair! Note skin patch attached! Whatever it is, im gonna tie up some pike flies with it! Or at least try to !
  4. So its goat hair! Streamers,clousers,pike flies ect!!!
  5. Not always! Lol! I got way to much stuff, most in boxes and bags!This is actually my kitchen table! Yup,im single, no wife would allow that!!
  6. I have four packs of this hair and dont know what it is.hair is 8 in. Long +. 3 packs are krinkly and very soft! Other is coarser,as you can see! Alpaca? Yak? Chewbaca??? Help! Also what is it used for? Thanx all.
  7. Nice work Brian,.you mentioned proportions. That was a learning curve for me for sure. Especially hackles! Too litlle......wont float! Too big......fly wont sit right on the surface! Check out Reelflies.ca. an ontario fly company ! Thier catalog,has excelent pictures of 2500 their flies! This sure helped me a lot with how they should look! Check it out ! Cheers!
  8. Starsky's in Hamilton had smoked eel several yrs. ago! Pricy!!!!! 32.00 lb. They have a store in Missisauga too!
  9. I was at my buddy's trailer last week for some fall Crappies on Jack Lake. Took this shot off his dock! Beautiful!!!
  10. Walleye with homemade tartar sauce,and a side of very bacony Ceasar salad! Can u say .....YUM!!! Ooooh so good!!
  11. Im in the same boat( pun)! Lol! Opened the back door in my pickup last week only to find my vests manual handle somehow got pulled and..... bps here is outta stock! My friend works there and put in a priority order for me! But he cant promise anything! I hate wearing a regular life jacket on a hot day and i always do wear one!
  12. They were attached by a ...sucker like a leech and there was blood around the area!!
  13. Caught this walleye today on lake erie. Part of a nice limit of six! It had these things on all its fins! Looked to me like maybe lamprey larvae! Any guesses?
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