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  1. I have an assortment of Musky spinners for sale. Would like to sell them as a lot if possible. Not sure the brand of the twin bladed spinners. they are well made and are heavy duty. Double 10 and 8 blades. The Spinnerbaits in the last photo are lil hustler escort brand. Make an offer.
  2. I have a couple of older Weagle musky lures for sale. Asking 25$ per Weagle plus shipping. Never fished.
  3. That rod is a gem! It has a little stiffer action than most fly rods which makes it a great caster. It's a tough rod too, I wasn't babying it. Great for fighting strong fish. It should work great on steelhead too. Thanks for the deal on it! I appreciate it.
  4. This is on the northern peninsula. Out of Canada Bay. I was fishing this morning with nothing to show. I'm am packing away the trout and salmon gear and gettin my shotgun ready for other table fare. Hopefully we can bag a moose next weekend as well. Too bad we couldn't hook up Sinker! When I get back you will have to show me how to shoot those duckies of yours!
  5. Yes those are codfish. There were some big fish caught here. They have what's called a food fishery here. It was open for three weeks and is now closed. Its open again for a week at the end of September. Normally the fish are even bigger at that time of year.
  6. I haven't posted here in some time so I think I'm due. It's been a different summer for me being away from Ontario. Back to my roots! Enjoy the fish porn. Just one more week till moose season. No place like the rock! P
  7. That really sucks! What version was it? I use the otter box for mine at work and some play that doesn't involve water. I bought a fanooki thats waterproof for on the water. It's a little bulky but for the price it works. I'm thinking of upgrading to a life proof case. The only thing with these cases are that the phone has to be removed for charging. I picked up a fanooki for 25 bucks on kijiji, shipping included. If your gonna use navionics on the water you should get one. Now if they would only make one that floats. Cheers.
  8. I've even seen pictures of Jim Saric holding musky vertically. He is the ambassador of the sport. I don't understand why the weekend angler can't. Great fish dude! Go get another and hold it however you like. It's your fish!
  9. Thanks for posting this! It gives me some inspiration that I need right now. My father was just diagnosed with alzeihemers and I'm moving to help care for him. Your one hell of a man. Life is precious and we shouldn't take it for granted. Live each day as if it were your last and take the time to enjoy the little things in life. You da man!
  10. if i'd known it was you i'd have come over

  11. Me and a friend were targeting bass that day. We were fishing a derby at Valen's conservation area. I caught this one after the derby had ended. There are some big bass in there if you know where to look.
  12. Here is a nice largie from the weekend past. I thought the bass would be shallow hiding under cover. However, I caught this one jigging a deep weed edge. She weighed in at 5.4lbs. Can't wait to get out again. Good luck!
  13. That thing is a monster! How long was she? What type of bait were you using? Hope you get many more in the boat this year!
  14. This was my first topwater musky. I had almost given up on topwaters for these fish. I have read that you will see more fish on a walk the dog topwater but you hooking percentage is the lowest with this style of bait. I fish topwaters for bass quite often. The key is setting the hook when you feel the fish. When I first started I would always pull the lure away and miss the majority of the strikes. I can't wait to go again. Good luck to all.
  15. Got out for a day with fellow member Sinker. He is a great guide. Here is a 40 incher that nailed a weagle. We fished hard and moved a couple more fish. The bite can only get better. Good luck out there.
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