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  1. JoePa

    Uncut Angling does it again

    Most of us don't realize how much money we have tied up in our fishing tackle - we keep buying a little over the years and it adds up - if someone were to steal our stuff and we had to replace it we would surprised at what it would cost to do that - then there is the boat and everything else we have - makes me think back to the 50s when I started fishing with a cork, a hook and some live bait and a steel telescoping rod
  2. JoePa

    NF. New Motor - E-TEC 135 HO

    Don't understand - why is winterizing a 4 stroke harder than a 2 stroke - am I missing something -
  3. JoePa

    Tips for buying a used boat

    The one thing about an old boat is if it is pretty old and made before 4 stroke engines were common the plate on the boat lists the maximum HP that can be used but this figure was based on a lighter 2 stroke engine - I am not sure if the weight of the engine dictates the maximum motor size or is it strictly the HP of the motor that limits the motor size for the boat - so if you put a 4 stroke on the boat do you need to lower the HP of the motor because of the heavier weight -
  4. JoePa

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    Thanks guys it is a good discussion - from the comments I think I will stick with the foam filled bulky life jacket - having an inflatable one that doesn't open is bad news - I do need to buy new foam jackets - the mice got at the ones I have - the one thing I think of a lot when I'm bass fishing in a lake that is filled with lilly pads and weeds is if I ever fell in and couldn't hang onto the boat there is no way I could swim because my legs would get all tangled up with the weeds
  5. Up until now I haven't bought one of those inflatable life jackets - when I did wear one it was one of those old fashion ones that are real bulky - I think it is time to break down and get an inflatable one - the questions that come to mind is whether I get one that inflates by itself or one I have to activate - and do I buy extra cylinders for the jackets in case I can't get them in the future - and what brands are considered the best to buy - the self inflatable ones - how wet does the jacket have to get before it activates - would a heavy rain cause that to happen - would appreciate any thoughts on this subject - thanks - Joe P.S. reading what happened to Kevin made me think about this
  6. JoePa


    Yes this is a sad thing what happened - we must always respect the water - here in Pa. thus far 14 people have died from boating accidents and the one common factor between them was the victims did not wear their life jackets - I noticed in some of Kevin's videos he was not always wearing one - a tragedy like this makes me think again about wearing a jacket - something I must confess I don't always do - if the motor is running and you fall out of the boat without a jacket and your way out from shore your a goner
  7. JoePa

    Marine grade plywood

    If your worried about a slippery deck there is a produce that would take care of that - it is called Tuff Coat - non skid coating - it is rubberized deck coating polyurethane safety coating - it can be obtained at Wholesale Marine in the net
  8. JoePa

    Interesting article on invasive 'Chain Pickerel'

    We have a lot pickerel down here - when I was a kid I would catch a lot of them using life minnows - the one thing about them is the meat is real light and very good eating ounce you get rid of the bones - they definitely taste better that a northern but because they don't get as big the bones are a pain
  9. JoePa

    Interesting product TRUFUEL. NF

    Trufuel at $9.00 a liter - holy mackeral - I can buy ethanol free 95 octane gas at $3.45 a gallon - add a half ounce of stabilizer and some 50 to 1 oil and I have the same thing at approx. $ 1.00 a liter - sounds like a ripe off - I cut about 5 cords of wood each year at that rate I'd go broke - if you use a lot of gas in you chainsaw you would be better to find some ethanol free gas and mix it with a stabilizer and oil yourself - just saying
  10. JoePa

    Marine grade plywood

    No - the part that I had done earlier isn't slippery - I used a flat water based paint - I generally have sneakers on or other rubber bottom shoes when in the boat - I don't know how it would be if the floor was wet and I had other type shoes on
  11. JoePa

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    I remember when gas was 7 cents a gallon - when you pulled into a gas station the attendant would clean your windows, check your oil, give you a free map if you wanted one, gave you a water glass and green stamps that you could trade for stuff in catalogue - the first job I had working was working at a car dealership getting paid 65 cents an hour Life in those days was much more simple - and I think better except for the health care that is now much better I use to go fishing with my uncle back then - rented a wooden row boat with oars for a buck a day - could go out in the lake and catch all kind of fish which we took home to eat - yep - "those were the days my friend - I thought they would never end "
  12. JoePa

    Marine grade plywood

    I just did some work on my '91 bass tracker - put in a new live well pump - to do that I had to remove the gas tank - some of the flooring was soft so I removed the carpet and rotted wood - the wood was all wet under the carpet - I know the carpet looks good but I think it stays wet longer and causes the wood to eventually rot _ I got some 3/4 " plywood and painted it with an under coat and couple layers of good outdoor paint - no carpet anymore - years ago I did the thing with the flooring in another part of the boat and it held up real good - if needed I"ll paint the floor once in awhile
  13. JoePa

    I've kissed my last fish!

    There is a TV program that comes on once a week down here - it's called Monsters Inside Me - it tells true stories of people getting parasites various ways - boy when you watch that program it scares the hell out of you - a lot of people get very sick and almost die and a lot of times the doctors don't know what is wrong with you until everything else has been tried and tested - what I've learned is to wash your food - watch where you eat out - cook your food - keep your mouth closed when swimming - wash your hands - the one story was about a guy who ended up going blind in one eye because a worm was in his eye - it was a parasite that he picked at a horse show from eating from one of the vendors
  14. JoePa

    Stolen boat

    Boy that is terrible - that's why I chain my boat to an object that can't be moved whenever I fish somewhere in Ontario - sure they can cut the chain with a cutter but it will take a lot more work and can be caught - also my boat is an old one so it isn't something that stands out - One thing down here if you catch someone stealing your boat or things from the boat you can beat the crap out of the guy - up there you probably get into trouble = it is a shame but you have to assume that there are crooks all over the place and live with this in mind - hope the guy had his boat insured otherwise he is out some big bucks
  15. JoePa

    Very impressive sight.

    I live on a hill out in the country - about a mile down the road was a neighbor who had a son who was a pilot in the Marine Corps - he flew a Harrier jet - this neighbor's house was down at the bottom of a hill and a lot lower than my house - the neighbor called me one day and said that her son was taking a Harrier jet up to a air show being held outside of Wilkes-Barre Pa.and that he was going to fly over their house on his way up to the show - she told me about the time that he would be flying over It happened to be my grandson's birthday that day and he was staying with me for part of the day - I told him that I had a special birthday present for him We were out in the yard looking toward the south over a lake down the road and saw this speck coming towards us - pretty soon this jet flew over the neighbor's house and over my yard so low I could have hit the plane with a rock - he circled around a second time - came over the yard and waved to us - and then headed up north - we could clearly see him in the cockpit - sure are impressive when you see them that close - I like the new planes but somehow the old WWII planes hold a certain charm for me - being that I was a kid during that war and had a model of just about every plane hanging from the ceiling of my bedroom