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  1. Actually a dog is probably the best fishing buddy - he doesn't complain or want his own way - you can call all the shots -be careful with the hooks so he doesn't get one stuck in his mouth
  2. Yes - that's true - somewhere in the bible they said there is a quote - God does not deduct from ones live - time spent fishing
  3. Ya Lew - those were the good old days - when men were men and women were women - things have gone down hill ever since -
  4. Yes I believe that fishing is good for the soul and body - but it use to be more so when you just went out in a row boat and parked somewhere on the lake and fished with live bait and a bobber - now a days with all the fancy equipment and the tournaments fishing has gotten stressful for many guys - I remember going fishing with my Uncle Herman back in the late 40s - get up early in the morning and sitting on my front porch until he came up the hill in his 39 chevy - I could tell it was him from the sound the car made coming up the hill - a couple nights before I picked a couple dozen nightcrawlers - on the way to the lake we would stop at a gas station on get some minnows - at the lake I had to get the rain water out of the wooden row boat with a tin car - we then rowed out to the lake an anchored along an island - we sat and talked - watched the wild life - and ate the lunches we brought with us - Uncle always had a couple bottles of beer with him to wash down the sandwiches We would catch our limit of bass and chain pickerel then go back into the stumps and catch a mess of perch, sunnies and catfish - it was a real relaxing day and was something I still remember - I think something went away when we drifted away from the old way of fishing
  5. There needs to be a market for these fish - somehow start getting people to eat them - they are probably healthy to eat but like so many other things people got to start recognizing the food value of these fish - if that would happen then they could turn out to be an asset and not a bad thing - good protein - people won't starve with these fish in the water
  6. Man how low get a guy get - https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/bass-fisherman-charged-with-fraud-for-allegedly-cheating-during-tournament
  7. To get sick you need to get the germs from someone - being that you live up there in no-mans land how do you end up getting any sickness
  8. I remember fishing on Horwood Lake one time - one day we decided to go out on the lake when it got dark - we're out there and started hearing a noise which we thought was a train off in the distance - we finally realized it was bugs - trillions of them - all over the place - had to keep your mouth shut or you would be eating them - it must have been some kind of a hatch going on - you would think it was snowing - then one time on Detour lake - we were staying in a cabin - in the evening you couldn't get another mosquito on the screen in the window - it was fully covered with them - some got into the cabin so we had to sleep under the sheets - yes - you got bugs up north
  9. One thing that was not mentioned is the availability of hospitals or doctors when you need them - I would think that this is more of a concern as you get older - I live in the country but not that far from a pretty big city - so I think I have it pretty good - it is quiet where I live but if needed I can drive to the city when needed
  10. Dutch01 - that's a good one Sometimes owning hunting land can be a pain - years ago a local farmer had some trespassers fined for hunting on his land without permission - a couple months later someone shot one of his cows that was grazing in a field - that's one thing nice about fishing - you get onto a lake and you have acres of space to move around in - sometimes miles -
  11. You talk about having problems with trespassers -
  12. I figure that a lot of you guys go hunting in addition to going fishing - thought you might give me an idea about using deer bones to make soup - I just made myself a large pot of vegetable soup using beef bones - boy I'll tell you something - nothing like a nice hot bowel of soup on a cold winter day - the soup was fantastic - when I butcher my deer I usually throw away the bones - was wondering if any of you have use the bones to make soup and how did it taste - thanks
  13. We have been having real cold weather down here in Pa. for a week or so - temperatures below zero F and high winds - in the mid west the temperatures have even been much colder - I often wondered how the Native Indians were able to survive such cold weather without the housing, heat and other things we have that keep us warm - it must have been really rough on them - a lot probably died
  14. Honest I didn't mean it - https://www.khou.com/article/sports/dog-puts-fishermans-rv-in-reverse-backs-it-into-lake-sam-rayburn/502-6b77c26f-bfe4-430d-8bf5-22b94b18dd6a
  15. I live out in the country and I often see guys in a contraption that looks like a lawn chair with a small motor and a parachute flying over my yard - I often wave to them - they come and go real quickly - I guess I would get pissed off if some drone came over my place and stayed there any length of time looking down at my place - if done more than once it would probably make its last flight - it won't be long before someone starts selling rockets that can be used to shoot down the drones - they can be very useful though if used in the right way - you can get some beautiful pictures which you couldn't otherwise - Amazon is toying with the idea of delivering packages with the things - there will be drones flying all over the place
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