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  1. JoePa

    WOW, talk about good luck...NF

    While we're talking about wedding rings - years ago I worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories in a group developing underwater submarine cable systems - one day I had a brazing torch in my hand and an old engineer came over and asked me to put some heat on his wedding ring - somehow he had gotten some mercury on this gold wedding ring and what happens is the mercury enters the gold and makes it brittle - so he lays the ring on the table and asks me to put the flame on the ring and vaporize the mercury out of the ring - so I put the flame on the ring and we're both watching it - all of a sudden the gold ring got real bright and it melts into a flat blob - we both looked at each other - he picks the flat blob of gold up and says - my wife is going to kill me
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/health/man-dies-from-extremely-rare-disease-after-eating-squirrel-brains - boy between chronic waste disease in deer and this case you wonder about eating wild animals anymore - we have CWD down here in certain counties in Pa. - if any deer showed up with this disease where I hunt I would propabably stop hunting deer
  3. JoePa

    Flathead Catfish

    A Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources team caught a 56.5 lb flat head catfish in a survey net in the Susquehanna River just south of the Pa. border - the fish regurgitated a 19 inch walleye after it was caught - talk about having a big mouth -
  4. JoePa

    Fierce Storm Last Night.

    I would take the wind - we are having so much rain that mold is forming on my enclosed patio and in my truck camper - it rains just about everyday - haven't seen the sun in weeks - can't get out to cut the grass too wet - just hope we get some of the dry Canadian cold air to put a stop to this nonsense - maybe I shouldn't complain when I see what happened down in North and South Carolina - there was a video on Fox showing the fire department hoses off an interstate highway because there were thousands of dead fish on the road - when it flooded the fish ended up coming to places where they got stranded after the water when down again -
  5. JoePa

    Uncut Angling does it again

    Most of us don't realize how much money we have tied up in our fishing tackle - we keep buying a little over the years and it adds up - if someone were to steal our stuff and we had to replace it we would surprised at what it would cost to do that - then there is the boat and everything else we have - makes me think back to the 50s when I started fishing with a cork, a hook and some live bait and a steel telescoping rod
  6. JoePa

    NF. New Motor - E-TEC 135 HO

    Don't understand - why is winterizing a 4 stroke harder than a 2 stroke - am I missing something -
  7. JoePa

    Tips for buying a used boat

    The one thing about an old boat is if it is pretty old and made before 4 stroke engines were common the plate on the boat lists the maximum HP that can be used but this figure was based on a lighter 2 stroke engine - I am not sure if the weight of the engine dictates the maximum motor size or is it strictly the HP of the motor that limits the motor size for the boat - so if you put a 4 stroke on the boat do you need to lower the HP of the motor because of the heavier weight -
  8. JoePa

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    Thanks guys it is a good discussion - from the comments I think I will stick with the foam filled bulky life jacket - having an inflatable one that doesn't open is bad news - I do need to buy new foam jackets - the mice got at the ones I have - the one thing I think of a lot when I'm bass fishing in a lake that is filled with lilly pads and weeds is if I ever fell in and couldn't hang onto the boat there is no way I could swim because my legs would get all tangled up with the weeds
  9. Up until now I haven't bought one of those inflatable life jackets - when I did wear one it was one of those old fashion ones that are real bulky - I think it is time to break down and get an inflatable one - the questions that come to mind is whether I get one that inflates by itself or one I have to activate - and do I buy extra cylinders for the jackets in case I can't get them in the future - and what brands are considered the best to buy - the self inflatable ones - how wet does the jacket have to get before it activates - would a heavy rain cause that to happen - would appreciate any thoughts on this subject - thanks - Joe P.S. reading what happened to Kevin made me think about this
  10. JoePa


    Yes this is a sad thing what happened - we must always respect the water - here in Pa. thus far 14 people have died from boating accidents and the one common factor between them was the victims did not wear their life jackets - I noticed in some of Kevin's videos he was not always wearing one - a tragedy like this makes me think again about wearing a jacket - something I must confess I don't always do - if the motor is running and you fall out of the boat without a jacket and your way out from shore your a goner
  11. JoePa

    Marine grade plywood

    If your worried about a slippery deck there is a produce that would take care of that - it is called Tuff Coat - non skid coating - it is rubberized deck coating polyurethane safety coating - it can be obtained at Wholesale Marine in the net
  12. JoePa

    Interesting article on invasive 'Chain Pickerel'

    We have a lot pickerel down here - when I was a kid I would catch a lot of them using life minnows - the one thing about them is the meat is real light and very good eating ounce you get rid of the bones - they definitely taste better that a northern but because they don't get as big the bones are a pain
  13. JoePa

    Interesting product TRUFUEL. NF

    Trufuel at $9.00 a liter - holy mackeral - I can buy ethanol free 95 octane gas at $3.45 a gallon - add a half ounce of stabilizer and some 50 to 1 oil and I have the same thing at approx. $ 1.00 a liter - sounds like a ripe off - I cut about 5 cords of wood each year at that rate I'd go broke - if you use a lot of gas in you chainsaw you would be better to find some ethanol free gas and mix it with a stabilizer and oil yourself - just saying
  14. JoePa

    Marine grade plywood

    No - the part that I had done earlier isn't slippery - I used a flat water based paint - I generally have sneakers on or other rubber bottom shoes when in the boat - I don't know how it would be if the floor was wet and I had other type shoes on
  15. JoePa

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    I remember when gas was 7 cents a gallon - when you pulled into a gas station the attendant would clean your windows, check your oil, give you a free map if you wanted one, gave you a water glass and green stamps that you could trade for stuff in catalogue - the first job I had working was working at a car dealership getting paid 65 cents an hour Life in those days was much more simple - and I think better except for the health care that is now much better I use to go fishing with my uncle back then - rented a wooden row boat with oars for a buck a day - could go out in the lake and catch all kind of fish which we took home to eat - yep - "those were the days my friend - I thought they would never end "