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  1. Oh I forgot to mention - it was a 13 pounder - we caught 3 that day - one was 11 lbs. and another was 11 1/2 lbs - we kept two of them to take home and show the family -
  2. I had a replica made of a Quinte walleye I caught years ago - was fishing with my grandson Konrad on a cold November day - all day long there were snow squalls and boy was it cold - it is hanging on the wall of my den - whenever I look at it I am reminded of that fishing trip - I remember the launch was ice covered and some guy threw salt on it so we could get the boat out of the bay - on the way home 401 was blocked because trucks couldn't make the small hills - it snowed heavy all the way until we reached Syracuse NY - having that mount keeps this memory alive
  3. I enjoy your videos very much - I love doing work like that but at my age I don,t have the stamina anymore - if I work hard one day then I’m sore for a couple days - l wonder what you have in mind in the future in case of a fire around your place - I read a book where a couple built an elaborate sprinkling system around their place using pumps and water from the lake - it was good they did because it ended up saving their place - enjoy the beautiful place you have - Joe
  4. you talk about mayflies - https://www.foxnews.com/us/mayflies-swarm-ohio-lake-erie
  5. Just some tips on cutting down a tree for firewood -
  6. Get a good lawyer and sue the Parks - if you feel that you have been wronged and have or will lose money from your business then that is the best alternative - just a letter from your lawyer could do wonders - good luck
  7. Some guy told me one time that the suckers gather at the casinos -
  8. Now you know how to get even with someone you don't like and have to work with him - https://www.foxnews.com/world/flatulence-in-the-workplace-is-not-a-form-of-bullying-australian-appeals-court-rules
  9. Spring means for me to start getting firewood for next year - try to get it early so it has time to dry out over the summer - burned 5 full sized cords this past winter - all out of it now - once that is done then I can concentrate on fishing
  10. For safety I always bought either pickups a full size SUV or full sized vans because they were higher off the ground and they had frames underneath - when I sit in a car it feels like my butt is dragging on the ground - most cars just fold up like paper when in a crash - a semi would flatten them out like a tin can -
  11. Actually a dog is probably the best fishing buddy - he doesn't complain or want his own way - you can call all the shots -be careful with the hooks so he doesn't get one stuck in his mouth
  12. Yes - that's true - somewhere in the bible they said there is a quote - God does not deduct from ones live - time spent fishing
  13. Ya Lew - those were the good old days - when men were men and women were women - things have gone down hill ever since -
  14. Yes I believe that fishing is good for the soul and body - but it use to be more so when you just went out in a row boat and parked somewhere on the lake and fished with live bait and a bobber - now a days with all the fancy equipment and the tournaments fishing has gotten stressful for many guys - I remember going fishing with my Uncle Herman back in the late 40s - get up early in the morning and sitting on my front porch until he came up the hill in his 39 chevy - I could tell it was him from the sound the car made coming up the hill - a couple nights before I picked a couple dozen nightcrawlers - on the way to the lake we would stop at a gas station on get some minnows - at the lake I had to get the rain water out of the wooden row boat with a tin car - we then rowed out to the lake an anchored along an island - we sat and talked - watched the wild life - and ate the lunches we brought with us - Uncle always had a couple bottles of beer with him to wash down the sandwiches We would catch our limit of bass and chain pickerel then go back into the stumps and catch a mess of perch, sunnies and catfish - it was a real relaxing day and was something I still remember - I think something went away when we drifted away from the old way of fishing
  15. There needs to be a market for these fish - somehow start getting people to eat them - they are probably healthy to eat but like so many other things people got to start recognizing the food value of these fish - if that would happen then they could turn out to be an asset and not a bad thing - good protein - people won't starve with these fish in the water
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