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  1. JoePa

    Man's Best Friend

    Honest I didn't mean it - https://www.khou.com/article/sports/dog-puts-fishermans-rv-in-reverse-backs-it-into-lake-sam-rayburn/502-6b77c26f-bfe4-430d-8bf5-22b94b18dd6a
  2. JoePa

    For you drone fliers

    I live out in the country and I often see guys in a contraption that looks like a lawn chair with a small motor and a parachute flying over my yard - I often wave to them - they come and go real quickly - I guess I would get pissed off if some drone came over my place and stayed there any length of time looking down at my place - if done more than once it would probably make its last flight - it won't be long before someone starts selling rockets that can be used to shoot down the drones - they can be very useful though if used in the right way - you can get some beautiful pictures which you couldn't otherwise - Amazon is toying with the idea of delivering packages with the things - there will be drones flying all over the place
  3. JoePa

    Cop and Donuts

    I always knew they liked donuts - https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/cops-grieve-krispy-kreme-doughnuts-lost-in-nye-truck-fire-no-words
  4. JoePa

    Death of a Boat

    I use to fish this river further north for small mouth bass by wading into the water and casting stone catties out towards the middle and letting them drift down with the current - stone catfish are small catfish that we would catch by lifting up rocks and letting them drift into a small hand held net down stream from the rock picked up - they were only 3 to 5 inches long but the bass went crazy over them - this river was at one time considered the best small mouth fishery in the country - haven't fished it in many years - there are also musky and walleye in this river - it starts somewhere in New York and flows thru Pa. and finally ends up in the Chesapeake Bay
  5. JoePa

    Reluctant PSA

    Well let me tell you guys something - for years I did a lot of camping and fishing at night being by myself - never worried about a thing - why - because I had a pistol grip short barreled shogun in my camper and carried a 38 special - you'd be surprised how that makes the difference on how you feel - I know your laws are different up there but i keep saying that someday people will realize that it is a basic right to be able to feel safe no matter where you go - The other thing I'd like to comment on is how Dutch is so reluctant to tell the whole story for fear of offending someone even if he is telling the truth - I know this is common but isn't it a shame that a person can't speak the truth anymore because of PC -
  6. I want to wish all my Canadian friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year - for us old guys who have lost their spouse things are a little sad around this time of the year - I look back at the time my wife was here with me and the kids were small - those were the real good days - but life goes on - for you young guys who have a family make sure you cherish the season and their company
  7. I have read several accounts where dogs ate something with a sugar substitute called Xylitol in it and the dogs died - this is a sugar alcohol that is used in chewing gum, baked goods and other food stuff - better to check before you give your dog something to eat - especially now around Christmas when there is so much sweet stuff around - I assume that if you own a dog you know that chocolate can also kill a dog -
  8. Came across this on the net - I don't think I would have shot this bear after all it has been through - https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/bear-in-washington-that-survived-wildfire-burns-found-shot-killed-by-hunter-wildlife-officials-say
  9. JoePa

    Record Buck

    Wow - that''s sure a big rack - https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/illinois-hunter-bags-51-point-buck-possibly-one-of-the-largest-bucks-ever-shot-in-america
  10. JoePa

    Remote car starter

    Gee - am somewhat disappointed - always thought you guys up north weren't bothered by the cold weather - thought you loved it - like they show on those Alaskan TV shows - oh well - learn something every day - keep warm - Joe
  11. JoePa

    Icy Walleye.

    Thanks for sharing - really enjoy being there with you although I'm so far away - we hardly get any good ice down there anymore like it was years ago - stay safe and healthy - Joe
  12. JoePa

    You Gotta See This

  13. If CWD was found in a deer close to the area where you hunt would you continue to hunt - this is a question that will some day surely come up around where I live - https://www.foxnews.com/health/chronic-wasting-disease-spreads-in-wisconsin-should-humans-be-concerned - The problem is that a deer could be infected and not show any signs of it for a couple months - just another thing to worry about
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/world/mom-baby-killed-by-grizzly-bear-at-remote-cabin-in-canada-officials-say