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  1. JoePa

    A Ten

    Wonder if they checked it for lead weights - from Ohio
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/minnesota-mans-record-breaking-fish-certified-months-catch-release-still-out-there - nice to hear when such a fish is released - I always put the big fish back and eat the smaller ones - they are healthier
  3. JoePa


  4. https://www.outdoornews.com/2022/10/18/cougar-killed-by-vehicle-in-dekalb-county/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=A+BIG+CAT+MYSTERY&utm_campaign=Outdoor+News+Weekly+Newsletter+-+10%2F24&vgo_ee=jpPfn0RIEa%2B4%2FDzUf0fZ%2BQ%3D%3D
  5. Why anyone would want this type of dog around children is hard to imagine - https://www.foxnews.com/us/dogs-fatally-mauled-tennessee-toddlers-injured-mom-never-violent-friend-says - the dogs have bad rep - why take a chance
  6. At the end of last winter I used up all of my firewood - luckily there are a lot of dead ash tress around so I can put up enough dry wood for this coming winter - you have to be very careful when cutting down these dead ash - the upper branches are dead and weak so when you cut a tree and it starts to fall these branches break off and fall down - at that point you better be somewhere else - the upper branches are nice and dry but I've been finding some trees where the trunk is starting to get spongy - I guess if the tree has been standing for a long time water probability wicks up the trunk and makes it that way - I burn about 5 or 6 full cords each year and getting enough wood takes me quite a bit of time - what I need to do is cut a year's worth of wood that I don't use until a year later - I have a lot of oak trees and love that wood but it takes a good year to dry properly - been burning wood since the mid 70s and cut a lot of trees down over the years - great exercise - the thing I wonder is when all the ash trees are dead and gone is the ash borer going to disappear - let's hope so
  7. JoePa


    It is one thing to cheat on your income taxes or in a card game or when playing golf -but to cheat in a fishing tournament is as low as you can get - the death penalty might be in order
  8. This year I grew 3 different kinds - N. Elba - Caribou Russet and J. Belmonda - I get seed potatoes from Johnny"s Selected Seeds - one thing you can do is buy organic potatoes in a super market and uses them for seed because they are not (not supposed to be) sprayed - most of the time for breakfast I have potatoes and eggs from my chickens -
  9. JoePa


    Two guys were caught cheating after they were declared winners of a Lake Erie Walleye tournament - at weightin they have the heaviest fish but someone in the crowd yelled out that someone else had a larger fish and it didn't weight as much as the winner's fish - the coordinator cut open one of the fish and found lead weights in the fish - he then cut open a couple of other ones and they also have lead weights in them - the crowd almost killed the crooks - these guys have won quite of bit of money in the past and now people think they he been chewing for a long time - you can get more of the story on Fox News today - man who can you trust these days
  10. Why I grow my own potatoes - I just got harvesting around 200 lbs. of potatoes from my garden - here's why I grow my own - years ago I was in a barber shop with my kids waiting to get hair buts - in the chair at the time was a potato farmer who regularly put a lot of acres inn potatoes - we were talking about the bugs that attack potatoes and the need to spray them - the farmer said he didn't have much problem with buts because he uses systemic sprays - for you guys who don't know what systemic sprays are - these sprays actually get right into the plant foliage and when a bug eats the plant it kills them - we told the farmer that the spry was also getting in the potatoes - he just laughed and say he didn't think so - but the true is that the spray does get into the potatoes - I live in the country - my place is pretty much surrounded with farm fields - this year one of the farmers planted acres of potatoes - in the spring the first thing he did was spray the field to kill the weeds - then he put down fertilizer - planted the potatoes - then sprayed them twice during the summer - the other day he sprayed to kill the potatoes's foliage - next he will harvest them with big machinery - the potatoes will eventually get sprayed again so they don't sprout - that's why I grow my own potatoes -
  11. I got an e-mail from a fishing lodge in western Ontario the other day - it said that all the Covid restrictions will be lifted as of October 1st in Ontario and things will get back to normal - that is really good news - can start planning on my fishing trips again - didn't use my Tracker boat for 2 years - hope I can get it started after sitting so long - I did add Sta Bilt to the gas when I put it to rest 2 years ago - that virus sure screwed things up
  12. The question I have is - I got the Johnson/Johnson shot over a year ago but haven't gotten any since - would that be enough -
  13. Thanks guys - seems like a lot of trouble - I'll wait until things get back to normal again - I sure hope that happens -
  14. I called the number I had for the Canadian Customs to find out what the rules were if one wanted to travel to Ontario to go fishing for a couple days - well I got hooked up with a number of different sites that kept sending me to other sites - after it was all over I couldn't connect with anyone that could answer my simple question - does anyone know what is requited - I got vaccinated over a year ago but didn't get any boaster shots since then - what is needed - usually hit Canada about 5 times a year but haven't been there for over 2 years now - thanks - Joe
  15. Just a thought - do you think that some guys are influenced by the fact that Indians can catch as many fish as they want to and by using nets so they get pissed and break the law by keeping more fish than allowed - I remember reading some years ago about a non-resident having too many bass - was caught before hitting the border - they confiscated his boat and vehicle and told him he could come back and bid on the stuff when it is put up for auction - wow you talk about harsh penalty -
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