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  2. Don't worry about bumping the thread, I'm new here too, but not new to trading. So, I have some advice for you. As for software, I personally use mt4 for windows. It's really easy to use and has a bunch of cool features for traders.
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  4. The "innards of the handle" are the rod blank itself, everything over top of that, grips, seats, etc provide functional usability as well as cosmetic appeal for the consumer.
  5. Do the innards of the handle contribute at all to the strength of the structure or is it basically just a void and filled for cosmetics? You could do one inspired by the Rambo survival knife I had as a kid. Had a compass on the bottom that didn’t work, matches that wouldn’t light inside and a wire saw that broke the first time it was unfolded. Or a flask! Booze for emergencies and medicinal uses only naturally….
  6. I keep telling Lew I've got an open seat in my boat for him anytime he wants to chase these things again
  7. Well I did buy a 4 pack of them Albert for a spur of the moment trip north. I was asked to bring a meal for dinner, I opted in for the steaks and baked Taters. However in my rush to grocery shop and get back home to pack up gear and boat and hit the road I hit the local Freshco for supplies (not steaks) and sadly they had no Russets (the best for foil wrapping and BBQ'ing imo), so in my rush I bought a 4 pack of foil wrapped spuds (I never buy pre wrapped cause I am frugal ). Then once home and still in a rush to pack up and get on the road I blew out my back and ended staying in bed for several days. Going forward when I went to use the foil wrapped spuds at home several days later I unwrapped them to split, season and butter them pre grilling I found them all to be less than edible, so I tossed them, but the unused foil was there and I had been asked to come up with an all gold seat cast in clear acrylic so I thought......hmmmm, why not. I do like trying new and creative designs in the shop and sometimes I get a winner and sometimes I don't as seen by the numerous failures laying about the shop. So there you have the background story. I do have a buyer though for the reel seat. I'll bet those big Cats down Dunnville way don't give a damn about reel seat colours. 🤣
  8. Enlighten us then... I'm certain you have a valid reason for whatever it is that you do.
  9. Perhaps you need a little more of the back ground story Albert before jumping to conclusions. 😜
  10. Kind of Trumpian in my opinion. Also a thumbs down from me. And stop buying prewrapped potatoes, they are no different that the ones in the 10 pound bag. Just more expensive.
  11. Good Lord, you're not one of these guys are you Phil? 😆
  12. Lol.. the fish are going to love the sparkle on a sunny day
  13. That's an awesome photo Lew. Thanks for sharing
  14. https://motors.johnsonoutdoors.com/parts-diagrams/search need more info to search kicking
  15. Last week
  16. It's a self resetting circuit breaker. The breaker is sized for the wiring it protect. The wiring is sized depending on the size of the load, and the length of the wire. What sized motor and wire are you dealing with?
  17. It's a Mini Kota with 40lb of thrust.
  18. Looks like a thermos block to me so it’s a breaker if it gets too hot
  19. https://minnkota-help.johnsonoutdoors.com/hc/en-us/articles/8237881282839-Installing-the-Circuit-Breaker-MKR-27-and-MKR-19 no clue, but a search by motor brand and age - thrust might help more? would a minnkota one work in a motorguide?
  20. There's nothing it to indicate what size it is. I can find lots up to 50 amps. I might just clean this one up for now and keep looking.
  21. Circuit breaker, I'd recommend a minimum of 60amp. Princess auto sells them, but I've occasionally had trouble with the cheap ones. I generally spring for a minn kota branded one when it's time to replace.
  22. Figured it is a fuse. Now I'm wondering what amps a replacement should be.
  23. Checking my trolling motor battery today and noticed some corrosion that I wanted to clean up. What I’m wondering is what is this little black box that is on the connection?
  24. I hope you are right. We have 2 older ATV's with carbs, and I run them dry every time we aren't going to be using them for a bit as a matter of course. We also have a late model Honda UTV and a Honda ATV that are both fuel injected. I never worried much about it before as we have a large tank and it's still half full of ethanol free fuel. Once that's gone, and we are on the corn gas full time I really hope it's not an issue because the bikes don't get run every week.
  25. For what it's worth in regards to ethanol in fuel I have run only 87 octane fuel in my boat for years always using the appropriate amount of fuel stabilizer. As I noted earlier in this thread last year I was running a good portion of the year on three year old fuel. So yesterday I changed the filter on the fuel/water separator that had approximately 100 hours of use over the last couple of years. Given the difficulty I had in removing it I will now most certainly change it annually regardless of seasonal hours of use. So the point of this post is that while the filter had seen only gas with ethanol and old gas at that I truly expected to see some water in the fuel I drained out of it. The pictures below were taken this morning after settling for some 20 hours and there is no sign of water but there was plenty of sediment/dirt/crud at the bottom of the container. I presume, hope that it came from the input side of the filter thus showing water or no water it's a definite asset to have a good fuel filtration system onboard.
  26. I completely feel your pain. You might wanna try the "Coughlan's Bug Jacket." It's lightweight, breathable, and got full coverage to keep the skeeters at bay. Make sure you get the right size though, you don't want it too tight or loose.
  27. Sculpin are all over the place, just my experience that you might never see one unless you are seining your own bait. Doubt that they are the dominant bait fish anywhere?
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