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  2. Easy peasy you can do it unbolt the head slide it off the pistons get the serial number tell them to bore it out for a new set of over size rings to your pistons now put the rings on slide it back on bobs your uncle 2 strokes are easy and that’s not a complicated motor personally I’d run it for the season the way it is are you very confident with the pressure test seriously rings are not big deal all said and done 500.00 on the high side if you do it yourself that’s with the boring make a nice stand bring it inside or out and just do it get a good tear down manual lots online YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Cheers Peter BringOnAnotherThousand
  3. I really appreciate your emails, and am very happy you and your wife like the mountain lake pics. Some are are worthy of hanging on the wall. Most our families on both sides after coming out for a visit have moved here. We are only an hours drive from the mountains and as the 100's of times as we have been there they are still breath taking. I was born and raised in Oxenden and after getting married we lived in Wiarton for a couple years then move out the 21st onto a hog farm right across from the airport runway. The last Christmas we spent there It took me 8.5 hours to get the car out of out long driveway to visit my mom and dad which were less than an hours walk across the airport. The airport recorded one inch shy of 15 feet of snow that winter and I don't believe it has happened since. I remember back in the day Colpoy Bay would only freeze over once every four years or so. In 1981 upon my dear old dad's advice I decided to make the move out west. With my old 1976 Dodge under my ass (which made the trip four more times to first and foremost get my dog, then my fishing gear among other things, fish and deer mounts etc.) I arrived in Alberta February 14th 1981. Had job offers coming out my ying yang. Saved enough money to get a place and fly my wife and boys out and never looked back. I do dearly miss Bruce Peninsula. for the fishing especially, didn't matter what species you wanted to catch on any given day they were there. Keep playing them lottery tickets and I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Have a super day. picasabackground-359.bmp picasabackground-359.bmp
  4. Usually a couple thousand bucks will be enough for an engine rebuild. basically turns your motor new again. id get a transom saver, aluminum wood transoms are soft to begin with, I personally don’t like the idea of flexing them constantly. low compression equates to low power. Luckily on an old carbed two stroke it’s not going to be a major major issue until it totally blows.
  5. I wouldn't even contemplate this. I can drain oil at the end of the season, change plugs and fog it! The rest I would leave to a marine mechanic! What would this cost if a mechanic performed it. On another topic, should I get a transom saver ?
  6. Refers to "re-building" the motor. In layman's terms: Hone....re-surface the cylinder wall (where combustion takes place) by removing a slight amount of metal and "polishing" to create a new surface Re-ring....replace the piston rings to create a better seal to prevent combustion gasses "slipping through" The end result is to restore the compression so you're back to the original power and fuel economy Unless, you have a decent amount of mechanical experience, not something for DIY.
  7. Nice boat! You will be really happy with it. I'd repower with a 90HP if this motor is shot.
  8. Honed and re-ringed - Can you expand on this ? Thanks
  9. Congrats. Always something with boats. I had problems this morning with my Lowrance. That could be a potential 3k. Use it for the summer and fix in the off season. Old 2 strokes are pretty simple. Have it honed and re-ringed over the winter. Most likely never been done.
  10. Looking to do some upgrading so selling my HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch. Works great just switching over most electronics to Garmin Comes with the following: Sun cover Power Cable 2D 83/200 transducer 6' Lowrance Network cable 6' NMEA2000 cable Minn Kota trolling motor US2 adapter $600 Will ship anywhere in Ontario for $20 PM me for details
  11. NICE RIG >>>CONGRATULATIONS!!! Have a great season!
  12. Those pics are from the Bruce Peninsula....Peninsula to my back. We had no ice this year at all. I seen your mountain lake pictures and had to laugh. I had my wife have a look and she said it looks like what we hang on our walls and refer to as art. It's what we talk about if a lottery win comes along. lol I frequently see on the news the fire forecast for this season. It doesnt sound good. I cant even imagine getting close to one. Time to make a thermos and hook the boat up. Have a good day
  13. It's not perfect but it appears to be a pretty decent boat. Couple of things (and I'm sure more will come up) will need to be addressed. It's a used older boat - I realize that it'll require some work and money as I own it. One worrying thing was that the compression was off by 30 between the 2 cylinders. He insisted that it ran really well. So we took it out (Owen Sound) and it started easily and ran really well for the 15 min we were out. We will see...
  14. The one up north was pretty rough... this is what I ended up this:
  15. What boat did you get?! Congrats! Also, did you end up going to see the first boat that started this topic? Was it rough?
  16. It's in my garage! brought it home today! Thanks guys
  17. Very nice as well. Seeing that open water and down rigger is making me a little jealous LOL. It's gonna be another two to four weeks before the ice is off the lakes here. Depending on weather of course it could be up to six weeks for the mountain lakes to become free of ice. It could be earlier this year as we only received around 60 percent of our average snow pack in the mountains and there are already 48 active forest fires.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Very nice. We've had some great sunrises and sets recently also. Minus the white stuff. Here's a couple from the other morning.
  20. Just a couple kinda cool sunrise pics over looking the prairies east of town.
  21. Great show. Met some long time friends, and had some enlightening conversations. Ended up buying a new St.Croix LT stick with the new full pistol grip...hopefully it extends my casting day...before I turn to my fishing partner and say "let's troll for a while". JB's had 25% off on all St. Croix rods. Musky guys are certainly another breed. I often hear the comment on here and elsewhere..."I would never spend more than $100 on a rod or a reel". Meanwhile, I see Musky lures selling for up to $175 a piece...just the lure...lol
  22. Last week
  23. Mrs,s and I had a great day at the swap. As always, great seeing you David. Till next year.
  24. 7-mainly bass fishing. I found I had to move around a lot to get numbers. There are some real tanks in there though.
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