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  2. They have floating bubblers that help a lot with the hole freezing up.
  3. Here's a study from Carleton University back in 2013 done on Charleston lake. Pretty alarming. I posted this study back then on a Fish-Hawk thread about discarded plastics and made the mistake of pointing out that it was mostly bass fisherman by far that used plastics. Well some of the bass guys freaked out big time getting on my case saying I didn't like bass fishermen and was picking on them lol. Talk about overly sensitive and easily offended bunch of guys, it was wild the comments they were coming out with. Fortunately the owner and some other members recognized that I was just posting facts and stuck up for me. Dougie I think you were around there back then. There have been plenty of studies since then, there was talk in some states about banning them unless they were biodegradable. https://www.deepdyve.com/lp/springer-journals/exploring-the-potential-effects-of-lost-or-discarded-soft-plastic-nqTiq8ccjj https://www.researchgate.net/publication/260525998_Exploring_the_Potential_Effects_of_Lost_or_Discarded_Soft_Plastic_Fishing_Lures_on_Fish_and_the_Environment
  4. Third, and disintegrate quickly enough so it does not harm or kill the fish, not 10 years like biodegradable garbage bags
  5. No worries, I have very thick skin. Goes with my skull.
  6. Thank you. I appreciate that. I likely should have gone to PM but didn't think of it till now
  7. Very Nice! Have a wonderful year!
  8. The auto correct fixed a fairly common abbreviation. But since you find offence at another word I used, I fixed it.
  9. Nice! This map works. Thanks a lot. I've ordered a copy following BillM's link last week. Should be getting it soon. Thanks again!
  10. Yesterday
  11. This being a family forum I am happy with the auto correct. Too bad it didn't correct the demeaning r word you managed to slip in as well
  12. These are the ones I have had for a couple years, but they do tend to fall off. And if you don't notice them go, they can be difficult to find again! TEN BUCKS is a heck of a deal on them! PS) I did not originally write "difficult" to find, but the auto-correct did not like my choice of words and substituted a stupid word ("jerk") for what I wrote. Don't we love technology...🙄
  13. I wear them quite often hard pack or ice they work, were on sale a while back for $10 at CTC and Costco. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/maxxdry-gripons-traction-spikes-0872519p.html?_br_psugg_q=ice+cleats
  14. My wife, daughter and I all have the Canadian tire ones. Work fine for me and the price is right
  15. Should be mandated to be biodegradable.
  16. Doug, I posted that and then remembered I know a gal that was in my high school homeroom in the '70's that lives in Rideau Ferry so I looked her up and gave her a ring and she says yes at the Yacht Club boat launch.....not sure when he's coming or if he really wants to drive on the lake to go fishing on the deeper side but guys are fishing right out in front of the yacht Club beach all the time. If they run into problems call us at.....we are at the end of that road inside the park. Give us a name just in case. She wants to know when you plan this and your name in case you call... I've sent you a PM with her phone # and you can give me your full name there so I can pass it on. Wayne
  17. biodegradable certainly the way to go on these things.
  18. The remnants that he pulled out of a lakers stomach in Algonquin Pk. Eaten or discarded synthetic bait.
  19. Wish I could help Doug, haven't been to the Ferry in 40 years.
  20. I don't think MOST soft plastic baits break down very much at all.... But here is an interesting article that purports to have a bunch of scientific research: https://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/sports/outdoors/fishing/2018/06/14/fishing-lures-plastic-water-environment-littering-patrick-durkin/700695002/
  21. I caught a bass that had plastic 3” grub sticking out its arse. It would be nice if they broke down faster.
  22. That is a Facebook link, and I am not a FB user, so I can't see it. But if it refers to soft plastics being stuck in the stomachs and intestines of fish, I reported on that about fifteen years ago, and have seen many other such posts. I used to throw away a plastic bait after it was no longer useable, like a grub with no tail, but ever since then I have kept them and disposed of them at home. Berkley GULP is biodegradable, and there may be other baits that similarly break down in water (or inside fish). If that is NOT what the article is about, perhaps you could summarize it here for those of us who are not FB folks. (Yes, really, some people are not on Facebook! 😉) Doug PS) Here is a picture from 1 Feb 2007 of a splake from Dog Lake with a plastic worm in it.
  23. So I'm trying to spend a bit of time with this little lady. And I am not asking for your secret spots, just whether access is still permitted there. Thanks, folks. Doug
  24. Easy enough and a few spots, including my point of land on the lake, that are close enough to the town launch that two trips wouldn't be a big deal. One site is even close enough you can slip over to the PPark and use the showers on the sly....
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