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  1. Today
  2. good to go!

    nah...just a light snack for us.
  3. good to go!

    That's ALOT of cocaine!
  4. Walleye on fire

    Time to invest in a hole punch so you and your three buddies can identify who's fish are whos when requested by a CO!
  5. Son's first sturgeon!

    Those scutes are razors... Teach 'em the safe ways. Leah loved her sturgeon fishing this fall too.
  6. Walleye on fire

    That's a haul!!! Salivating.
  7. Manitoba Tiger Trout

    Me too man! Just need the work done at his end to get it posted. One problem may be, that it's slower than dialup some days here in Nunavut. As for this report, pretty sure some of these pics were on my PC for two years. Difficult to get Mike motivated when it was brought up. Quite liked this write up and the fish but really, it's part two that takes the cake. So hurry up Mikey!!! Git'er done.
  8. Hide'n out in Haliburton report

    Thanks guys, it's a Hide'n out report but we actually slipped into the Muskokanees, Chuck put on a clinic, it's nice down here, I am in shorts and a T shirt sweating but my hearts in Haliburton
  9. Hide'n out in Haliburton report

    Wow Chris !!! beauty specs ... 👍👍👍🍻
  10. Ice Augers for sale

    Wow, you meant the blue mountains slop will be open soon? Lol
  11. Ice Augers for sale

    Okay.. auger is in the trunk and we're ready to roll. 10" of snow up here so far this afternoon, but hopefully the 400 is clear in the AM.
  12. Walleye on fire

    Amazing. What part of the province did these beauties come from?
  13. A few snaps from this fall

    Some really nice fish!
  14. Lovin the fall bite ,,,the boats not goin away yet
  15. Ice Augers for sale

    I told martin to come at 10:30. His number : (647) 224-3960
  16. Walleye on fire

    With these south winds yesterday the walleye bite has been goooood My buddies and me don't keep to many fish but these are heading for the table a few times for us
  17. Homestead final race NF

    I just thank you dear sweet baby Jesus that the 18 car didn't win!!!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Test pic post

    Seems to work well 😁 Thanks mod's, a much desired upgrade 👍🏻
  20. Test pic post

    Just testing new feature of uploading direct from cell phone
  21. Homestead final race NF

    Just leaving Homestead Miami speedway and it was a great race as were the xfinity and truck races Friday and Saturday. Grandstands were pretty well full today and the energy of the fans was amazing as the race wound down.
  22. good to go!

    Nice to have an immense backyard skating rink.
  23. Homestead final race NF

    My moneys on Truex JR.
  24. good to go!

    Hi all, 6" of good ice. I'll be going fishing on Tuesday!
  25. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Hahhahahaah epic! Good for him!
  26. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    I'm on mobile, different layout that doesn't show up, used to be able to click the thread link and it'd take me to the newest reply... Not any longer, if I press 95 it takes me to the top of the current page, not a big deal just wondered if there was a way to get to the most recent reply with 1 click
  27. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    When you're a goalie and you score a goal. http://www.bardown.com/winnipeg-jets-goalie-prospect-scores-a-goal-and-pulls-off-a-fantastic-celebration-1.919796
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