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  2. Not yet, I’m trying wednesday. Have to get re-tested for covid and spend even more money. If they don’t let me in I’ll have to wait until the 8th and get tested yet again! Hooray for me. ill let you know if I get the boat Wednesday. If I do I’ll be spending Thursday evening installing my trolling motor so I have a boat for the weekend
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  4. Nice. You are speaking Greek to me lol. I have no need for a plug. I find they can be a pain in the ass. Show me your set up when done. You got the boat ? Heard you had troubles with getting across ?
  5. Another vote for the sienna. I run them on all of my ice fishing gear
  6. Bring the video camera. New, OLD MAN AND THE SEA movie. LOL
  7. Would be worth it to see you bring in a Tarpon in the toon!
  8. Take me take me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,My top bucket list fish. Nice Snook for sure.
  9. AG4A8183.jpg
    Finally got back to Clearwater Florida for a couple of weeks after missing last year due to the Pandemic. We stay at a cottage near Indian Rocks beach and always get some fishing in. Outside the usual Whiting, Jackfish and Catfish off the surf I was able to get out on the boat for some nearshore for some Snook and Bull Redfish hunting. While the Bulls weren't having any of what I would throw, the Snook were on fire! Landed two including my personal best 42inches and got cut off by about 5 more as they dove and broke me off before I could bring them up. Awesome time and cant get to go back in May for some Tarpon!
  10. Hey Everyone, just got back from Thunderbay, went up for opening rifle. Long story short we had rain non stop with tornado warnings. Worst hunting weather I’ve ever experienced. This trip was taken because we didn’t get a moose tag, went to visit a friend on private property. I now have booked the two weeks off in November for another rifle hunt. I’m struggling choosing an area to go and try. Does anyone have recommendations east of Sault Ste Marie, I don’t think driving out to Dryden/Kenora will be an option. Bruce mines ? Thessalon? I don’t want to know where your best spot is.. just would like recommendations or advice thanks
  11. I just checked with the local CTC and they will price match so long as they can find the ad on line even though I offered to bring in the flyer. Time to stock up for sure, down to my last two cans.
  12. I think Chris is telling "fish stories" again. LOL
  13. Maybe try some of the resorts? Most places have probably winterized their motors by now and maybe have them sitting in a shed somewhere...that leaves a tinny turned upside down or sitting lonely on a trailer.
  14. awesome nostalgia Phish I know that island behind the tail of the plane well yes, the sturgeon are there, 20+ years ago I saw natives pull a net, on that trip too I was WOT heading west towards frenchmans ( the deep section where it's safe to run without worries, you probably know where I'm talking about), I was staring blindly towards the horizon and at 500yds I saw a 200lbs orca breach and crash back into the water
  15. It certainly is a miracle in a can. Leah's 3 carb x 25HP Honda had a miss at idle when we started out the summer. Tried new plugs and wasn't that, one carb/cylinder that just didn't want to run as well as the other two. 1/3rd of a bottle of Seafoam to her full gas tank and then one run into town had it purring like a kitten again!
  16. Any of you guys paint aluminum boat before? before I put the floors in my old Starcraft, I’m thinking I should repaint the bottom while I have the chance. I don't want to strip off the old paint though. Can anyone recommend a good roll on paint and primer? There may be some exposed aluminum after sanding
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  18. That stuff is like Franks Hot stuff for motors.
  19. 857815308_SeaFoamsale.jpg
    FYI, SeaFoam is on sale at Peavy Mart (former TSC) for $8.99 a bottle that is normally $12.99 a bottle. Oh and places like Walmart and Canadian Tire (I think) offer a price match so here is a screen shot you can save to your phone and use when needed...
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    We did a trip to Aba back in 1993 with Nakina Outposts - flew in with the new Turbo Otter and stayed in the cabin nearest the Opichuan River inlet. That cabin was old then - needed lots of maintenance - the other cabin was almost totally collapsed. I recall having a walleye blast at the Opichuan River inlet - and also in the many holes along the Albany River - especially just below Frenchman's Rapids. Like you guys, we tried for the alleged trout - especially in the deep hole out from the cabin - lots of indications on the sounder but only caught one nice VERY deep green pike that felt like it came out of a refrigerator. No brookies and no sturgeon - and we set sturgeon lines out every day. Like all "River Lakes", the levels can fluctuate significantly and we were kinda cursed with very low water that required the outfitter to build an auxiliary dock well out into the lake so the plane could get it. The low levels also made us have to get into the water and drag boats upstream. A pain but the fishing was worth it. In the attached photo, that rock island behind the tail of the plane frequently has a few feet of water over it. We had done a two week canoe trip on the Albany two years earlier (from Osnaburg to Miminiska Lake (just before the Lodge there came back to life) and had some of the best walleye days ever. Although we never caught anything big, the numbers were off the charts. And we did get two nice sturgeon - they are there. phish
  21. Very cool Brian, Down here we don't have cold water fish I need to get the darn border open again so I can see my buds to go fishing. Art
  22. NICE!!! those singles look deadly!
  23. Some very upset people out there now. IMHO the manager should also be held accountable since he/she should know that some crazies will come through the door. No way a kid should be taking the heat. The job has now become one of security vs polite seating. The manger should be at the door or someone able to at least appear able to deal with such monsters. That poor girl is doing the dirty work of gov't and the Manager and serving as bait for crazies to vent at.
  24. you took the words right out of my mouth, Sienna!
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