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  2. Do what headhunter said
  3. Mann Stretch 20's off of planner boards, 200ft behind the board and 150 out from the boat. Colour is dependent on grey or blue skies. Fish from the Hay Bay boat launch to the mouth of the bay or back in the bay near the island if you feel like casting. HH
  4. I have not been to the Stoufville location but did go to the one at Heart Lake in Brampton last summer (believe they are all quite similar) We enjoyed it - its pretty physical, and if you don't like heights not sure its a good choice. I was there w my 9 year old and she loved it. I would say we were there for about 3 hours or so and were entertained Thanks Gordy
  5. My wife is a big fan of these guys and dragged me to the Danforth Music Hall last week to catch them live. I gotta admit, I left a fan. Just a really fun band, catchy tunes and non-stop action on stage. I hope you enjoy! HH
  6. Sounds good. Thanks! Any particular size/ colour for the Shad raps?
  7. I'll be out Friday/Tuesday. Lakers and bass. Should be on fire.
  8. Never had a bill actually break John, but some would loosen up from the plastic and fill with water. It must have been an issue with them for a while because I know they were made with a plastic bill at one time. On Erie? http://erieoutfitters.com/index.php?cPath=25_85&osCsid=luti1v4qatqa49bekskrg0b2u7 They host the fall brawl here, and what they are selling for walleye lures also have to produce sales?
  9. Fished there more than a few times in Sept and Oct. and 2 of my fishing buddies go there every year for a week at the end of Sept. with the wives. Like any other fishing trip some good fishing and some poor fishing. The go to was Shad Raps. When we found the fish trolling we would drift Lindy Rigs tipped with black leather imitation Leeches or black twister tails. 12 to 20 feet of H2O.
  10. I have few Hot n Tot's in the treasure chest. I like them because of the metal lip. Easy to change depths just by simply bending the lip up or down. Never had 1 break.
  11. Dunnville has been known to harbour a criminal element. If the authorities really want to enforce the law they don't have to go far from the dam to nab a few dealers of illicit drugs and stolen property to purchase said illicit drugs.
  12. I'm almost ashamed to admit this ( lol), but I'm fishing Quinte for the first time at Hay Bay. We're staying at Bayview on Hay Bay cottages next weekend and I was hoping I could get a few pointers. Wondering if it's a bit to early for walleye as friends have suggested that later in the Fall is better. I read a post that the Uzzick spinner works great but I can't find a single place around the GTA that sells them. I'll try the usual trolling with raps, worm harnesses and some spinners. Thanks in advance, Dave
  13. Husky jerk 12’s in brown/orange for shallower waters and bandit deep divers in a number of colours work well for me. I also use a fair amount of customs painted ripplin red fins on the Great Lakes.
  14. LOL!!!! 😂😂😂 http://https://www.bardown.com/auston-matthews-pulled-off-the-most-ruthless-move-on-a-sens-player-without-saying-a-word-1.1368056?fbclid=IwAR2_fMsFC1azwCWa1TZaRz05Fdh87ozgqxnFAZ84uD7X_ZctJtjMj_nGZQc
  15. Most walleye are near the bottom. Near rocks or weedbeds. They seem to prefer a wider wobble. Like you get with advertised walleye crankbaits. In the fall fish tend to be deeper. Get what ever you use near the bottom. Use a bottom bouncer to get down if you need to. Try different speeds. 1-2 mph trolling usually. But I’ve caught them at faster speeds. Dawn/dusk is best. Even better just before a storm.
  16. Guys fishing in Caledonia have been fined for fishing too close to the dam there... not sure if the same thing happens in Dunnville..
  17. I do most of my walleye fishing current on rivers. I can't run anything more then 4' to 6' deep in a lot of cases. X-RAP XR-10. They have a nice loud rattle. Anything in black and gold. I also enjoy trolling for them sometimes, and have had great luck with jointed raps.
  18. Come on now Chris, it was Spezza's fault, he should have know it was coming lol.
  19. Has anybody tried the tree top trekking in Stouffville? How was it? Is there enough to do there to spend a few hours?
  20. Fuel pump? You mean primer bulb or? IMO rubber is in higher demand these days so manufacturers are cheaping out adding vinyl to it. This along with ethanol in the 'new' gasoline deteriorates the fuel hose easier. At the age the motor is you need replace the hoses, bulb completely. Oh and change the fuel filter also since it may have the wee black flecks from fuel line deterioration in it. If no fuel filter there then drop the carb bowl(s) to clean em out along with the hole in the jet by unscrewing the bolt up over the bowl. What I'd do.
  21. Lots of Berkeley Flicker Minnows and Flicker Shads in my boxes. They've been very productive trolling on Erie and casting on inland lakes for a variety of species and the price is right! Way to many overpriced baits out there and these perform just as well for $6 Josh
  22. Rattletraps definitely have a place in casting box. The large saltwater size in 1/2 red 1/2 white is a personal favorite. I have friends that throw swim baits all the time with lots of success.....theres definitely a ton of effective alternatives to the common spoons/J13's. Maybe one more trip for me when things cool off again next week then it's time to switch gears to Steelheading 😊 Josh
  23. great post ! looks like you're using a lightweight reel,and a 6 ft. rod, you make it look easy !
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