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  2. Looking for two 13 inch taper lock boat seat posts. See pic for details. Thanks
  3. I think you were trying to be funny...either way, made me laugh!
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  5. The variants have learned to jump further...mask at 10 feet keeps you mostly safe
  6. I think if you lock the small motor to go strait ahead you can steer with the bigger one.
  7. On ctv news Barrie the grey bruce medical officer say almost exactly what I wrote and he is opening boat ramps in his area but not marinas
  8. i think port hope wanted to mainly get through the complete gonshow that is ontario trout opener.
  9. The figure I heard was 10 x less likely and those catch it are in close proximity say 2-3 ft away
  10. Condolences Dan, I've only got one brother and he's is almost 80, I go to see him when I can.
  11. A long stick clip a stick on the the handle of the 2.5. A tiny bungee cord would work, gauge it with a couple holes to hook the bungee tight. Some polished diamond will would make a sweet looking handle
  12. I think they are not separating marinas from boat launches. Many people think of a marina as 100s of boats all parked close together and people using them as cottages, living close to one another bbqing on the dock beside everyone else and that isn’t good at this time but a boat ramp. Boat in and out not close contact should be good to go
  13. port hope lifting the lock down friday.. so launch will be open and so will municipal access to the river
  14. Hey! About time ! Giver!! Lemme know! And if ur goin through Orangeville! Dont forget! Cheers!
  15. The scientists say that it is near impossible to get the virus when out of doors, it is to bad that Ford can't comprehend what the intelligent doctors and scientists are saying.
  16. Got the leaders today Gil. Thanks a bunch . Can not wait to give,r . Brian
  17. I just added a Yamaha 2.5 onto my 14 foot deep and wide. It is sitting next to the main that is a Yamaha 30 two stroke. Other than and EZ steer is there another way to join these two motors so I can steer with the mains tiller arm? The smaller kicker is far enough away I have to lean over to get to the handle. There is no mounting point on the front of the smaller motor for one of those Panther threaded rods.
  18. I’ll tell you right now, the noise surrounding the lockdown has died totally down aside from the weirdos at “no more lockdowns” there’s no way dougie or any of his crew are going to make noise at this point. They are going to let these next what 13? Days pass and point to the fact that once again (as we already knew) tight lockdowns are extremely effective at reducing case and hospitalization numbers. In two weeks my assumption is that we will probably be a lot closer to 1000 cases per day with no doubt a decline in the volume in the ICU’s to be on topic, this petition is a month late and won’t have any impact on the current lockdown we are in. You’d have to be crazy to think that anyone involved with the decision to close local boat ramps is going to do a total 180 on the subject. As with most things it’s easier to just shut it totally down then try and police who’s going fishing vs who’s going fishing with their buddies from 5 different households etc. Or who’s going “fishing” but actually going to have a boat party and get drunk with some girls on their dad’s cabin cruiser. the entire premise that “carrying a fishing rod and having a fishing license” is grounds for you to go boating is hilarious. Funny how easy carrying a fishing pole and having a fishing license turns into what I described above. once again and I will reiterate. If you want to go fishing, it’s easily done. Those that care enough to go have been and will continue to be out on the water and laying into some fish.
  19. I dunno, say a few courses don't open. Imagine the demand for the courses that were open, you could fill every slot 7 days a week. I know that pretty well happens on some courses but for other courses singles all day long 7 x a week may actually bring in more money.
  20. It would be like reeling a turkey platter!!!! TugTug Tug! HH
  21. They’ve got the greatest contests! Thanks for the heads up. Good luck to everybody but especially IThanks for the heads up. Good luck to everybody. Would be nice to see one of our members win
  22. With my usual spring time launches now closed I have found 2 that are better maintained and a little cheaper.
  23. Oops just noticed there is a Contest section where I should have posted this.
  24. Just thought I'd mention that there is a new contest with $100,000 worth of trips to Northern Ontario fishing lodges being given away to help promote their businesses hit hard by Covid 19. You can sign up for it on the Fishin Canada TV show website. You can enter as a contestant or just enter to vote for other contestants . Even just voting can win you a trip. Good Luck!
  25. OMG 6.3 pounds, 17-inch, live nightcrawler on a drop shot rig. I cannot imagine his reaction
  26. operationally I dont think it would make financial sense for golf courses to operate at 1/4 capacity. fishing however is on your own dime. By the way, fishing isnt illegal right now, its just hard to find a launch thats open. As usual, people would rather complain then actually put the effort in to make it happen. Typically these same people are the ones that are only complaining because they cant go fishing with all of their buddies. Ive been out fishing, and many people I know have as well.
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