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  2. This thing is just nuts. The price is outlandish. And I can see some big fish getting its mouth around one of the blades and making it really tough to extract. But it seems to work. At 60USD I'll probably wait until I find one that someone snagged on a tree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ4PAKmbvMs
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  4. Who dat guy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nice pics Rick
  5. You got a secret ? Atleast it was not that purple egg stuff.LOL
  6. Seal salt olive oil and pepper! SUGAR?
  7. Dang ALBERT Where is the drizzled sea salt and brown sugar ?🤣
  8. Round zucchini I grew for the first time.
  9. I have voles/mice in my yard and set up mouse traps I catch the odd one but when it trips they get it in the nose or paw!
  10. Now you have me crious. I use the Havahart live release traps for racoons, but what is this one you are talking about?
  11. Not enough to kill but carries quite the sting, I have lost two , they probably left using them as bracelets!
  12. Wife is making hers! Boiled potatoes, carrots and mayo. I like mine with just lots of mint, salt, pepper and a good splash of vinegar!
  13. When you skin it,be careful not to tear the fur,I want the whole hide in tack. The head part as well .LOL
  14. Mashed potato, onion,boiled eggs, 1 can of peas and carrots ,celery salt, salt and pepper and mayo. mix it all together.
  15. And the tater would be made with . . . Your friend the rat with a bushy tail got into one of my Planters where I started a salad crop For the fall and dug it all up! Tonight he will get a taste of peanutbutter attached to a loaded spring!
  16. Just seeing this today Brian, I have been away from computer land for awhile. It is too late to try for this year but I would recommend Fafard Veranda Mix for any of your container growing. Once Debbe discovered it for our Flower pots at home and the cottage we have used nothing else. It really holds water well. The front of our cottage is all windows and we have a 7 foot deep roof overhanging the porch...so in the afternoon the sun just shines in there and the windows reflect heat and the roof traps the heat so it is very common for it to be 35-40 celsius on our front porch in the afternoon sun. And with all this going on our flower pots get watered twice a week during the weather we have had lately but most of the season when the weather is not as extremely hot or dry once a week is enough. Like I said Brian for containers we use nothing else but the Fafard Veranda Mix.. A local nursery here in Oshawa has it every year and I grab two 112 litre size bags, but judging from your pictures I think one bag would possible get you through 2 seasons. However having said that I would also recommend you go with bigger pots for next season. More soil equals more water retention and more room for root growth. I really enjoy tending my veggie and herb gardens and my planters with herbs at the cottage. There is just something I really enjoy about growing food and it looks like the bug has bit you too. Good luck with whatever path you choose Brian.
  17. I've read this morning that it may have been intentional as the red ship had lost helm control.
  18. Something seems weird here...almost as if it’s intentional
  19. Flat jerk chicken today. Just prepping the newfie tater salad . Need to go out and get some jerk seasoning. Just seen I have none. DOH.
  20. The one I showed Brian was a brined wild Turkey breast stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, Prosciutto and Gruyere then Cherry wood smoked.
  21. The guys a wizard. He did a skipping seminar with us, holy cow...I’ve got work to do lol
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