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  2. One could try to rob a bank with the business end of a Swordfish, no? One need not do back flips on a bike to consider riding to be hazardous at some point. I've come close too many times riding to decide not to tempt fate any longer and stuck the bike in the back corner of the garage. No back flips required. I'm laffing out load here.
  3. Wow, do you ever reread what you wrote, your posts are getting worse all the time with your hate filled ridiculous comments. Even your fellow leaf fans must be embarrassed with your lack of class in this thread and personal attacks. Now you're even resorting to slander and you don't even care if what you write is even true anymore. Lol like Chris and Pierre need a paycheck, like how lame is that if it's all you can come up with. I guess you don't watch TSN then right, Pierre is a well respected member there. But I guess you know more than anyone else about the Athletic because I've never heard that from anyone ever. Pretty sure I have it figured out though. Someone from the Athletic once said something negative about the leafs so in your hate filled fog you paint the company and all the respected reporters that the Athletic has hired with the same brush. How pathetic that you've sunk this low instead of actually talking hockey like most folks here.
  4. When I won the Clam auger drill plate (on a facebook fishing page) it was ordered from Cabela's on the 12th and I got it on the 14th. So, who knows. But out of the 3 different items that I have won they came from them and it was pretty quick.
  5. Started assembling the tracks, now that all the treads are cut, drilled and the wheel guides are welded up. The treads are 1”x1/2”x14” long channel. The guides are 1”x1/8” flat bar, bent to form a rounded triangle. All bolted together with 5/16” bolts, nuts and washers. Once everything is together and has proven to work the way I hope; I’ll cut the excess bolt length off and tack weld the nuts to cut the bolts. The rubber strips that the treads are bolted to, are from an industrial conveyor belt that use to haul rock out of a quarry. It’s about a 1/4” thick with multiple layers of canvas and rubber. All I can say is that I picked a good winter to build this contraption; because there’s no ice on Simcoe that I’m willing to get out on. Which gives me more time to finish up. LOL This rig may take its maiden voyage out on Nipissing? Dan.
  6. Then you havn't received the tax bill yet for the boat from the government, 7 years ago when I registered mine I got the tax bill 2 years later.
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  8. Just about all online businesses once they create a shipping label call it shipped. Even if the shipping company only picks up from them on Fridays. I have seen some places have them more then a week before the shipping company picks it up.
  9. Has anyone ordered through Cabela's on-line recently and what was the experience? I ordered a new rod through them and delivery is supposed to be today according to their on line site order tracker that says it was shipped Tuesday. The on-line site says its coming Fedex but Fedex does not seem to have the tracking number in their system, so seems odd. Also, the credit card charge has not come through, which is really odd. I have never bought anything that gets shipped before payment is charged to the card.
  10. I like to compare my ice fishing shenanigans to the guys trying triple back flips on dirtbikes.... I don't do it for a fish. I would never risk my life for a fish. If a fish where to be held a gunpoint during a bank robbery, I would not jump in front of a bullet for it.
  11. Ppphhhhffft. can't you just lift the bravo out with one hand bud?
  12. Man you are an angry person Chris. So willing to get physical over a bunch of hockey banter. 😂 I'm guessing you don't consider the fact that assault is illegal. Or maybe you don't care, or can't think outside that Neanderthal mentality. Sheese…….go for a beer or something.....relax!
  13. The preview day for the 2020 Toronto Boat Show is today and then North America’s largest indoor boat show continues for another 9 days! I will be down at the Garmin booth for thé opening weekend and then in the Huntsville Marine, YAMAHA Outboards, Skeeter Bass Boats, G3 & Crestliner boats booth for the rest of the week! If you’re attending or liking for a new boat, track me down and let’s talk a little fishing, electronics & boats! I will also be presenting seminars on the Great Canadian Fish Tank from Monday on! Here is the tank schedule! https://www.torontoboatshow.com/education/fish-tank-seminars/ Loking for was to seeing & chatting with everyone!
  14. yeah, I think you have to go in yourself not to encourage people to take chances, but I was totally soaked and wet, and in and out of the water for 40 minutes in -12C trying to get my snowmobile out before I felt messed up and had to seek shelter, so if you keep a level head it's not like the cold water kills you instantly although after that incident I didn't feel warm and normal until 3 days later, lol that was in a boy o bouy 1 piece, I wore it out, now I have a Mustang 1 piece, survival suits are a good investment IMO
  15. It's not a bad program, it seems at times they add drama to everything though?
  16. No bungee cord to keep your rod and reel from being pulled in? small fish pier?
  17. LOL, hard for me to say on that Lex, last time I was on Erie it could have used a couple more feet of water. Lake Erie walleye still biting; trout stocking continues — Fishing Report for Jan. 17 - cleveland.com
  18. I am probably going to side with Terry on this, some of our best spring time fishing was in places that a bunch of different species spawned in, and sometimes their spawning seasons overlapped. Depending on the spring weather you might catch crappie, bluegill, large and smallmouth bass or an occasional northern pike from the same marina in shallow water.
  19. Looks like a great time Man! Glad your posting some pics!
  20. I must admit, nice setup you have over there. And this weather...
  21. As said above, Return it to the LC theres very possibly a problem with the bottle. Bowmore 12 sips way above its pay grade. Im also a fan of Auchentoshan 12 as well for those of us on a budget!
  22. Our fishing group really enjoys sipping some Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum during our trips.
  23. I just hope that with no Ice the water levels will drop a little this year..
  24. Last time I was there I fell forward and slided on probably 20 feet on ice. Chest was scraped up pretty good. I knew it was going to be a bad one so I lifted my head and legs up in the air as I glided smoothly over the ice lol. Planning on going again this year and will definitely be wearing a helmet.
  25. sometimes we just get a lil too excited to ice fish ahhahaha I personally use Kast Gear steelhead gloves. They are truly fully waterproof which the seal skins are not. Dexterous enough to fish a baitcaster, spinning reel or fly fish with. Not sure if you are just looking for warm gloves for every day use but when im just trying to keep my hands warm, mitts do the job. Infact when i go late fall boating i wear mitts while driving the boat and then switch to gloves while i fish!
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