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  2. Picked some up around the same time last year. Can confirm that late ice pike also love eating them.
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  4. They were great! We finished trolling just prior to a school the captain had noticed, he hooked the live bait between the eyes and the mouth with a single hook and cast out, slowly trolling still and hookups ensued less than a minute later... Watching the fish zig and zag through the waves after the bait was wicked, and when we got them close to boatside they would drive down and peel line back it was crazy the power they had, we didn't measure or weigh them but the ones I got were in the 15-20lb range which is pretty small apparently lol
  5. Shore fish for those in Florida anytime we're down there. Oldman loves eating them.
  6. Sounds like they are similar to the Alaskan Pollock except for size?
  7. misfish

    New Grandpa

    I thought you were a young fella. LOL Congrats pappy.
  8. LOL He was a Jones today. No show.LOL What a day a difference makes. I was yelling,not whispering.LOL They were not as active,but did manage a few for some eats.
  9. If those roosters fight as crazy as they look, no doubt you had a blast!
  10. I went to the bass masters show yesterday. For $110 I walked out with a brand new Okuma leadcore rod, 2 shimano ultralight reels that where like new for my perch rods, a bag full of anglers choice and fin S minnows, 2 dozen 5/8’s custom painted jig heads and my son got several jerkbaits and some frogs and soft plastics also. Great deals in my opinion, and it was $3 to get in with free parking.
  11. The deportation process can take years as well, that's why. S.
  12. Exactly my point. The auto setting didn't work as well as they thought lol.... S.
  13. From Whitie Whisper to Perch Whisper
  14. Seems these things have become more about making money than anything. I know a guy who owns a food truck and the food vendor prices are as much as $9000 for a 4 day outdoor event. I imagine it could be even higher for an indoor event.. throw in wages and health inspection costs and you have to sell a lot to make any profit..
  15. I looks like you are insulating with Roxul, good stuff. I used the same insulation in my place. Use a mask when installing, dusty.
  16. I went to the boat show in Winnipeg, (used to be an all round fishing show with tackle booths and distributors) but this year there was only 1 fishing booth and they had little on the "show discount" available. Cabelas only sponsored a cooking demonstration and there was one spot 8 feet wide at the back of the booths, beside the food court (also 1 booth with cold hot dogs and pop and chips) for a guy to try to teach you how to use a fly rod and cast with it. there was also a small area where kids could practice throwing an axe. all in all it was a large disappointment. it cost 15 bucks a person . I spent 3 1/2 hours there, cost 16 bucks for parking at the site, so it was almost 50 bucks to see some fancy boats the average guy couldn't afford
  17. Looked for something different to cook from Longos. Bought some fresh, wild caught Whiting for the first time. Whole fish. 10-12 inches. Pan fried like a speckie. Head off, guts out, salt and pepper and coat in flour. Fry till brown in butter. Crispy skin- no scaling needed. Beautiful mild white meat. Cost about $1 each. 3 of those cuties and I was happy.
  18. no wonder the Leafs have a better record on the road, look at the Saturday night crowd tonight, it looks and sounds like they're watching a friggin documentary in grade 11 history class
  19. Last week
  20. That's a decent price. I've got an older version of that one and really quiet and cheap to run.
  21. Meet my grand daughter Indigo
  22. He made a beauty yesterday. https://www.bardown.com/garret-sparks-made-an-incredible-must-see-stick-save-at-leafs-practice-1.1277974?fbclid=IwAR1iDNyLmYsPqGPUHWZs6FTGZhkwslWMtURCqrTW4UJpYL24IYvziV75DqE
  23. Nice generator. I pan on getting this one to run my place in the winter. https://powerequipment.honda.ca/generators/ultra-quiet-7000i-es
  24. Got the first load of insulation hauled out to the cabin today. Got one more load to go. Dang stuff is heavy!!!
  25. But now when the power goes out at your cottage...and it will...your gonna be all set.
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