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  2. I have only been to Fergus so far to fly fish the browns. I have enough waters up here to keep me busy for salmon and steel head.
  3. It seems the Grand is still a relatively low pressure steelhead river despite a good number of fish running all the way up to Paris. I've found a few dead chinook salmon in Brantford over the years too. Many people who have fished the river their entire lives have no idea either fish run up the Grand. Plenty of browns too if you know where to fish...
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  5. I've noticed a dramatic ~change to Erie over the last few years. I have old waypoints in ~30 FOW for smallies that are now great walleye spots. A couple weeks ago I was 50-50 bass and walleye in one area. This is surprising because 2-7 years ago I would fish an entire season and not catch a single walleye. The bass that are competing with the walleye on these spots are big too! My first 5 smallies that day there was none under 4.5.
  6. Actually they were " Believers " not Swim Whizzes, about as much difference between those 2 as there is between Kwikfish and Flatfish
  7. Interesting Paul It hasn’t been a surprise that the steelhead trout have begun to gather around the mouth of the Grand River to get ready for their spawning runs up the river, or that anglers casting from the short pier in Fairport Harbor are catching a few on black-on-black jigs and maggots suspended under a float.
  8. Swim Whizzes? over sized flatfish? I grew up as the walleye fishing here on Erie was fading fast, but looking back at lures I saw the old blue pike and walleye guys had it their tackle boxes here? Flat fish and Benos were probably near the top of the list.
  9. https://www.cleveland.com/outdoors/2020/09/walleye-surveys-show-another-banner-year-for-lake-erie-northeast-ohio-fishing-report-for-the-weekend-of-sept-18-20.html?fbclid=IwAR0rN0tLc8S1Cb_UQvOhD9n78OyNtnwC9HUAAzhcTJ7tdr2_38wRJN8nba0 It may help take some pressure off of your inland lakes?
  10. Hey folks, Can anyone identify what kind of "minnow" is in this picture? I found this little one dead in our lake a couple of weeks ago. This little minnow had beautiful blue scales around it's jaw, and all along it's back. Thanks!
  11. Myself, my wife, my daughter, all of the rest of our family and all of our friends avoided the virus so for me it was a great summer.
  12. https://www.wired2fish.com/author/tim-allard/
  13. A sun roof might help getting the water out? Not much of a fan of this year either.
  14. The math is good and I used it some propping boats. You really need to set a day and have a few prop's and do the work. A well set up boat will make you smile, a bad set up just sucks.
  15. I forgot Lakeshore Promenade as a trollers free launch as well. It's in Mississauga
  16. The title just about explains it all. I fell in early July and tore up both knees badly, got better and fell again, on crutches and still need a cane some days. Having tests done to see why I'm falling. Got out fishing on the boat only twice last month because of my bad wheels. Most every one I talk to doesn't appear to have had a great summer. I especially feel for the little kids cooped up inside for most of the summer and for their parents. That must be tough to deal with. The summer that never was, 2020. But must have been better than this guy last winter.
  17. A handy dandy prop slip calculator. Understanding the science of marine propellers isn't as difficult as it would seem, it's more difficult. For me at least. Thank goodness I worked with good technical folk, they saved my butt a few times. https://www.mercuryracing.com/prop-slip-calculator/
  18. I hope your cousin recovers with no long term effects, and soon...and that he comes around to the fact that this virus is real and not a hoax.
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  20. Good to know. Humber west is an extra 1/2 hr for me. I’m near KItchener.
  21. I can tell you the sales for fishing tackle are insane. The number of new anglers is threw the roof. The a n t i s lost big this year.
  22. If you know your RPMs, gear ratio, and speed; you should be able to calculate it.
  23. Agreed. I wasn’t going to respond initially. But I’m glad you did. It’s not a staple that I’m selling. Fuel, food. Rental apartment. . It’s a holiday. It’s rediculous to not charge what the market will bare. It sold on AirB&B within hours of posting. Are we turning into a socialist state ? 🤪
  24. I don't think it's fair to ask someone to leave money on the table like that. Rental cottages were in huge demand this year and as in all markets high demand raises prices. So if the going rate this summer is $2,000 a week why should someone ask only $1,000 a week "because 'Rona"? Unless you can provide examples where you sold stuff cheaper or took a pay cut, it's hard to tell @captpierre he should take a haircut no? (rhetorical question not trying to pick a fight)
  25. Does anyone on the board have a contact at the MNR we could forward the video to? The guy's face is visible, so if they can track him down he could (and should) be charged.
  26. I agree with Rustic, this area will be shut down shortly. Well deserved.
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