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  2. That reel was a remake of the ABU - ZEBCO reels of the same style, late 1990's? Never took off well, seems to me they were 200 - 300 bucks back then. https://zebcofishingreels.net/en/american-classic-iv-circa-1997-rare-made-in-usa-zebco-cardinal-4-tribute-limited.php#American Classic IV circa 1997 Rare Made in USA Zebco Cardinal 4 Tribute Limited
  3. I just stumbled across this. Man, what a shame. You were pi$$ed off for good reason. My wife and I have always been partial to Buicks. Same as a Cadillac without the Cadillac price tag. My wife says her next SUV is going to be a Buick.
  4. Yes Lew it was very harrowing. Back in them days I wasn't scared of anything but I was sure scared that day. I also have a sequence of pics of a big mule deer buck that charged me. I thought it was going to gore me and leave me for dead. I will look for them, they are worth viewing, they've been published in a few magazines. It's was really something. I just stood where I was as I had no where to go as I was out in the open and just kept taking pics. I figured once they found me the authorities would know what happened and luckily again I managed to leave the area unscathed. And you're right you can't fix stupid. Bison are incredibly powerful animals. Here in Alberta I've seen them flip people twenty feet in the air with absolutely no effort what so ever. To quote my dad them big shoulders on bison and grizzly's same as eyes ears and nose on our ungulates aren't there just as ornaments.
  5. Came cross this picture tucked away in a box this morning that I'd forgotten about. This was a 1979 Buick Riviera that I used to own and it was absolutely one of the best cars I've ever had. Pretty well every option available back in the day and driving this car was like driving your living room couch it was so darned comfortable. Looks black but was actually a really nice shade of blue. Wife and I were in the house one evening and heard a loud crash. Went out front and realized it was our car sitting in our driveway that had been clobbered by some moron not looking where he was going and left the road and hit the car and totaled it. Pi$$ed me right off as I loved that car and hadn't had it very long. Insurance covered everything but that didn't really make me feel much better. Mine looked exactly like the one in the 1st picture and the other is the aftermath of the crash. Anyone else lose a car this way ?
  6. Those big critters can be darned scary when they get upset Barry, musta been pretty harrowing for you guys for that few seconds. I saw a Youtube video just this morning about tourists in Yellowstone trying to get up close and personal with bison to take selfies with them like they were baby goats on a farm. One guy got mangled pretty bad and a few others came close. Like the old saying goes, ya can't fix stupid.
  7. Your father was very fortunate Lew, not necessarily for certain but chances are it was during the rut which usually begins in September for moose. In the early 80's I done a video for a production company in Quebec of bull moose during the rut. I had a cut out of fairly large moose antlers from card board. I would call in a bull moose (taught to me by my dad) and I would hold the card board moose antlers above my head and slowly lower it from side to side as bull moose do to show off the size of their antlers to their opponent. The bulls would approach me doing the same thing, lowering their head form side to side slowly lowering one antler than the other as they slowly came towards me. As soon a s I took my fake antlers down, folded them up and put them behind my back the bull would stop his approach and that would be it. As with the case of your dad they can be unpredictable and seemingly peeved off at the world. There was a time though this didn't go as smoothly. This day I had a real moose antler and was causing quite a ruckus with it by scraping trees and willows as aggressively as I could. A huge bull, obviously the dominant bull in the area came charging in like a freight train straight at us and wasn't stopping for nothing thinking another bull was after his cows so my back up buddy shot him. The bull dropped less than twenty yards from us. It was a legal kill as he had his moose tag and wanted me to call one in for him. It still scares the dickens out of me every time I think of it. Thank God my buddy somehow as your dad did kept his cool with such a large animal bearing down on us at such speed otherwise I don't expect I would be sitting her typing this. So that was the end of the bull moose documentary LOL.
  8. 50 something years ago my dad and his buds were hunting up near James Bay. Dad was walking down a trail when a big ole bull came out from behind a clump of bushes and charged him. He was able to get a shot off and killed the critter but he said it was FAR too close for comfort. He kept the huge rack and had it in his home for years.
  9. I miss early ice pike in pointe au baril. we used to fish on the worst ice ever right in front of our place…if you went in you ran inside and stripped down and jumped in the hot tub!
  10. Haha, yeah me too TJQ. I don't thing I'd want to upset him and have him ticked off at me. The out come would be with the moose for sure.
  11. Neat stuff... I hope hes not trying to milk it!
  12. Check this guy out, unbelievable. And a very privileged fellow to have such a moose. Probably right around eighty years or more ago my Dad and his hunting and fishing buddy Ora, mayor of Niagara Falls at the time harvested a moose very similar in size. They flew into a lake north of Wawa. When I was in my twenty's and in good shape I could barely lift them and hold them long enough for a picture to be taken. Took four of us and and a rope to get them hung on the wall. My brother in Owen Sound still has them. I will look for the photo of them.
  13. Howdy Lew, if I could afford to get my Argo in tip top running condition I could get pictures of others that would dwarf this guy. 60 - 70 in. spread and the pair weighing upwards of 60 - 80lbs.lbs. Moose lose their antlers early so it doesn't look promising for this season but I will be collecting their antlers in the spring. Can't wait.
  14. Nice pictures Barry, specially the moose. I've seen plenty of them over the years but I've never seen one with antlers.
  15. Maggie is such a beautiful dog, and it's heartwarming to see the love and affection she brings to your family. Dogs truly are man's best friend! It's great that you rescued her, especially after the loss of your 15-year-old Lab. Maggie seems like quite the character, and that picture of her sitting on your son's girlfriend is adorable.
  16. Beautiful fish Simon well played .
  17. Hi all, Got on the ice for the first time for the 2023/24 season. There was 6” of clear black ice, surprising given the mild weather. Got a couple small walleye and missed a few bites too, but the pike was the highlight, 39”er on 6lb test.
  18. Hello, I know that this thread is quite dated, but I am in search of one of these reels and hoping someone might be willing to sell theirs. I can not see the pictures - but I am searching for the American Classic IV spinning reel, with its original pouch. Many thanks, H
  19. Last week
  20. 2nd last day of hunting season, last one for me. Took these early this morning while looking to harvest a big and my 40th white tail buck, which didn't happen. The pics of the grey owl aren't all that sharp, although it appears to be bright out it was very low light conditions. Not a huge bull moose but he is a very beautiful one as all moose are to me.
  21. They already came out. It’s a v2 that has single unit network ability and standard gt56 transducer. I believe they bumped the resolution of the screen up a a bit. so aka…nothing new. Worth 1000’s more for the same screen. Especially if you run 3+ screens and are going to have to hardwire to network them anyways.
  22. Sadly it has come to my attention from my friend who introduced me to the band Killing Joke over 4 decades ago that the guitarist Kevin "Geordie" Walker passed away yesterday morning at 64 years of age from a stroke. I was fortunate to have seen him in concert a few time in the last decade, always amazing. RIP Geordie.
  23. Won't find anyone better with Lowrance.
  24. Call Chris Vandenberg at 905 730 0361 I have has all of my work done there. Very satisfied. Located in Southern Mount Hope.
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