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  2. Always a day late and a dollar short. I thought Saturday was Friday. Retirement knows no time. Saturday night it sounded like some battle in some war torn country and asked Tich what the heck is going on here? I forgot it was Queen Vicky Day.
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  4. I didn't have to read the entire thread, I beg you not to confront them in any way. Even letting them see you taking a video. Let the authorities do what they are being paid for. In a case like this the Wardens would need to catch them red handed. Even with video of them doing it . Can the Crown prove beyond a reasonable doubt that was a over limit Bass being put in the boat? Are you more upset that they are fishing in your secluded spot or are you upset because they are poaching? A little of both maybe? As far as someone identifying species from a distance about 5 yrs back I had Ministry boat stop me and demanded to see our licenses and the fish. They were not in a jovial mood. Readers Digest version, someone flagged down the MNR boat who were in the area (Walleye Tourney on) and told them we were over our Walleye limit, not only we weren't over for Walleye the Salmon we caught and boxed were I.D.'d from afar by someone as Pics.
  5. I'm not familiar with fishing the drop shot or the wacky rig. Can anyone give me advice on that..........i normally just troll around the lake with spinners and crankbaits looking for Walleye so i would like to slow down a little and try more of a guess as a finess style of fishing................Thanks
  6. https://www.minnkotamotors.com/support/faqs/how-do-i-select-shaft-length
  7. Yes, if your neighbour observed them catching bass and keeping them then he should call the MNR Hotline, they will come and investigate!
  8. Really depends on the bodies of water that you're fishing as well. If you only fish smaller bodies of water where it never gets too rough then a 42" is fine but if where you're fishing gets rough a 48-52" would be better!
  9. We were up at Huntsville on Vernon, Fairy & Penn Lakes this weekend at a Top 50 Pike event. The pike fishing was slow, of course but somebody always gets them. Many of the big fish were shallow, the water temps ranged from 47 -52 degrees F. There were no black flies that we noticed!
  10. We could all use more time on the water whether it is charting or just fishing! LOL Here are some different views with the SonarChart Shading!
  11. I found a spot on the back of the transom of our '03 Lund ProSport. Still solid, but I have a feeling I'll be doing this in the next year or two, lol.
  12. Glen, if you have it out you might want to take it to an auto wash that can clean the bottom so you can inspect it for any damage?
  13. Purdy birds. I go to see my first Bald eagle this spring here. And of course,no camera.
  14. It was around 6 or so hours. I had the smoker tucked away, so it got good heat and out of the wind.
  15. It was actually dry Doug. And as far as sweet,not even close. Will make for some nice white fish salad sandwiches.
  16. I appreciate all the responses. Looks like the flies are out.
  17. If your using a come along you prolly need a snatch blok to make it work for you.
  18. How long did you have it in the smoker. I have the same unit and Im thinking about 8 hrs minimum for that batch.
  19. I got lucky I guess. The pump I got from a local marine dealer came with a few different tips. Hemeroid cream tips fit some plungers. Note, don't lend it out, they are like Cd's and DVD's, they never find there way home.
  20. I've had the pleasure helping a pal that has a small marine repair shop. I've done 4 transom replacements over the last few winters. I put a few coats of Spar Varnish before sliding it back in. We also used a tube of 3M 5200 to seal the tops, screws and drain holes. Like you said Dave I will be dead and my ashes spread across the sea, lakes and land of this great nation and a bit in The Erie Barge Canal before those transoms rot again. Doing a good job there Big Dave. Off topic off course. A little fact we didn't want to know. If a person that weighs 200 lbs. and the body has 20% water why doesn't the cremation joint give back 180 lbs. of ashes? Where does all but a few handfuls go? After I left the steel plant I worked in the refractory business for a bit. We had to replace some refractory in the cremation furnace. When I asked what temp do they lower it to rake out all the ashes of the deceased? We learned that they only lower the furnace temp at the end of the day to reduce energy costs and reducing thermal shock that contributes to refractory lining failure. Therefor the urn will contain a combination of all those cooked that day. I hope that practice has changed in 20 years. Oh my.
  21. OH, it'll be sealed. I have 2 tubes of 3M-4200 and a tube of liquid urethane to lock it all together.
  22. Good job Dave! Make sure to seal that thing up tighter then a ducks ass
  23. The best tip I got to get the pump to work effortlessly is to put the oil container in hot water for 15 minutes before putting the pump on it. I always had a hard time before with the pump coming apart. Because of the thick oil. Much easier now and no mess.
  24. Getting closer to having this thing done. Marine ply core built and coated with 10 coats of clear. And installed back into the transom. New stainless brackets and 1/4" aluminium reinforcement plate test fit. Reinforcement plate drilled and painted. Stainless brackets painted up. Should be able to get it back together tomorrow. :)
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  26. Brian, those chunks look pretty pale in the photos. I would have thought they would be darker? How was the texture? Was it kind of "damp" like not nicely moist but like under-cooker lake trout "damp." I am thinking maybe more time in the smoker (without chips smoking) might improve your results? Doug
  27. You home alone Albert? LOL Glad it all worked out for ya Glen. Did ya get the bear?
  28. If he sings it backwards, he gets his wife, truck and dog back.!
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