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  3. 2/3 done but ran out of floro orange, but had a lighter shade and thought I would try it out. Turns out it,s butter cream looking. Made 6 for now as the rest need to get done first. Will be adding this to the arsenal.
  4. The on line system is up and working, don't forget to print it off and carry with you, only 3 1/2 weeks until old cards expire.
  5. My buddy sold his 19 ft Alumacraft for a 19 ft Lund of similar specs. He regrets it and said he liked the Alumacraft better. So either way great boats from what I have heard
  6. Not true. One of my old favourite started off as a 7 ft 1 , then turned to a 6ft 10. Now it’s a 6 ft 6. Just gave it away to my friends kid after 18 years of catching fish.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Temporarily sold out of all customs. Will post when I more. Thank you for the support
  9. Welcome Kashan we are glad you are here. I started fishing when i was 4 years old. I would go fishing with my Dad or Uncles in the Bayous of Louisiana. I remember my Uncle Bennie when asked if the fish I caught was to small to keep and he said " if it has 2 eyes it is big enough." We would often catch Crappie and Bluegills and have a fish fry with the neighbors. Cheers Art
  10. Hey Doug... I don't mind the heat as long as there is: a. a swimming pool or lake or ocean nearby b. a cold beverage in my hand c. an air-conditioned room to sleep in Yep...Crow has been known to cough up some tasty fish through the ice and some ugly ones too...🤞 for some early hard water ! Rick
  11. I have several watercraft...stand up paddle boards, canoes, paddle boat, kayaks, rubber dinghy, SeaDoos, aluminum outboard, fiberglass stern drive...all of them at some point have been used for fishing. I have a cottage and a big family...everyone wants to be entertained
  12. The fishing (and eating) sound great, but that HEAT is not my cup of tea. Better minus thirty than plus thirty any day! I hear that Crow Lake has some tasty fish in it............😉 Thanks for posting! Doug
  13. Last week
  14. If there's a good stiff north-east wind blowing...you can get a similar effect at the mouth of the Niagara. Launch in Queenston, nice flat run to NOTL, and then try to get to the bar or the green can.. it's big tight swells over your head, with a cross chop. Good wet fun when you're in Miami and the water is 83f. A little different on Lake O in April when the water is 45f....hehehe
  15. This reminds me of the time jimmy said “it’s not too ruff to Downrigg” as 6’ waves pounded my car topper. I drove through about ten waves then timed a trough and got back in.
  16. 30 second fix with the right size tip...I've built, modified rods for 25 years now and played with all kinds of ideas on broken rods. They may not fish 100% like they once did but shouldnt be dumpster bound either. I am currently working on bringing back to life a intact bottom half of an old 11' fenwick river runner mated to a snapped top section of an old 12'6 fenwick legacy that should make a passable float rod around 11'. Will it be perfect, heck no. Will it still get me some bows when I decide to go back in time and use it for an afternoon? For sure! Lots of the old loomis stuff still floating around was frankensteined rods from Lorne Green etc. Sometimes its better to strip and rebuild right from scratch. My favourite IMX 1562 float rod is missing about 3". I stripped it and rebuilt and its my favourite even though I have the same rods without the tip break. Just the straightest and best balanced...Used good quality broken rods to do strip and rebuilds that I end up giving to friends and family also. Allows some creativity and keeps me from always spending money on new blanks and components.
  17. That’s why I don’t fish the notty too muddy.
  18. We sometimes forget how simple fishing can be...
  19. Yeah...dude has some serious improvisational skills.
  20. Here's some gear for you lads that like heavy tackle. And please forgive me if it has already been posted, I had not seen it before. Doug Peche_Savoir-faire_pour_survivre(1).mp4
  21. My tracked Argo has a top end of about 10 mph............🙄
  22. I have a 8.5 foot rod I broke the tip off years ago. I just cut the rod down to the next eye and have been using it that way since then. Has not made one bit of difference to me. Just another option to consider Cliff.
  23. very basic woodworking skills here but I found improvised mill to all the DIY jigs and methods used fascinating
  24. You just did. You also have a .218 bee. Don't put nug stuff online, ever. It will never help you, only harm you. Like mentioned, they already know you most likely have one by virtue of licensing.
  25. The media is also seeing the stupidity of my situation https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/what-kind-of-idiot-would-use-me-for-a-crime-inside-the-thoughts-of-the-ruger-no-1/ar-AA14RarP?cvid=be89077ca48c40ca8fa1ce865ffe393a
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