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  2. We are Sunday to Friday... hoping for a great time.
  3. Thats exactly we we picked Audrey, a chance for pike, walleye and bookies. We are excited about the trip.
  4. Fantastic, I will keep these tips in mind. My kids will have a blast trying these out. I will let you know how we make out when we get back
  5. hi, we booked with 7 lakes wilderness camps in nakina for next year. Brad the owner is a great guy to get ahold of. he's very helpful
  6. Thanks, ill try to check them all out. I keep hearing about St Joe being top-notch. We're going out with a guide next week so i guess ill find out what its all about.
  7. Have fun! I'll be "nearby " at Bounce Lake next Mon-Fri
  8. If your a trout fisherman you probably chose Aubrey for the specks in the bad river, eastern ontario is in far better shape for water levels then the west so you should do good for brook trout. As far as pike and walleye go those cochrane lakes are usually tea stained and not terribly deep so finding them shouldn't be hard, troll until you get hits then jig or cast.
  9. St Joe's would be hard to beat, never fished the otoskwin river but always wanted too. The menako chain of lakes are good, Pipestone river west to horseshoe and winidgo are good as well.
  10. Put a new graph on the bow so this one has to go. Humminbird 958 DI. Comes with a XNT 20 9 T transducer (Brand new, never used), power cord, cable management connector and the mount. Unit is in great condition with no screen bubbling (Which seems to be common on the old HB units if left out in the sun). No external GPS puck included. S400.
  11. Hoping that’s the case BillM And agree GBW , I’ve marked em deep and no takers , We've downsized everything , flipping Bitzy bugs , and tossing 3” yammy senkos LOL, that’s what the big guys have slammed .
  12. Yesterday
  13. I was on 4ML today and makred lots but no takers...
  14. This week of stable weather should help and those lower overnight temps.
  15. E1E9F6A8-60CB-48FA-8181-639D412FE762.jpeg
    Up here on a Kawartha lake , grinding it out . Bites been pretty slow , did mange one beauty LM and a few smallies but it’s a grind . Deep weed edge , pads , grass , rocks ... been all over it and not hitting many. it’s bitter sweet , the ones we do get are big , but my son needs a few smaller ones in between to keep him occupied lol. Any tips ?
  16. So I have no experience with the lake or Air Cochrane it looks like Audrey is fairly shallow w a few deep holes. In August I would tend to start deep or focus on areas w current I had posted two articles a while back based on my groups trips https://www.northernjacks.com/post/top-5-walleye-lures-for-northern-ontario https://www.northernjacks.com/post/walleye-magnets The other tip would be to check satellite maps of the lake and look for irregularities re mid lake humps, main points, island and large weed beds Also push your outfitter for a map of spots to start Its in their best interest to ensure you catch fish best of luck sounds like an awesome outing Please share how you make out Andrew
  17. Nice work !! Wish I had the patience to tie some of those creations !
  18. Thank you Terry. I plan on making all sorts of them.
  19. True they don’t. But aside from reverse running engines (on a twin screw vessel) I think there was more to it. I recall stories of guys pulling 428’s from old Chris Craft’s and finding the couldn’t cool them enough for street use. This could be a total tale with no truth of course... But I keep going back to questioning car vs a boat differences. did they throw beefier cranks, rods and pistons in the marine block? Different cams for different power bands? A car uses a lot of torque and HP to get moving, then considerably less once momentum is gained, hills fade etc., whereas a boat needs continual power all the time except trolling. Or we’re all short blocks of the era simply robust enough to handle either ?
  20. As big as a screen as you can afford. Your boat is probably pre-wired to the front as well, no need to add a second battery.
  21. Well we are getting very excited, we have booked a trip for mid August at Audrey Lake through Cochrane Air Services. We are a family of 6 with kids ranging from 8 to 15. We are typically trout fisherman and almost exclusively from shore. So this is a big change for us and was wondering if anyone has been to Audrey Lake or has any tips for a fairly new Walleye and Pike angler.
  22. What ever it takes to get that bite Paul . There are so many soft plastics out there, but I get pure satisfaction when I can tie something that works. Got a few more to try. I want to make some fly swim baits, but it takes time . The one I am working on has some bouncy, so you can have like a 3-6 inch leader drop .
  23. Hack, I believe the basic engines were the same, just adapted for marine use. Marine engines don't usually have to deal with the dust and dirt a car engine does.
  24. Pretty sure they were used the the GM Colorado/Canyon trucks for a number of years too.
  25. Sometimes when I can't sleep at night I count fish instead of sheep lol Specifically I revisit some of my favorite memories from trips I have taken For whatever reason it really works and I rarely get past 4 memories before I drift off Here's a few of my favorites https://www.northernjacks.com/post/counting-fish Cheers Andrew
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