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  2. Did you get your money back? I am just about to contact them to get mine. I purchased in 2016.
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  4. 16 FOOTER! Your Grandson will be a true fisher. He'll talk about the one that got away for years to come. Good on you for getting him out! Dan.
  5. very cool! Never seen one back its way successfully down the ice before.
  6. Looks like Grandpa lost it LOL....a bit of excitement though hey?
  7. Beauty! It will haul some material!!
  8. Wife gave me the go ahead to rip up 80’s carpet on stairs. I’m a handy guy and do most home renovations so hoping to do “economically” myself. I consider myself a intermediate “woodworker” but hoping others here maybe in the trade had suggestions. I want to stay under $3000 and thinking the Luxury Vinyl Planks may keep the price down. The material looks bendable for custom noses saving a ton of money also. Im retired and if it takes a month then so be it...no rush. I have 2 major concerns that no “easy to do youtube videos” show: 1) Damn rails that basically have to save. The winding stairs are open so end cuts seen. 2) Big curve landing step. I have a router table etc. and all the tools, if anyone has taken this on and has tips I’d appreciate feedback, thanks.
  9. http://www.luremaking.com/catalogue/index.htm
  10. I’m starting to gather info on building my own lures. I’ve watched a bunch of great videos. Looks like a great way to be involved in the hobby in the off season. any of you guys build your own? I’d be interested on good sources for supplies and quality wire forming equipment that won’t break or break the bank. I want to make everything from small spinners to large Muskie lures and Salmon/Laker spoons. Lyman style copies too. some of the wire formers look like they don’t work all that well. I’d like to be as pro as possible.
  11. https://www.bassmaster.com/video/bassmaster-live
  12. My grandson almost caught a muskie. IMG_8898 (3).MOV
  13. has been a great winter of ice fishing for me...other than the last time out. All we got that time was one largemouth, all other trips were usually good for 5-8 pike/bass. I attribute it to mid-winter blaws...few more weeks and the fishing should pick up again
  14. http://tv247.us/watch/fox-sports-1/?fbclid=IwAR15-fv6rg8GDM3mf8HwbtBjBM0BWp9eqboFtylZm5wE4sHRK7orkOlVeac link to bassmaster live fs1 coverage gussy’s family is hosting it
  15. The big difference Lew is that you could buy an RV for 30 points off MSRP a couple of years ago, now not so much. Now you have to make an appointment with a salesperson to essentially sign a contract...
  16. The top 2 look like Icelandic sheep wool: very kinky. I have never seen Icelandic sheep wool as straight as the bottom one. The sheep wool is great for long streamers. You can get away with very small amounts of it as it 'breathes' a lot in the water.
  17. I am off to vertical jig, but not for bass. Good luck to Gussy. GO CANADA GO
  18. My wife makes me socks from Icelandic sheep wool. Could try that
  19. Agreed, the “live coverage” isn’t as good as “bass live” with the entire crew.
  20. Anyone with a good link for FS1 coverage?
  21. They associate with well oxygenated, fast moving water in Spring. Bigger fish will have the prime spots. You might be surprised at how shallow you get them. Not to say you can't catch them anywhere else. Follow BillM's advice, har dto do for a 2 day loop but best of luck.
  22. A local posted on bass boat central that there’s always fish there. They are clearly wintering there and stacked up. You gotta hope that something catastrophic doesn’t happen to make the fish disappear on him on championship Sunday. a 7lb lead helps a lot that’s for sure
  23. My last trip took a skunking. Had to happen. Plagued with snowmachine issues this season. One issue after another. As for lockdowns. Well, for all I know I could be dead next year for some reason or another. Life is short and unpredictable. I’m living today. Your mileage may vary.
  24. You ever hear the old joke about how many animals you can find in a pair of panty hose ?
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  26. So i guess that is why my gramma bought me boxing gloves when I turned 12, hah, go figure , lol
  27. It will be interesting to see if that smallmouth pattern holds up?
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