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  2. 1982 Prine "In the Round" on the turntable at Ontario Place. Was the first time that my Wife met my Sister just after we had married. I was at work and Leah had to roll my penny jar contents to take the TTC and to get into the park, until I got there after work. Been Prine fans ever since..
  3. So most launches now posted as closed in my area but thankfully know a few people. Hit the lake 9 am hit 4 of my spots managed around 60 crappies today withn23 keeper water still cold at mid to high 40s and seen 4 other boats all day it was great
  4. John Prine has died... covid 19. Saw him many years ago at the ontario place forum. Such a talented writer. RIP
  5. Try telling that to an 80 plus year old that has to have everything just so. LOL Dan
  6. That could be misleading. Covid patients have specfic needs such as an ICU & respirator. Even if half there are a lot of empty beds, they may still be near capacity for the specific needs of Covid patients.
  7. Even though I am way down south, when I went out the other day, the boat is on a lift in the backyard, I was out about 4 hours and was never closer than 500 yards to another boat. When we get to the Napanee cottage in June it will basically work the same way.
  8. Good on your wife. I am in a Mardi Gras krewe and for several years on Wednesdays we would use one of our buses to go to a local assisted living home and take folks grocery shopping. Given the current situation, the home gets a list from them and we go shopping for them. Publix lets us go in the senior hour 1 hour before official opening. Tomorrow is my turn in the rotation, so gotta roll out of bed in the am.
  9. Since I am hanging out at the house more now, I keep up with the Port of Mobile here.\ http://www2.asdd.com/dkvs/php/harborreport.php
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  11. Maribou is awesome for crappies when they're off the feed and you gotta finesse them.
  12. Caught a lot of bass, day and night using little 1/8 th ounce hair jigs that didn't look as good as those!
  13. ODNR not selling hunting, fishing licenses to non-residents during coronavirus pandemic Traveling to fish or hunt maybe on hold for awhile? Don't know how many others are doing it.
  14. ALL PUBLIC BOAT LAUNCHES CLOSED Keeping in line with the closure of city facilities, all public boat launches in Quinte West will be closed until further notice. For a full list of all closures in Quinte West, check out our response page here: https://bit.ly/3c2z9gm
  15. My daughter's been in Toronto Western Hospital for a week now....not the virus....and she says it's unbelievably quiet in there and almost seems like there's nobody around other than medical staff.
  16. Actually, unless things have changed in the last few days, a lot of hospitals, in this part of the world anyway, Lindsay area, are not maxed out. I have a sister that works there and she says its really nice working there right now, people are staying at home and not running to emerg for sniffles and cut fingers, the sort on non emergency stuff people always swamp the place with. Not disagreeing that first responders need to be able deal with whats important right now, but its a misconception that hospitals are swamped with covid patients. Most people are staying home to recover, only 3% of patients in the country are need of critical care to date. Unfortunately, when this is all said and done, i imagine the emerg units will return to their normal state of chaos, mostly for no reason.
  17. We just lost one of my neighbors, they found him dead in his house this morning. They think he had been dead for a day or two, if it wasn't for one of the neighbors checking on him he might have laid there for a long time. Sandy was a veteran, well up there in years, but up until last Friday still able to drive and get around reasonably well. We weren't close, played cards at the club house once a week but this is a community and we all try to look out for each other. I was just told his wife is in the hospital and they don't expect her to see the end of the week either. Up until now the deaths have just been numbers but when it hits this close to home it sure becomes very real!
  18. Kawartha Lakes: https://www.kawarthalakes.ca/en/news/covid-19-update-32-a-message-from-the-mayor.aspx
  19. Found pictures of a 16 foot 1962 Crestliner I owned. It had a 1968 65 Mercury. I bought it for a project to do. Never did. Sold it a few years ago. I did have it on Lake St. Clair a few times and it handled well but was very warm under that roof. I don't know where it is now. I thought it was a cool looking little boat.
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