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  2. Fresh Asparagus is still in season. Last week IG had nice young spears on sale. I bought 4 lb of nice younger pinky size. Anyone here enjoy cream of Asparagus soup? I happen to have a great recipe for a non dairy concentrate that you freeze in containers and then mix with equal amount dairy. Back in the 90's when I moved to the country there was a local farm that sold fresh asparagus each spring and also this soup concentrate. It was all on the honour system, they had a fridge in the open garage where you'd pick up and leave the money. Well a few years later some lowlife stole all the cash and of course they basically had to shut it down and ruin it for everyone. Anyway, about 20 years back I dropped in on Bernie and asked him if he would share his soup concentrate recipe with me. He said to come back in a couple days and he'd get his wife to type it up for me. Still have it. Didn't make it for a long time actually but it got resurrected on a whim looking at spring sales a few years back and it's like I'd forgotten how good this cream soup was. So we did a triple batch and then a double the next year. Ran out since then and I decided it was time this year to transfer all those empty containers taking up room back to the freezer. I did 2 triple batches in the last couple weeks. The big change in the base recipe this year was to add wild leeks to the pot while it simmers, after trying the first batch there was no doubt I was doing it again. Not to take away from the original recipe at all. I used a quality immersion blender in the large pot, so much better than dealing with transferring to a plastic blender. Here's some pics to give you an idea. Better than any restaurant I'd wager easily. I've got 30 containers frozen now, each one gives two smaller bowls, just perfect for part of a nice meal. Cheers
  3. I got the sink/table from Peaveymart. But I think cabelas had one like it.
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  5. don't count on it..............
  6. You'd think there would continue to be an after market industry for parts. I just bought a fuel filter off Amazon for the merc and the name was Siera
  7. Hey Brian, I thought you were going to sell your rigs for a living! Nice stuff there! Doug
  8. BRP ( skidoo, Can-am) bought OMC, phased out Johnson and developed E-TEC.. decent motor, but they have their issues. once covid hit they felt they didn't have market share to compete with mercury and Yamaha.. so the bean counters shut down evinrude. Eventually, if not already, they will stop making parts for all evinrudes
  9. That's illegal Brian This is illegal!
  10. Very interesting! How was it? A bit bland? It almost sounds like a yummy dessert! Doug
  11. Oh wow. Had no idea that such an iconic name brand is not longer manufacturing. What happened?
  12. Yes Johnsons haven't been made since early 2000's, and evinrude shut down in 2020.. I'm not sure if they are still making parts, but when I went to the dealer 2 months ago he said parts are going to be harder and harder to get as production of motors has stopped.. I'm guessing once their stockpile of parts is gone, they're gone. OEMs ( all oems) have a commitment to supply parts 10 years after the production date of the unit.
  13. Is that the one Cabelas had on sale yesterday 🤔
  14. Lollipop chicken last night. DANG they are something lickable. These things are so good. Tonight, ricotta ,spinach and crab meat pasta rolls
  15. Yes the motor is small. Boat is rated for up to 40. Johnsons are not being made anymore or you mean the parts aren't?
  16. Personally I have no problems with the 18 merc, although Johnnyrudes have a better reputation. I believe the weak point is the ignition system, but every motor has its shortcomings. keep in mind Johnson and evinrudes will be harder to get parts for in the coming years as manufacturing has stopped. My issue is that an 18 is pretty small for a 16ft boat.. that should have at least a 25, if not a 30hp on it.. but you can always upgrade the motor in a few years.
  17. Joepa, do you have your copy of the fishing regulations of Ontario 2022? Have you read them? There is a section in there for "bag" limits, and "possession" limits. Once you read them, you'll know the difference, and how the MNRF enforces the regs.
  18. Strange, it was there. I edited it. Hope it worked.
  19. Someone needs to Pull the head and see what’s in there. I hope they fix it for you. Make them.
  20. Well if carbon builds up on the rings or ring groves it can cause lower compression So it is possible ,but I am no expert. Just been around long enough to have seen a few things
  21. there saying that seeing I have had 4 new carbs that it could be a carbon build up causing low compression ... does this make sense ??
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