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  2. Personally I am lined up for Mini 2. The new features are soo good (considering the price). The only thing I wish this tiny bird had is obstacle avoidance.
  3. No way the guys fishing that tournament didn't know what was going on. They're just as guilty.
  4. Well... that's embarrassing for Woo I'd say.
  5. That is so sad that they have so many cases there after going this long with no cases. I was polling for them to keep the perfect record of no cases.
  6. I watch a TV show called Great Lakes Now on PBS and they did a show this week on water levels on the Great Lakes. The expert on the show claimed that because the Great Lakes are relatively new there is a constant expansion of the shoreline, ie. the lake surface gets bigger as deep areas fill in and the water displaces, rising at the shoreline. This results in a loss of shoreline of about 1 foot per year. This progress is difficult to track due to rising and falling water levels. It can only be seen in long term time frames of 25 to 30 years but it ultimately means that shoreline buildings and structures are generally at risk because building codes have not taken this phenomenon into consideration. Even efforts of armoring the shoreline with stone break walls or metal "armour" walls ultimately fail all the while eliminating beaches. If these claims are true I wish they had told the goobers at the MNR before they started gentrifying the shore line at Dalousie....Bronte,,,Oakville Creek, Grimsby, Jordan, Humber River,Rouge River.. Don River etc. I guess it's only money and these days money does not seem that important especially if you are in a position to consider money in terms of "funding"
  7. Woo made multiple times more profit than the fine. He's a shyster, scam artist, and is known for being a scourge in the fishing industry. But some (read some) tournie anglers care more about profits than the resources. So many will defend him. Carefully note those who do - and remember it.
  8. yipes. That is a shame (so many dead bass I mean)
  9. https://news.ontario.ca/en/bulletin/59312/bass-tournament-organizer-fined-9000-for-not-following-licence-conditions
  10. Yesterday
  11. I had the mini and it was great ... until I missed the landing on the boat... Here's some videos I pushed that aren't at full resolution so if your happy with these you'd be more than happy with the original. https://photos.app.goo.gl/V7JXfWtdsizaJqkL6 Before dropping it in the lake it worked well and at the 'sale' prices I don't think you'd go wrong. With the new version you'll get: 1) Better connectivity and range - if your flying it close to you then its fine. If you want to fly it a km (or more) away then the upgraded connectivity might be worth it 2) better camera - but only if your doing some serious videography. For stuff you post to you tube you'll be more than happy 3) Better motors - can handle wind a bit better but it's still a small drone - there's limits. Myself - I'm really torn, I have the fly more package for the original so I still have extra batteries and the case and so on so I might just buy the discounted original (just the drone) but I'm also a gadget nerd so I'm tempted by the new one just because its new. Right now the $ diffs is about $200 CDN (for the fly more packs): $725 vs $520 give or take.
  12. Not really sure why it wasn't working but once you're logged in and your maps and been previously downloaded while on Wi-Fi, it only uses GPS which does require any data! Now not all tablets are GPS enabled but seeing as it had worked previously I assume that your tablet is GPS enabled!
  13. Some great catches there! All we can do is make the best of a bad situation and it definitely looks like you did! Well done!
  14. I haven't found any flocks of migrating chickens yet, lol
  15. Eat chicken then. LOL Do not fall into the trap. Smoke all the way.
  16. I'll have to try the apple juice idea, it's acidic so it'll make the meat softer. Many moons ago, I would do canada goose, plucked, parboiled it to get rid of most of the fat. Then into the roaster covered with orange juice that has lots of pulp. Tenderizes the meat and takes away some of the wild taste.
  17. You can never make enough, "gone" is a 4 letter word, lol
  18. That feels like forever ago now - I don't even recognize myself in that pic! (I'm standing left of you lol)
  19. Yes, I wouldn't wish this on anyone except a few people living in Ottawa. 😉 Even though most people get over it quickly with no real issues I wouldn't take the chance that you could end up really sick. I don't think it's worth it.
  20. look at the mini 2. Heard tons of good things about it already.
  21. Dang! I hope it passes soon for you! so, as someone who has it and is still trying to get rid of it, I find myself wanting to ask you.. Given what you know now and had it been available to you, would you take the vax given the chance? Thanks, HH
  22. It's been a tough year OI. Between the COVID thing and losing my dad my pup also died this summer. This crappy year can end anytime now. I've had about as much as I can handle.
  23. That is what I'm dealing with. I'm in month #10 of this hell. 😠
  24. And I am spending 6hrs to smoke them
  25. I do a dry rub of garlic and onion powder, brown sugar, salt , pepper and paprika for a few hours in the fridge , then stand them up in the instant pot and do on high pressure for 22 minutes with a cup of apple juice, any more and you will have a hard time getting them out in one piece. Lay them flat on the broiler pan covered in foil for easy cleanup, baste with BBQ sauce and under the gas broiler of the kitchen stove .
  26. Made back ribs earlier this week. Dry rub, and 4 hours in the oven at 275f. It was difficult to remove them from the pan as they just fell apart. Put them under the broiler for a bit with BBQ sauce, crisped them up... gone! HH
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