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  2. I’m glad he wouldn’t apologize. His statement was exactly what it needed to be. Wouldn’t bend to the lefty’s for a second. MacLean should be ashamed of himself for not having the guts to stand by him. You’d think that after 30 years of working with a guy there would be some loyalty.
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  4. For you people that need a poppy grapes just got a job doing poppy tattoos.
  5. Yes that be the stuff Dave. Now I remember what the stuff was, I'm talking 21 years ago. Nothing you would want to put in your boat. I remember before I left for greener pastures in January of 2000 they were trying to determine how to replace it and get rid of it. That was a huge amount of hazardous fluid in service. We created a in house Haz Mat team specifically trained to deal with a leak before E Blast Furnace was blown down for a major reline in Dec. 99'. Luckily we never had a leak. We were told to deal with it as if it was Nuclear waste. This is a perfect example of advise on the Interweb where someone (me) has good intentions and a terrible suggestion. I doubt one can purchase it anyway. Unless you buy it from a former KGB agent in a clandestine location on a cold dark rainy night under a bridge.
  6. unfortunately the 91's that arent (esso, petro) dont tell you the E grade anymore. Safe bet is shell and canadian tire, because they come from the same refinery.
  7. Not all 91 fuel is ethanol free though. Lots of 91 has ethanol, it will say on the pump.
  8. I would like to see or hear exactly what he said. I don't follow Hockey any longer but would tune in between the 1st and 2nd period on Hockey Night in Canada just to listen to him. It was refreshing when you listened to a Talking Head that didn't tow the company line and didn't care what he said and who he said it to. People are so sensitive today. Especially you millennials that got a participation trophy for coming in last in anything. I'll leave it at that. I don't want to get Mod queued. When I was a kid I worked security during the tapping of his TV show The Grapevine if I can remember that long ago in his restaurant and bar in downtown Hamilton on Main St. I found him to be very respectful to all the staff unlike many of his guests and a certain producer of the show that is now a star of the US reality show "Sharks Tank." Yep that would be Mr. Wonderful when he had a head of curly hair and wasn't a multi millionaire yet.
  9. All I'm asking for is for you to tell me what he said on Sat that was racist? That's it. Once you do I'll simply point out that your interpretation of what he said probably isn't the same as everyone else's and that calling him a racist is ridiculous.
  10. What does he say that isn't racist. You go first because your list is shorter.
  11. After a lengthy renovation we finally have listed our waterfront cottage on Lake Erie. Better late than never. It is 45 minutes south of Hamilton and about 45 minutes from the Toronto bound 403. The pics don't show a beach however after that massive wind storm on Halloween we have some of our sandy beach back even with these higher than normal water levels on the Great Lakes. I had the armor rock retaining wall redone last summer under the watchful eye of the Ministry of Natural Resources and The Long Point Conservation Authority. It faired very well during that 100 year storm. I brought in 100 tons of additional stone and slabs of concrete last August. The property is to the water unlike most water front lots. Take a look, pass it on. Much appreciated. Thank You Johnny D. https://www.homechannel.ca/listing-viewcdn/16-Hoover-Point-Lane-Selkirk-H4065724/16-Hoover-Point-Lane-Selkirk.cfm
  12. What did Cherry say that was racist?
  13. And you know that I'll have a little something special for her as well!😄
  14. Got to check it out last year! Nice little show and I do believe that you can pay for your entry in Canadian funds at par! BONUS!
  15. Finally !!!!! I don't want to hear about Bobby Orr.....Anymore !
  16. Great multi species show thats always worth attending!
  17. Freedom of speech has zero to do with people saying racist things without consequences. Long time coming. He hasn't been able to finish a sentence for almost as long as he hasn't been able to finish a thought. And that's coming from a white middle aged male born in Canada hockey fan. The only demographic he hasn't said something uninformed about.
  18. For some, he did. Every time a , you got to be friendly,and say the right words and not offend someone comment is made to me, I reply with,,,,,,,,,,, Have you ever watched the movie, Demolition man ?
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  20. Looks like I’ve got some work to do come spring! Since I’m the kinda person to do things right the first time I will probably replace everything that I possibly can within reason. As long as replacing those seals is as simple as opening the ram caps and pulling the old seals and simply putting in the new ones, then that’s exactly what I am going to do. I’m going to try and look to see if there are any YouTube videos of people filling their hydraulic fluid as well just to make sure I don’t screw anything up. One thing I did do was turn the relief valve (at least that’s what I thought it was) in order to get the motor up and down to finish winterizing. One thing I noticed is that it seemed like the valve itself was either stripped or just continued to turn? I should get a photo of it to show you guys what i am talking about. When I turned it it made an air pressure relief noise and allowed me to move the motor. I then noticed that I could hear it leaking still so I turned it a bit more and it seemed to seal up. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there aside from the fact that maybe the cap is sitting on a gasket and just spinning kind of like a bottle cap.
  21. Funny the folks most fired up about it had no problem voting for the guy that did
  22. The law of political correctness prevails , at least he didn't wear blackface.
  23. Free speech has long been forbidden in this country. He just crossed the line one time too many.
  24. I guess he crossed the line. And refused to apologize.
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