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Up until 4 weeks ago I had a Silverado to pull my boat, bought it brand new. First ever new vehicle in my life, my intention was to drive to the wreckers. That did not happen as I had it towed to the transmission shop instead. A result of GM's fuel management system where it shuts down 4 of the eight cylinders when not required. This does bad things to the torque converter and that results in  glittery transmission fluid and burnt clutches. I ended up selling the truck to the transmission shop and started shopping for a replacement. I was advised to get a F150 with the 5.0 engine. I did not want a crew cab, so I had to search far and wide to get one with a super cab (cab and a half). This is what I ended up getting as my new to me truck:




And here is what I hope to have it looking like as often as possible



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I got many years of reliable service from my old F150, I don’t think you can go wrong.  One thing ford does well is 5L engines.  Mind you I had the 4.6, which wasn’t the ballsiest engine, but it certainly did the job reliably!

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On 6/4/2024 at 11:43 PM, Freshtrax said:

Can't go wrong with the 5.0  I have one love it.  The 10 speed took a little getting used to. 

I'd never heard of that 10 speed tranny before and after looking it up and seeing all the issues including class action lawsuits I'd never buy a truck with it regardless of how good that 5.0 l is. Hopefully the Op won't have those problems.

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I know I'm too late posting this but, you will take a hit on re-sale/trade-in. I owned one of these and that was my experience when trying to work a deal on a new truck. Most buyers want the crew cab configuration.

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