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  1. Thanks guys! Heading there this Thursday and will be able to scratch this off my fishing bucket list !!
  2. Sounds good. Thanks! Any particular size/ colour for the Shad raps?
  3. I'm almost ashamed to admit this ( lol), but I'm fishing Quinte for the first time at Hay Bay. We're staying at Bayview on Hay Bay cottages next weekend and I was hoping I could get a few pointers. Wondering if it's a bit to early for walleye as friends have suggested that later in the Fall is better. I read a post that the Uzzick spinner works great but I can't find a single place around the GTA that sells them. I'll try the usual trolling with raps, worm harnesses and some spinners. Thanks in advance, Dave
  4. Please don't get me wrong. I LUUUV smallies. And I'll most definitely do my usual small/ largemouth fishing this year. But because walleye seem to be more elusive, it has triggered me to go for them. I've caught my lunker bass, musky , pike, trout and salmon. But the big pic has always eluded me and I'm almost obsessed to getting one. If Quinte doesn't work out great this year. I'll likely try some place a little north of Temagami. But that would be a post for next year! LOL!!
  5. Thanks for the feedback and although it sucks that you're saying that the pick/ walleye fishing has gone down in Quinte but that ain't stopping us from trying. We'll try the usual using erie dearies, worm harnesses, jigging and crank baits ( my favourite for walleye are the perch imitations) and if the bite is bad, I guess I'll have to go for Pike. At the end of the day, I'll have a blast with the boys and then I could finally proudly say that I fished Quinte and scratch that off my fishing bucket list!! Lol!! I do sincerely appreciate the feedback on general locations as I've never been there before. I don't know how far a boat ride to Hay Bay from Picton on a 25 hp, but my friends say it was great there even though that was many years ago. Thanks fellaz!
  6. As an avid Ontario Fisherman I'm almost ashamed to admit that I've never fished Quinte. So to tick this off my fishing bucket list, I booked our little 12th annual friendly fishing tourney at Merland Park cottages near Picton in the Bay of Quinte. We booked the June 8th weekend as opener and everything near opener was fully booked in the area. Now I'm by no means a rookie walleye fisherman, but I usually don't like fishing on larger bodies of water but we could use any friendly suggestions especially since this is my first time in the area. Thanks in advance, Dave
  7. Hello all, A friend of mine has a nice cottage on Crowe Lake, Marmora. Unfortunately he doesn't have a boat. Would anyone know of a marina or someone who might rent boats and motors on Crowe Lake? Also does anyone know what species of fish are in the lake so I can plan accordingly? Thanks in advance, Dave
  8. Hello folks, I'm looking for a reasonably priced fishing cottage resort for a friendly tournament with my boys for the opening of walleye May 13th to the 15th in the Kawarthas. I've fished Sturgeon Lake (near Pleasant Point) but my usual place is booked solid and I don't mind trying some place new and expanding my walleye horizons! LOL! Of course not expecting anyone to give up their honey holes but if you could suggest some general areas for the "picks", I'm sure we 'll find our way around! Thanks in advance, "DR" Dave.
  9. I used to buy them at Walmart but when I bought a pair at Costco I've never used any other, They are that good. You have to go to the optical department. They are about $35 plus tax.and work great for fishing, golf, and driving.
  10. Thanks fellas for all this ample information. I have an old Hummingbird that used 2 large 6? volt batteries. I was hoping to get one that uses one big rechargeable battery. Joeytier, would love to hear your report!
  11. Hello everyone, A group of us are doing our friendly annual, 10th anniversary fishing tournament. This year we are heading up to Andorra Lodge on Net Lake, Temagami in mid June. My old fish finder is on the fritz so i'm in the market for a very simple portable fish finder that is ideal to use on a 9.9hp rental boat. Would love your suggestion on a model. Also, if anyone has fished in the area, any helpful suggestions would be appreciated especially trolling for walleye using my new fish finder!!!! LOL! Thanks in advance, "DR" Dave
  12. I love the scenery just as much as I like catching fish!
  13. We've been fishing Sturgeon Lake in the Kawarthas for many years in the Spring and Summer and have had some success with the Bass, Walleyes, and Musky. Given new work restraints we can't fish Sturgeon Lake this year until the October 4th weekend. Welcoming any feedback on fishing anywhere in the Kawarthas that time of year as well as any suggestions on fishing cottages for 8-10 men. Thanks in advance, "DR" Dave .
  14. Thanks Kuhu, I just fired them off an e-mail. I can't believe that all those years we've gone to Temagami ( Net Lake) and up the road, bass was open! Dave
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