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Does the Customer Always Know Best.....

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I had a customer visit me recently and he had supplied some of the components he wanted me to use as a cost saving measure.
I was not big on the idea as I was certain in short order he would not be happy with the end result, so I talked him out of it in favour of this one off design based on my earlier seamless fore grip reel seats. Fairly inexpensive but definitely shows that the rod is custom work. He is extremely happy with the direction change.


TB 1a.jpg

TB 11.jpg

TB 12.jpg

TB 14.jpg

TB 15.jpg

TB 16.jpg

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12 hours ago, BillM said:

Definitely not when it comes to rod building.  This is when you let the pros do their thing.  Awesome work as always! 

Thanks Bill  :)

2 hours ago, slwndwn said:


At the end of the day it's your product out there. I often send potential customers elsewhere more suited to their budget.

This customer/friend is having me build him 3 new float rods slwndwn, heck he's even having Fuji Torzites on one build and Fuji SiC's on the other 2 so he was looking to cut costs where he could. I get that, 3 builds is a good chunk of change but I am fussy with what I put name on so I worked with him to find something equitable for both of us.  ;) 

12 minutes ago, John said:

Great work as usual Chris. 

Thanks you John.  :)

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