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Keeping oversize fish - does everyone in boat get fined

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If 1 person, fishing with 1 or more other people in a boat, catches and keeps an oversize fish, does every person in the boat get fined?

Thanks for the replies

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Why keep it in the first place? If its for table fair, the smaller sizes are wayyy better eating. Eliminates the issue entirely. My opinion is that they should all fined as no doubt they were all part of it.

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Posted (edited)

It was a buddy of mine fishing in another boat with 2 other guys, also friends of mine. The other guys said he should keep due to where we were fishing, that he'd never get caught etc. It was 3 cm over the slot. Not a huge fish by any means. I wanted to find out if they all could be charged, to try and get the other 2 guys to straighten up and fly right. But i guess the answer is they wouldnt, so...

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Judging by how the law is typically applied, if you knowingly let someone break the law, you will be found guilty of something. 

no different to me then if you help your buddy dress and store a deer that he’s illegally shot. You’re on the hook too.

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