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So I've been living on Upper Buckhorn for the last 7 years. I always have a minnow trap in soon as ice goes out just to see what's out there and what fish could be feeding on.

The first 4 years I caught nothing but perch and sometimes the trap was full of 3"-4" perch. Then that started to switch and I'd catch sculpin with the perch, and then the last 2 years I catch nothing but sculpin in various age classes/size. Up to 4" long.

There are the occasional crayfish and baby rock bass and blue gill in there, but only 1-2.

So, what gives? Are sculpin taking over?

And before anyone says, they are sculpin and not gobies. I checked.

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I’ve noticed in the last couple of years lots  of them in Little lake and the Otonabee around Peterborough. Thought they were gobie at first too. They make good bait, durable. Not saying they weren’t there but don’t really recall seeing them prior to a few years back.

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