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  1. I have an Ulterra and highly recommend it. The only problems I've had were my fault. Keep that battery voltage up and you'll have no issues. So nice to press a button and up in comes or down it goes.
  2. Hi all, would anyone happen to know where to get parts for these. Need the recoil assembly. Yup, I know they are old, older than me actually! Thanks!
  3. I've been many times. Very helpful and knowledgeable, and don't push things on you.
  4. I believe I'm getting some for Father's Day!
  5. Yup see them in bass boats patrolling the shoreline around my area.
  6. Heart Air Pym Island camp. River walleye are big, and very aggressive. Hit and fight like pike. If you go, book the guide for two days. You won't regret it.
  7. A lot of my lures are perch style. Maybe I need to get some that look like gobies?
  8. So I've been living on Upper Buckhorn for the last 7 years. I always have a minnow trap in soon as ice goes out just to see what's out there and what fish could be feeding on. The first 4 years I caught nothing but perch and sometimes the trap was full of 3"-4" perch. Then that started to switch and I'd catch sculpin with the perch, and then the last 2 years I catch nothing but sculpin in various age classes/size. Up to 4" long. There are the occasional crayfish and baby rock bass and blue gill in there, but only 1-2. So, what gives? Are sculpin taking over? And before anyone says, they are sculpin and not gobies. I checked.
  9. Thank you, that's important information to know.
  10. That's a great idea. I've thought about one for my neighbourhood. We're a community of 30 homes. Have you decided where you would keep it?
  11. So I've got the Ulterra and I've had no issues at all, except once I let my batteries get too low and it would only come up half way. Still got home, and it was my fault as I knew I needed newer batteries. Came up and stowed after a short charge. I fish Upper Buckhorn and it can get choppy. The number of times I almost fell in stowing my old trolling motor!!! I have to admit it's pretty cool to see the look on other faces when I hit the deploy button from the back of the boat or the stow button. Others may have had issues but I've had none going on 3 years now. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  12. I remember those days of information sharing, and no bashing - and then it got silly!
  13. Well it's a bit of a drive but I took my Shimano rod to this guy, and it's like it used to be. No noticeable difference in feel. G.E.T Fishing Bait & Tackle 4.7(26) · Fishing store 20.8 km · 1057 Hwy 7 unit 6 Closed ⋅ Opens 9 a.m. · (705) 876-3357
  14. Do you live in the Peterborough area?
  15. Do you mean Curve Lake Gas, which is a gas station on the water (with one road pump) or gas at Curve Lake, as in the Curve Lake Reserve area with the 3 roadside gas stations?
  16. Yamaha all the way! They don't call them "Sea Don'ts" for nothing. And if you're looking for a dealer with a great service department, Walsten Marine is awesome.
  17. I've been looking for a glass bowrider for the last 2 weeks. I would say that sellers are starting to get a little desperate. Just about every boat I've showed an interest in, I get a follow up asking if I'm still interested or I see a price drop of at least 10%. So I'm waiting till next month before I buy. Should be even better.
  18. We saw over 200 people in line at 12pm, and left! Good for the vendors though. Need a bigger venue for next year and maybe run over 2 days.
  19. It's why I only buy Shimano. Took some old reels there for service. They didn't have the part so the changed all the guts with new for $25!
  20. Ok, I've never heard of the weed blast method but I gotta try it!
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