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Great looking flies bud. Heres a few of my bass fly ties.  20230524_065439.jpg.c8dde72e4e67b547b758f726ed5b8728.jpg20230524_065439.jpg.c8dde72e4e67b547b758f726ed5b8728.jpg20230524_070355.jpg.ae98a32fdbe5db64b476c7bd62d57afb.jpg20230524_065656.jpg.ab5d021361874642295987e828323719.jpg20230524_065335.jpg.736aeaa43578a15edb8d9f1e92ac5e7a.jpg20230524_065002.jpg.34c2d64406942144709a23dfc12e8271.jpg First is the gutless frog, next tube clouser minnows, next perch clousers for pike, then the foam plipper,a popper with a lip! Last is the Shuffler . A foam fly from an australian design.  Totally weedless and an awsome swiming action! Cheers

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Seeing your dragon flies reminds me of a time I was fishing for large mouth up at Stokes Bay and noticed  two large dragonflies on some reeds about eight feet in front of me (I was wading) We had a heavy dew that night and their wings hadn't dried out so they could fly. A couple minutes later a big large mouth came out of the water and picked one off the reed, a few seconds later it came back and grabbed the other one. It was something to see especially that close. That was the same day I caught my 8.5lb large mouth on a big hula popper. Out of all the ones I caught that day the smallest was 4lb. all on the surface in thick lily pads.  

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30 minutes ago, BillM said:

Brian, look into the Galloup Sex Dungeon.   That's a killer for big resident trout.   I've got some nice browns on that pattern.  

Deer hair and me,well,like water and oil, but I do like trying.


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