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Mushroom ID

Big Cliff

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I'm not sure on those ones either, Cliff. There are tons of easy to ID mushrooms in the woods right now though. This week I have had shrimp of the woods, chicken of the woods, yellow foot chanterelles, and bears tooth. Some good eats!  I'm on the lookout for hen of the woods, but still haven't found one. Lots of puffballs right now too. 



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Cliff, my local community has a foraging course that specializing in mushrooms that I am going to take over the Winter. I'm sure that there will be something similar close to you.

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If I don't know what they are I wouldn't eat them.

Buddy had a friend that ate some wild mushrooms and died a week later. There is no cure.

We want you around here Cliff.

Hence, I buy mine in the store for what it's worth.

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