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#10 3X HOOKS

15 wraps of .025 led free wire

Rabbit zonker fur for the tail

Peacock dubbing and hairs dubbing and seal dubbing for body and thorax.

Peacock hearl for casing

Different hackles for wings and legs


Will use these to search for larger feeding trout  early morning pools.


Fun to tie .









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54 minutes ago, Fisherman said:

Well that'll give those Murder Hornets run for the money.

Funny you mention that.

I was reading  about the bees using dung, to protect and repel the hornets from their hives . Apparently the hornets do not like the smell.



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Oh Man I didn't think a down homer/herring choker would have the patience to do such nice work. Glad you proved me wrong. Now go find yourself a homers dance and forget that you left the rock. LOL All joking aside every time you post a pic of your latest work you can see the evolution of your skills!!!


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Spelllllling mistake
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